Power Rangers (Super?) Samurai – Episode… Umm… 24? 1? – Super Samurai

While Kevin and Mia are training on a hillside, Emily and Mike are out rollerblading and skateboarding. (On a date perhaps?) Jayden’s back at home, training as well, until he gets a call from the others. He joins them in the city to look at pools of Sanzu River water springing up all over the place through leaks.

A deer!!! Arachnitor (from all the way in Episode 15) is still alive and running around “like a rabid animal” after mutating. OOH-AH-OOH! No amount of soju medicine can make Xandred feel better, especially without Dayu’s soothing music to calm him down. Octoroo tells him about the Sanzu beginning to seep into the human world and how they have a chance to flood the earth.

*insert unnecessary Bulk and Spike scenes*

With the news of the Sanzu leaks, Mentor/Ji/Guy in Brown interrupts Antonio’s fishing to urge him to get back to work on the black box. He heads home to dial some numbers on his Samuraizer, but they’re apparently wrong numbers.

The Rangers somehow figure it is Arachnitor that has been taking advantage of the Sanzu leaks and they go look for him. After Arachnitor terrorizes some sheep (should’ve been fainting goatS, the “target audience” would’ve been floored – missed opportunity right there), the Rangers catch up to it in a fancy cul de sac and they fight.

They head back home to regroup and Jayden suggests they turn the tables and ambush the Nighlok. So they head to one of the leaks at a construction site, hoping to catch Arachnitor filling himself with Sanzu water.

But OOH-AH-OOH Octoroo is there, knowing exactly what the Rangers are planning, so he sets up two seals that will block their morphing powers.

Jayden and Kevin find Arachnitor and they call the others.

“You wanted excitement? We’ve got it!”

Arachnitor is drinking up and Octoroo calls on the Moogers. The Rangers pop out, but they cannot morph. Kevin sees the seal and proclaims, “THERE! We’ve crossed an evil barrier!”

They pull out their swords. Mia, Kevin and Emily fight off the Moogers while Jayden and Kevin go take out the seals. Meanwhile, back home, Antonio finally dials the right number and the black box is activated. He rushes out to the others.

Just as Mia’s hair is about to get burnt off of her skull by getting dipped into a puddle of Sanzu, Jayden and Kevin break the seals and everyone immediately morphs.

“Back off! My powers are back!”

They continue fighting just as Antonio arrives.

“Gold is good, but right now, black is better!”

He hands Jayden the box. He apparently knows the box summons Super Samurai Mode and after some Genta moves by Antonio, Jayden uses the box to get his Super! coat.

OOH-AH-OOH! It’s time for the megazords. They get into their Mega Mode suits and of course, Jayden, in Super Samurai mode, gets yet another new suit. Mike compliments Jayden on his “super” new coat.

The Rangers can also use the black box to combine their two megazords for a Super Samurai combination. FANTASTICO! Antonio says that’s not all, he calls on the Octozord (no relation to Octoroo… maybe, I dunno) and the other auxiliary zords to form their Super Samurai artillery.

“That’s one big canon!”
“Yeah! But what does it do?!”

Well, for one thing it defeats Nighloks.

Later, Emily uses her earth symbol power to fill up the leaks with rocks. They take a moment to reflect on the day. Jayden rallies his troops.

“We just have to keep getting better and stronger. We have to be *dramatic pause* Super Samurai!”

The other Rangers give each other a “WTF was that?” look and then bring it in for a Rangers Together, Samurai Forever.

Episode Thoughts
So here we are with the season 2/1.5/19.5 premiere of Power Rangers Samurai. First of all, making fun of Samurai and Samurai-bashing is so 2011.

That’s not going to stop me though. =]

But in all seriousness, this was an okay episode. Being mostly original footage was both awesome and sad. Awesome because there was actually effort being put into the show to not only film new scenes (which looked nice), but actually write original material. But still sad because it still showed Saban’s self-imposed limitations for Power Rangers.

How Much Better Was Sentai Than Power Rangers?
Corresponding Shinkenger Episode: Last act of Act 24 – The True Samurai Combination

The only Shinkenger footage in this episode was that of the actual battle scenes and of course zord fight after the black box/Inromaru is first used. Otherwise, all the training and Sanzu river leaks stuff was brand new. And considering what we’ve gotten so far from Samurai, that’s a fair accomplishment.

This “new season” and “SUPER!!” stuff is totally unnecessary though. No, not just because Samurai should be over sooner rather than later. But dragging the black box payoff out and over a hiatus just to promote a “new season” was pretty pointless. Introducing a “new” villain, like they’re doing next week would’ve been a better “season premiere.” But, that’s without seeing the actual episode of course. And it’s best not to assume or expect things from Samurai.

That and we’ll have to wait another year for whatever Saban decides to adapt for Power Rangers next. I really don’t want to regard PRS… S as a separate season.

Overall, this was an okay episode. Better than a lot of Samurai, but nothing to write home about. The acting and pun storm problems remain. Can’t fault the Google script in this episode of course, but there’s always next week.

And if I hear SUPER!!! one more time…

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