Grimm, Episode 1.07 – Let Your Hair Down (+ Episode 1.06)

First, a quick recap of Episode 6 from last week.

Nick’s investigation this week introduces him to Monroe’s former flame, Angelina, also a Blutbad, whose two brothers are murdered. It turns out they were killed by Lt. Orson, an arson investigator… and a Bauerschwein. But only as retaliation for Angelina having killed his two brothers for fun.

Including some strange wolf sex in the forest between Monroe and Angelina, Nick continues learning that being a Grimm and a cop is actually complicating things a lot more.

And onto this week’s much better and more interesting episode…
A couple is hiking in the woods and unknowingly stumble upon a weed grower’s secret farm. He ties ’em up and is about to kill them to shut them up until something comes out of the woods and attacks him.

Next morning, while looking around the crime scene, Nick sees something jump down from a tree and then run away. He chases after it and sees a female creature with very, very long hair.

Back at the station, Nick and Hank learn that the hairs found on the victim/perp are from a little girl, Holly, that went missing nine years ago when she was 7. Hank had worked on that still unsolved case. Interrupting, in come two guys demanding to see their dead brother’s body. One of them gets hostile at the morgue and Nick and Hank know they could be trouble.

Sure enough, the brothers follow the male hiker and knock him out and take him away.

Meanwhile, the beaverish fridge repairman that Nick freaked out a few episodes ago is telling his friends about meeting a Grimm, in Portland. They don’t believe it and make a bet. The plumber takes them to Nick’s house and they wait in their cars until he arrives. Believing him now, they hurriedly drive away.

Next morning, Hank goes to talk to Holly’s adoptive mother and maybe gets a lead on a possible suspect that was never a suspect in the original investigation. At the same time, Nick and Monroe head to the forest to track down that woman who is possibly Holly whom Nick believes is a Blutbad.

They find her and follow her to her treetop home. She’s injured and is hostile towards them at first, but Monroe, using Blutbad language, and Nick, using Holly’s old hairclip, communicate with her to calm her down and allow them to treat her wound.

Hank and Woo go visit a James Addison, a neighbor of Holly and her family back then to look into an interesting discrepancy in his statement and alibi. He was hiking up Mt. Hood that day and got bitten by a wild dog. But the hospital he said he was treated at was miles and miles away, certainly farther than other closer hospitals closer to Mt. Hood.

Hank takes Addison back to the station and Nick calls to tell him about Holly as well as seeing Addison’s name on some equipment at the treehouse. When Addison learns Holly is alive and found, he tells Hank to keep her away from him. It was her who bit him.

But there’s more trouble. The brothers are in the forest hunting for their brother’s killer and they stumble upon Monroe getting some medicinal roots for Holly who’s still running a high fever. They aim their rifles at him, but Holly and Nick come to his rescue.

Nick takes Holly to her mother and they have a tearful reunion. She later points out Addison from a line-up.

Episode Thoughts
I wasn’t feeling last week’s (2nd) episode. While it was great to see Monroe in the spotlight, the whole story kinda felt off and boring. It certainly blurred the lines of who we’re supposed to be rooting for, but neither the wolves nor the pigs came off as very rootable. I understood Nick’s confusion by the end of the episode.

Which is maybe why I appreciated this week’s episode (Episode 7) a lot more. Probably my favorite Grimm episode so far. There were a lot of threads going through the episode. The excitement started right off the bat even before the title card pops in. It was also a little different from most Grimm episodes so far since it moved very quickly as opposed to the slower pace the show has been used to doing.

The crazy psycho Mary Jane brothers, the hilariously cute three beavers?handymen?, the innocent dog washers; then there’s Holly and her having been out in the wild all this time. Lots of interesting characters this week and lots of genuine surprises and twists. Especially Holly as an example of how these creatures adjust to finding out that they’re… well, creatures and not plain ol’ humans.

A little bit of a look into Hank’s personal life too with him being affected by the case he had worked on. His scenes with the mother were great and the reunion at the end was very well done too.

Other things to touch on: Renard’s press conferences are interesting as well. We’ve gotten one every episode it seems, so that could be something into his character later on. Juliette is back to being unimportant, sadly.

And what about those lush, green Oregon forests. Absolutely beautiful and ominous at the same time. Best use of the area on the show so far. Shooting in Portland and the vicinity has truly added so much to the show.

So that does it for Grimm in 2011. Looking forward to more in 2012!

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