For Your Emmy Consideration: Supernatural

Genre shows have a tough time at the Emmys, but it doesn’t take anything away from the good work that’s out there.

The CW’s Supernatural enters its 7th season in the fall, a big accomplishment for a show that wasn’t even expected to last more than a season or two.

Creator Eric Kripke and team have weaved an intricate mythology and throught provoking discussion on religion, tackling topics other shows wouldn’t dare touch. Supernatural‘s fresh and unique take and depiction of God and the devil, heaven and hell have been fascinating as well as enjoyable.

It is a crime procedural with supernatural other worldly things as the perps with an equally engaging running mythology.

The series has always managed to find a balance between character and plot driven story, the character side of the series effortlessly carried by lead actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles and the wealth of supporting actors and guests stars led by now-regulars Jim Beaver and Misha Collins. It is as much a series about family as it is about things that go bump in the night (or up in heaven).

Admittedly, this sixth season has experienced hiccups, (what with having to write a post-non-apocalypse season after all), the series continues breaking ground. A few of the most fascinating episodes this last season haven been looking “behind the scenes” of death as well as integrating myths and legend with actual religion.

And in the middle of the heavier, deeper material, are bouts of fun that show how fearless the series is. Episodes that spoof pop culture and other television series as well as themselves and a tribute to westerns for example. All pure fun and one-off gimmicks, but what’s even more impressive is they always tie into the greater mythology.

If there’s one current genre show deserving of recognition, it is the continually fascinating, provocative, yet fun Supernatural.

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