For Your (International!) Emmy Consideration – Yoon Shi Yoon

It can be difficult for any actor to play the title character of a television series or film. So it is impressive when a relative newcomer is given the chance to do so… and do it well.

Before playing the title character in Baker King, Kim Tak Goo/Bread, Love and Dreams, Yoon Shi Yoon made his acting debut in the popular daily family comedy High Kick Through the Roof and was about to star in the sequel to a popular horror film.

But it wasn’t until playing Kim Tak Goo that Yoon Shi Yoon showed what he was really capable of.

Tak Goo grew up on the streets after getting separated from his mother and forced from his new home with the wealthy father he never knew. Making it his life’s mission to be reunited with his mother again after 12 years, Tak Goo did everything from working odd jobs to walking up and down Korea to find anyone who could lead him to his mother.

Despite the hardships of having to live alone and provide for himself for 12 years, Tak Goo stayed hopeful. Though at first his fists would do a lot of his talking, he discovers his love and talent for baking, and becomes determined to make himself a better and proud person to show his mother when he finally meets her.

Tak Goo remains strong and compassionate and learns to remove any hate or anger from his heart and instead stays positive and happy.

Portraying the tough street smart kid and later the master baker, Yoon Shi Yoon effortlessly transitions from heartbreak to joy throughout the series. And the best part of his performance is making you care a single thing about him.

It is hard not to root for Tak Goo, not feel his pains and share his joys and that is thanks to Yoon Shi Yoon. For someone who hadn’t taken on a dramatic role yet in his career, Yoon Shi Yoon knocked it out of the park with his charming and rootable personality and humble, down to earth, but convincing and emotionally engaging performance.

A truly breakout performance.

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