Supernatural 6.21 – Let It Bleed

Sam, Dean and Bobby are continuing their research and Bobby suggests looking into H.P. Lovecraft and his writings.

Their research gets interrupted however when Ben calls for help after Crowley and his men storm into their home. Crowley takes the phone and tells Dean that to keep Lisa and Ben safe, he and “jolly green” better back off.

Bobby will continue looking into Lovecraft on his own while Dean and Sam call Balthazar to find out where Crowley might have taken Ben and Lisa.

They tell him first about Castiel and Crowley working together which appears to be news to him. They ask for help and he pops off.

Bobby goes to a Lovecraft fan posing as a feature writer where he finds out Cas has already been there, but also finds out that Lovecraft had a dinner party with six friends days before his death where they had used dark magic to open a portal to another dimension.

Bobby fills Sam in on the details about everyone in the dinner party having died or disappeared within a year. But one person who was there that night survived, the maid’s son, and he’s off to talk to him now.

While Dean interrogates demons, Sam is outside begging Castiel to bring Lisa and Ben back. Cas listens and goes to confront Crowley who says this will keep the bros off of their asses while they complete their plan.

Castiel goes to meet Balthazar who asks him directly about Crowley. Castiel denies it, but Balthazar knows better. What’s the endgame though? Castiel will swallow up all the souls, but is it safe? Turning himself into a nuke?

Castiel asks if he’s with him or against him. Balthazar says sure.

Bobby meets with the now elderly son of the maid who’s been put in a mental home thanks to his unbelievable stories of that night. Lovecraft and Co. didn’t think the spell had worked, but it did. And something came through, though it was invisible so no one knew, expect him.

He knew because it had taken his mother, entered into her body. She disappeared and the party of six started dying.

The man shows Bobby a picture of his mother and he is floored. He heads to a home in the woods and meets… Ivy Winthrop Crane Dr. Vysiak.

He shows her the picture and she explains. Not all “monsters” are alike. It’s a good thing she was the one that slipped through the door. She likes it here on Earth, she doesn’t want it turned into a wasteland. Actually, she’s spent the last 75 years trying to keep purgatory closed. That’s why she gave Dean the sword, to stop Eve.

Bobby wants to know how to open the door so they can stop Cas. He offers to protect her, but she says she’s better off protecting herself.

Castiel comes to save Dean when he unknowingly breaks the wet pain seal on the floor. He tells Dean he didn’t know Crowley would take Lisa and Ben, but Dean doesn’t believe him. I thought we were family, Cas says. Shouldn’t trust go both ways?

I always come when you call and I’m still your friend even when they’ve lost their faith in him. He promises to bring back Lisa and Ben, but please stand behind him on his mission.

No thanks, Dean says. “You can both kiss my ass.”
Castiel looks genuinely hurt and flies away.

Balthazar pops in on Sam and says he’s officially on their team, “you bastards.” Dean joins them and Balthazar tells them he “disliked”Castiel’s answers to his questions. He felt Castiel was being pretty smug for someone who’s about to swallow a million nuclear reactors.

So he says to consider him a double agent. Oh, and he’s found Lisa and Ben too, but they’re on their own after he flies them there. Sam and head inside and they split up. Two goons knock Sam out and lock him in a room.

Dean finds Lisa and Ben who are tied up. He takes care of the demons guarding them and unties Lisa and Ben but they discover Lisa is possessed.

She says plenty of hurtful things about Ben, but even more so about Dean and his effect on the mother and son ever since they met him. He splashes holy water on her and starts the incantation, but she takes a sharp tool and stabs herself in the stomach to ensure a dead meatsuit even if Dean exorcises her.

Dean does it anyway and they rush to get Lisa to the hospital. He tells Ben to grab the salt gun and instructs him to shoot anything that comes at them as they escape. They find Sam and they rush Lisa to the hospital.

At the hospital, Castiel visits and apologizes. Dean doesn’t accept. Okay, Castiel says, but he’s not here for him anyway. He goes to heal Lisa and apologizes again. Dean thanks him, but says this doesn’t change anything.

He has one more favor to ask though… he asks Castiel to erase their memories of him.

They believe they were in a car crash and Dean comes in to say he’s the guy that hit them. He apologizes and he’s happy they’re okay.

“I’m just glad your life can get back to normal now.”
“We’re okay so that’s what’s important…”

“I’ll leave you two alone,” Dean says, “You take care of your mom.”
And he leaves.

Winchester Brothers Closing Emo Moment of the Week
Sam: “Dean, you know, you’ve pulled some shady crap before, but this… has got to be the worst. White washing their memories?”
Dean: “If you ever mention Lisa or Ben ever again, I will break you nose. I’m not kidding.”

Sam shuts up.

Before the hour is over though, Castiel pops in and takes Dr. Vysiak.

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