Supernatural 6.14 – Mannequins Are Scarier Than Facing Your Family

Picking up right where we left off… Dean tries to wake an unconscious Sam. Once he does, they high tail it out of there.

Over at a junior college in New Jersey, an anatomy dummy seemingly comes to life and kills the janitor.

Getting breakfast, Sam tells Dean it felt like he was out for a week. Dean says this is what he was talking about, they aren’t going to kick at the wall anymore.

They decide on a job and they head to New Jersey. Dean plays with the collapsible human, but jokes over when they find there’s crazy EMF in the place.

But otherwise, they have nothing.
Across town, the Navy Thunder Ranger a security guard gets killed the exact same way but this time by mannequins at sewing factory.

Investigating the factory, Sam realizes the common thread of the dummies and mannequins. Maybe ghosts are possessing them?

Meanwhile, Lisa keeps calling Dean, but he doesn’t answer… until now. Dean answers but it’s actually Ben who tells him Lisa’s not herself and has locked herself in her room. Sam encourages Dean to go to her as he continues the investigation. He interviews the sister of a presumed dead seamstress and finds that the janitor had worked at the factory too.

Sam goes to the factory and talks to all the workers. He gets to a guy who seems very nervous, but is reluctant to say anything. Sam gives him his card.

Dean arrives at Lisa’s and she seems absolutely fine. In fact, she’s all dolled up for a date. They talk. She says she’s trying to get over him because she knows she can’t have what she wants.

Dean goes up to talk to Ben. Ben feels guilty, but Dean assures him it’s not his fault. He tells Ben how sticking around will screw up their lives. That Ben will end up like him. And Dean doesn’t want that of course.

“You’re a liar Dean! You say family’s so important, but what do you call people who care for you, who love you even when you’re a dick? You know you’re walking out on your family right?”

Back at the factory, the guy (John), is on the phone talking to someone about his worries. He’s about to get mannequined, until Sam arrives.

Sam takes the guy to a room and salts the place. He gets John to tell him the story. They had made Rose think she had a secret admirer, just to mess with her since she was so shy and pathetic. They lure her to a motel room and they trick her with a mannequin. She ends up knocking her head on the table and dies with a wound on her head like how the men were killed by the mannequins. They decide to dump the body.

Sam goes off to find the bones to burn and he calls John to say it’s all clear.
“Take this as a new beginning… to not be a jackass.”

Dean drives back and remembers all of his fond memories with Lisa and Ben.

John heads to his apartment and tells Jenny they have to leave. Jenny’s a mannequin… and she just moved.

He ends up dead the next morning.
Sam heads back to the sister and finds that she goes school at the college, has been at the factory, and was at the pub. She’s at the center of it all and she remembers… she has one of Rose’s kidneys.

Dean arrives and they conference. They’re trying to figure out a way to get the kidney out of her. But suddenly, the Impala revs up. Rose has possessed her and tries to get at Dean. She chases him until Dean leads her to crash into a nearby shop. The sister comes walking towards them… a shard of glass has been lodged in her side and she dies, thus sending Rose off into the air.

Winchester Brothers Closing Emo Moment of the Week
Back at Bobby’s, Dean works the Impala and he and Sam think about everything.

“All we do is make a mess.”
“That’s not true. We do save lives… now and again.”
“Yeah, I guess, I’m just tired of all the bad luck I guess.”

Sam thanks Dean for getting his soul. Despite all the downs, there are ups too. Keep the head up. They’ve got each other’s backs.

Episode Thoughts
A very interesting episode. One of those where the job takes a major backseat to the bros’ story.

This episode was basically Dean wrapping up (or wrapping up as much as can be) with Lisa and Ben (who has really grown!).

It is very interesting that they decided they needed to go back there though since they didn’t really have to.

So, really this almost was a filler episode. More emo Winchester bro moments, but I guess a good breather after the heavy last couple of weeks. And next week’s episode is another one, but much more fun it seems. Can’t wait!

And yes… those mannequins were absolutely freaky and scary.

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