Supernatural 6.13 – When the Past Comes Back…

Bristol, Rhode Island. One year ago.
Sam and Grandpa together. Sam shoots at something(s) and they rush out of town but get stopped by an officer. He wants to take them but Sam takes care of it… very roughly.

Present Day.
They get a text from an unknown number giving them coordinates pointing to Bristol, Rhode Island. They drive there and as soon as they pass the welcome sign, Sam begins to get flashes of his time there.

They have some dinner and while Dean goes to use the “Poop Deck,” a married couple come up recognizing Sam as Agent Roark. The woman asks if he’s back because “it started again, the disappearances.” Oh yeah, sure Sam says.

Dean’s done pooping and sees a wall of surf-n-turf greats. He heads back to the table. Just as the couple leaves, the woman touches Sam’s shoulder and another flash of memories, this time of Sam getting some hanky panky with her in the restroom. Dean shows him the picture of Sam and grandpaSam in the background and they realize Sam was here before.

Dean wants to leave town immediately but Sam wants to finish the job. Other than hunters never hunting in the same town twice, he doesn’t want Sam to knock down the wall in his head, but Sam convinces him to stay.

Dean goes to talk to a friend of one of the missing women and discovers RoarkSam was a pretty busy bunny around town. Meanwhile, Sam gets caught by the officer from a year ago and is taken to jail.

A woman comes and demands to know what happened to her husband. She knows who Sam is and what he does, triggering another flash of the Sams telling her and her sheriff husband about what they do.

Sam says he doesn’t remember ever being here.

“What is this? Days of our Lives?!”
(Always love a Days of our Lives shoutout. Especially when Eric Brady is a star on the show that’s giving the shoutout!)

He convinces her that he’s telling the truth and she gives him her name, Brenna Dobbs, and lets him out with the ruse that it was a breakout.

Across town, the woman from the restaurant gets attacked by a thing under the stairs.

Dean goes to the scene, warning Sam to stay put but he doesn’t. Dean finds the connection between all the missing women… Sam’s banged them all. He calls Sam but gets the voice mail.

Sam goes to Brenna’s home and asks her to see the case files from the missing men from last year. She goes upstairs to get them and Sam gets another flash of drinking beers with the Dobbses telling them about their work and lives.

When Brenna comes down with the case files, Sam flashes back to grandpaSam figuring out they’re dealing with an Arachne then flashes to seeing one of the victims with spider webs all over him.

He takes the box of case files with him and leaves. He listens to Dean’s voice mail just as he sees a big spider web outside Brenna’s home. Dean arrives knowing he’d be there and they leave while some spider-eyed thing watches them.

Sam tells Dean what they’re dealing with but Dean wants to get out of town now and have Bobby or Rufus take care of it. But Sam says he’s beginning to realize he may have done some pretty bad stuff and now that he has a soul, he can’t just walk away. He has to set things right.

Dean gives in and they start to piece things together and Sam gets the flash. They needed bait to attract the Arachne to them and Sam decides to use Sheriff Roy Dobbs.

The Arachne comes and takes Roy. They use the GPS on his cell phone to track him to some home. They find the missing men all imprisoned in spider webs. They seem to be alive and the Arachne comes, but Sam chops her head off. Grandpa wants to take the men to the hospital but soullessSam just wants to put them out of their misery. If they’ve been poisoned by the Arachne, they’re dead men walking. So he does, he shoots them all dead to the horror of Grandpa.

Meanwhile, Brenna wakes up and finds her husband standing there… well, a creepy version of her husband. Sam calls her and she asks him to swing by. He realizes she may be in trouble.

They find the lights on in the shed and they find Brenna huddled in a corner. She asks Sam if what he did to Roy was true. And suddenly, Roy hurls Dean across the room and pins Sam to the wall. He sticks the bros to the wall.

Roy tells Sam the Arachne had been wanting to breed with the 30 year old men. By the time the Sams found them, they had already been turned so they didn’t feel the gunshots (or the fire) and they survived and ran.

Now he wants revenge. Dean manages to cut his way out of the webs and goes after Roy as Brenna goes to cut Sam out. He takes the saw (?) and chops Roy’s head off.

Sam apologizes to Brenna, but she says nothing and walks inside her home and slams the door.

Winchester Brothers Closing Emo Moment of the Week
Sam tells Dean he was right. They shouldn’t have come back here.
Dean tells Sam that the guy who did all that stuff last year wasn’t him… but it was, Sam says.

He says he’ll be okay, but suddenly, he collapses. Dean runs to him and Sam gets another flash, this time a flash of him burning in hell.

Episode Thoughts
Well, damn again. That may have been one of the creepiest episodes of Supernatural in a while.

It was definitely disheartening to see soullessSam wasn’t just hilariously emotionless, he was downright ruthless and heartless and conscience-less. Until this episode, we haven’t yet seen or maybe even realized the kinds of things soullessSam may have done in the last year.

As if the sight of a human-turned Arachne (who went through a bullet in the skull and a towering inferno) wasn’t creepy enough, that last shot of Sam burning in hell was painful to watch.

We don’t want to see either of the bros in hell! Just like the first time seeing Dean tied up in the dark bowels of the underworld was tough to watch, seeing Sam’s skin literally burning off in hell was rough.

Very surprising to see the repercussions of scratching that wall so soon after Sam gets his soul back. But that just means we’re in for A LOT of intense stuff for the rest of the season. Gamble and Co. are certainly not wasting any time!

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