For Your Emmy Consideration: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Supernatural

Genre programs have a hard time at the Emmys. Even if a show is as incredible and groundbreaking as Battlestar Galactica, titles and genre alone scare off Emmy voters.

That doesn’t make them any less deserving of recognition. And one genre series that deserves a look is The CW’s Supernatural.

For five years, the series has developed an intricate mythology that touched on faith and religion like no other series on television. The battle between good and evil, angels and demons, God (or the absence of) and the devil. Questioning faith, but reinforcing it at the same time, presenting a fresh look at what has long been touched upon on TV and film.

But at the heart of the series is family, two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, who with the fate and weight of the world on their shoulders, struggle to stick together.

Supernatural has defied the odds, being smart and thought provoking but also hilarious and fun, being able to balance tense drama with light humor and a touch of blood and gore.

The series is very emotional and can get very heavy, but has been thoroughly fun and satisfying. For them being able to deal with such material that other series on television would not dare touch, and doing it well is a big accomplishment.

But a huge reason Supernatural has worked so well is its two lead stars, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Their chemistry is evident, their brotherly bond natural. Their performances are always full of emotion, from their facial expressions to easily taking care of the action scenes as well as the drama and comedy.

Jared and Jensen can do it all, making audiences both laugh and cry.

Being on the CW adds another hurdle for the series to get recognized, but no one can take away their efforts on screen. Plenty of excellent writing, production and performances on Supernatural , which hopefully can eventually be recognized.

9 thoughts on “For Your Emmy Consideration: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Supernatural

  1. Supernatural and its cast and crew would definitely deserve an Emmy after all their hard work but with the constant overlooking of genre shows I doubt it’s gonna happen. It would be a huge win if they nominate the show, an episode or an actor of Supernatural.
    How they could overlook ‘Changing Channels’ is beyond me? Sure, other shows had great episodes this season as well but ‘Changing Channel’ was the best episode of any show I’ve seen this year.

    1. I haven’t seen “changing channels”…or much of season 7, hmm if any of it. I’ll be watching for it now though. I work when the show is on CW so I see the re-runs on TNT and am just seeing all the season 6 now. It’s paled in comparison to the first 5 season’s.

  2. Jensen definitely deserves an emmy for his work. But I don’t feel Jared is a good candidate. He’s very hit and miss with a lot of misses. It will take more than just being on a show with Jensen to make Jared a candidate for an emmy nomination.

  3. I don’t expect any Emmy nominations for “Supernatural,” but I’m with you in believing the problem isn’t the show’s quality, but simply its genre nature and its place on an unrespected netlet. This fifth season was uneven, but such sterling moments as “The End” and “Changing Channels” deserve to be recognized.

  4. Nicely written!! The Supernatural Team needs a big encouragement! Jensen Ackles deserve an Emmy for his work! So Does Eric Kripke! GOSH! at least nominate them!

  5. Agreed! Though I must say, I disagree that Jared doesn’t deserve a nomination. He’s had many spectacular, chilling scenes, especially in season five. His ability to play two separate characters in the season five finale so convincingly alone deserves a Emmy. Of course, Jensen is just as amazing. I’ve been waiting for him to get a nomination since season two. And this show has deserved one for a long, long time.

  6. Jensen Ackles should be up for an Emmy because he makes me forget that there is an actor behind the character and not just in Supernatural, which just shows he can play in more than one genre.

  7. I think my favorite Supernatural moment was the kitten in the locker scene when Jensen had a ghost virus or somthing and Jared opened the locker, a kitten popped out and jared looks to jensen to see him scream , totally like a girl, it was the best, let go and go for it, guy screaming like a girl ever and followed buy the perfect run away, not too far sissy but perfectly sissy! I would like to comment that the timing and manurism of Jared contributed to that scene working as well. Both boys diserve to share a best leading man in a series and it shouldn’t matter what channel or genre the show is. That just shows the narrow view on the Emmy Panel that doesn’t rate their position. It’s supposed to be about the skill. The writers and Erik Kripke…and directors should all be recognized. It’s the best done show I’ve ever seen even if you don’t like it’s content, you have to acknowlege the skill. It needs Erik back at the helm, this seaon has suffured his step back if you ask me. The material is less; original, engaging, funny…where’s the great music that brings it home? The follow-up on Dean’s mate of choice was a waist of film and potential with the kid, he was great in his debut appearance and then they clipped Ben’s wings and the Mom/potential wife clipped his nads, from the begining she was just, ouch! Anyway, this show has everything in spades and should have runaway with Emmy’s but now.

    1. Oh my gosh, mine too and my teenage daughters and my adult sons, we thought we were alone in our appreciation of that scene and Jensens scardy cat run away put us off the couch!

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