For Your Emmy Consideration: Taylor Kitsch

Friday Night Lights is blessed with the incredible talent of Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton. Both leading a wonderfully talented young cast from the very beginning.

One of the amazing parts about the series is seeing that young cast grow into their own. While many of them were admittedly raw and new to the business when Friday Night Lights first began four years ago. The young cast became true actors, growing with their characters.

One of the biggest improvements has been Taylor Kitsch. His performance in season four has been a revelation. Gone are the days of his character Tim Riggins bedding every girl in school. Now we have the Tim Riggins who’ll do anything and everything for the woman he loves and the only family he’s got. A guy who dreams of a good, simple life in his hometown.

Taylor Kitsch has grown into a natural. His performance is subtle, the emotion on the cuff of his sleeve. Easily dropping one-liners in one scene and pouring out his heart in the next.

While it takes the entire season of 13 episodes to fully appreciate Kitsch’s performance, the season finale is probably the best showcase of what he can do and how far he’s come. It’s been a wild ride for Tim Riggins the last four years, but it was great to watch, thanks in large part to Taylor Kitsch.

One thought on “For Your Emmy Consideration: Taylor Kitsch

  1. Simply awesome. So glad he had the time and the right show to grow as an actor. Big fan.. can’t wait to see him on the big screen!

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