Friday Night Lights 4.07 – In The Bag

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Julie is down from Matt’s leaving Dillon and still not calling her. To cope, she signs up for every school activity available including signing Landry up for the Academic Smackdown with her. What he doesn’t know is Jess is part of the Smackdown team. Not awkward at all.

Julie takes the Smackdown too seriously and Landry tries to calm her down and she insists it’s not about Matt. After school, she drives to the Saracens to say hi and is shocked to learn Matt has already called his grandmother and mother and not her.

After school one day, Julie finds the mix CD Matt made for her and plays it. It makes her sad all the way through the Academic Smackdown. The question that hits her, Name the first and last novels by Thomas Wolfe, both of which deal with “the American theme of the wanderer.” Julie volunteers to take the question for East Dillon. The answers… Look Homeward, Angel and You Can’t Go Home Again.

Julie takes a moment backstage and Tami goes to comfort her. Julie tells her “I thought he was the one. He couldn’t even call after three years? I’m tired of feeling like this.”
Tami says maybe this won’t be such a bad thing in the end.

Meanwhile, Landry calls Tyra who is waiting for her at their designated rest stop where they agreed to meet. But she doesn’t come and she doesn’t answer. This leads to Landry finally wanting to move on, with Jess. He officially asks her out, telling her he is finally over Tyra. She laughs and accepts.

Luke and his parents are penning their cows as someone’s been stealing them. His father says he’s probably going to miss some school this week so he can help fix the fence, but if Luke misses school, he won’t be able to practice.

He goes to Coach who tells him he has to find a way to get that fence done without missing school, therefore missing practice. Next day, Luke gets some work in in the morning, but heads off to school against his father’s wishes.

Luke falls asleep in the cafeteria after working all night on the fence. Teammate Tinker comes to sit with him and offers to get a couple of the guys from the team to help him out. Tinker ends up being the only one to come and help. He ends up convincing Luke’s dad just how valuable his son is, just how good of a kid he really is.

The fence is done and Luke’s father tells him to go round up the cattle. When Luke climbs over the metal gate, the cows come storming through, getting Luke’s hip slammed in between the gate and metal fence.

At West Dillon, the staff wants to congratulate Principal Mrs. Coach for getting Dillon High a Blue Ribbon award. Later, Glen suggests they go out to a noraebang karaoke bar to celebrate tonight. They have a great time, all drinks, singing… until Glen kisses Tami smack on the lips. Awkward. Next day, Tami goes to talk to Glen in the auditorium.

He apologizes, “I practically raped you. Not literally, but with my mouth. I mouth raped you. And I can’t believe I did that.”

Principal Mrs. Coach just makes sure that will never happen again.

At Lions practice, Coach officially makes Vince the QB. But it isn’t all celebration as the police come to search Vince’s locker after getting a report that he has a gun at school. They find nothing.

Coach talks to him later and asks him point blank, does he have a gun. He says no.
The next day, Vince’s mom, Regina comes to visit Coach to tell him how grateful she is for giving her son a chance. Coach goes to visit Vince later and makes sure he’s dedicated to being QB. That he’s dedicated to keeping himself out of trouble from now on.

Later, Vince knocks on Coach’s door and hands him a paper bag… with a gun inside. Coach decides to make it disappear.

Becky’s dad comes home and she is ecstatic. Her mother not so much. They spend some time together and she asks if he’ll ever move back to Dillon. He’ll think about it. Later, Tim overhears him speaking to his other family in Seattle, a family Becky knows nothing about.

The Riggins bros bring Mindy to the hospital and they find out she’s having a difficult pregnancy. She’ll have to stay on bed rest until the baby comes. But they need money for the medical bills. One of Mindy’s friends at The Landing Strip suggests they throw a co-ed baby shower, make it a party, have guys pay to see girls dance, all the proceeds will go to help Mindy.

Vince’s friend Calvin, the guy that gets himself kicked off the team and the guy that brings Vince to the chop shop guy to learn how to steal cars, makes a proposition to Billy at the party to make some fast and big cash. Billy is interested.

Becky shows up at the party and wants to dance with Tim. She tells him how happy she is about her dad and how she hopes for her dad to come home. But Tim tells her everything about her father’s other family and how he really doesn’t want to be in Dillon. She gets upset and goes home.

Back at the Sproles’, Becky’s father goes to confront Tim about telling her everything. Tim has to shoot back, “you know what’s funny? I had sex with your wife,” and they end up rolling around in the mud. Becky’s dad leaves again the next day. To help make it up to Becky, Tim goes to get the dog Becky’s mom had her bring back to the pound. Tim names him Skeeter. On the way home with the Skeetbag, he sees a large 25 acre plot of land up for sale and begins to dream.

Episode Thoughts
Julie is distraught over Matt leaving without calling. He’s horrible for not even calling after them being together all this time. But hold on Julie… how quickly you forget about the Swede? And all of season two (which we would rather forget), where they basically ignored each other, more Julie than Matt though.

But that’s in the past, and while Julie should be felling pretty sad right now, let’s not forget she isn’t without her faults in those three/four years, yeah?

Should be interesting to see if and how Julie moves on. And whether or not we’ll hear from Matt anytime soon.

First week with Matt and Tyra officially away from Dillon, but still only bits and pieces from the newbies.

We did get a little look at Luke’s homelife, he comes from a hard working family. Jess is smart. Becky’s family has a lot of drama. And Vince’s mom isn’t always passed out.

A good episode overall. I have a feeling things will start picking up with the 2nd half of the season.

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    I was wondering if you would be able to tell me exactly what it was that Julie said to Tami while consoling her backstage? I’d appreciate it.


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