Supernatural 5.20 – Their Only Hope or Idjit Moves?

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Sam and Dean are on Pestilence’s trail. He’s been spreading swine flu all over the country.

While updating Bobby back home, the demon Crowley pops up in their back seat. He’s been tracking them ever since they first met and he knows all about their four ringed-plan. He wants to help them find the other two horsemen because once Lucifer wins, he’s on the top of the hit list.

Sam wants to off him then and there, but Dean is willing to believe him.

Meanwhile, the head of a pharmaceutical company, who’s actually a demon, contacts Pestilence the old blood in the cup way to tell him the Croatoan virus via swine flu vaccines are doing very well and almost ready for distribution.

Crowley is willing to take them to this demon, Pestilence’s handler, but only if Sam stays behind. Sam thinks that’s an absurd suggestion, Dean decides to go along with it.

With Dean gone, Sam and Bobby drink with each other through the phone. Bobby says maybe it is time to go crazy. So Sam asks Bobby how he controlled his body while possessed by Meg as he suggests luring Lucifer into the pit and then being able to control his body against the devil. But Bobby doesn’t think that’s a good idea when Sam can’t even control himself.

At the pharm company, Crowley opens up a clear path for Dean to get to the demon upstairs who is sort of like the stable boy for the horsemen. Dean offers to give the two rings back to them in an effort to lure him into their trap. But the demon says he has no use for War and Famine’s rings right now. Instead, he wants payback and proceeds to put a beatdown on Dean until he can run away and Crowley whacks the demon in the head enough to knock him out.

On the way back to Crowley’s house, he carves a seal onto the demon to keep him from poofing away and then tells Dean not to go back to Sam because he and the demon have a history.

It turns out the demon is Brady, one of Sam’s friends from Stanford, and the guy that introduced Sam to his beloved Jessica.

When Sam sees Brady and he tells Sam that he was playing him all along, Sam wants to kill him. Crowley tries to convince Brady that they’ll be dead once Lucifer’s in power, but Brady says he’s going to die either way. No go for info from Brady, so Crowley goes to stir up a demon’s nest.

Sam locks Dean in the bathroom and is alone with Brady who explains everything to him, exactly how he and YED played Sam and groomed him according to destiny. He taunts Sam who is ready to stab him, but he backs off.

Crowley comes back and tells them all how he conveniently lets it slip to the demon’s nest that he and Brady are “lovers in league against Satan” so as to get Brady on the “torture forever” list with him. Now he has no choice but to help them by giving them Pestilence’s location.

A hellhound follows Crowley there and Dean tries to hold it off, but it turns out Crowley has his own hellhound, a bigger one, which takes care of the other one as the four escape.

They end up in a alley way where Brady hands them the location to Pestilence. Crowley leaves the brothers with Brady. It’s time for Sam to get his revenge, but not before Brady taunts him some more, saying Sam is just like all of them, the demons. Sam finishes him off with a grin.

Back at Bobby’s , Crowley pays him a little visit and presents an offer. The location of Death (and therefore the last ring) in exchange for Bobby’s soul.

Will he do it?

Quotes of the Week!
Crowley: “Fancy a fag and a chat.”

Crowley: “They burnt down my house! They ate my tailor!”

Bobby: “You think I’m a natural-born idjit?”

Episode Thoughts
While as a whole and with just two weeks until the big showdown, the episode felt like a lot of humming and hawing, it was still an enjoyable ep.

It was a fun episode, but maybe it could’ve been a stronger episode if it went a little deeper and moved forward. Because really, where we were at the start of the episode is where we were at the end of the episode. They got the location of Pestilence in the most roundabout way possible.

I hope next week’s penultimate episode steps up big time though because last year and also in the past, the finale seemed too packed.

Other points from the episode, Jared and Jensen were great with those masks on at the start of the episode. Flash Gordon Eric Johnson was great as Brady and Mark Sheppard was awesome as Crowley. It was like I was watching Sam & Dean aboard the Galactica being twisted around Romo Lampkin’s finger.

Oh and yay to even the smallest glimpse of the wonderful Adrianne Palicki.

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