Supernatural 5.15 – Inching Closer to the Final Battle?

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Well, it is great to have Supernatural back after, what was it? Eight months?

It definitely seemed like it.

The first episode back from the long hiatus sees the brothers in Bobby’s hometown of Sioux Falls investigating what turns out to be people rising from the dead and turning into zombies.

The town sheriff hasn’t been so hot on Bobby who’s apparently had some run ins with the local authorities on drunken disorderliness and mail fraud.

That changes. At first, Bobby tells Sam and Dean this is nothing. But they dig up a grave to find it’s empty and been clawed through and discover that dead man has rejoined his family in their home. They get arrested by the sheriff instead of the dead guy that murdered the guy that murdered him. She’s a little more understanding of the living dead since her son has come back to life as well.

She and Bobby end up having something in common. He decides to tell the brothers the whole truth. All of this is actually another sign of the four horsemen. This time, death. But Bobby thinks this may not be a bad thing because now he gets to be with his wife again.

We are reminded that Bobby had to kill his wife when she became possessed. But now she’s alive and baking tons of pies.

Sam and Dean don’t think this is all going to end well, but Bobby will do anything to be with his wife again, even if it means shooting the boys who think of him as their 2nd father.

Bobby gives them a list of people he thinks have risen from the dead. While Dean keeps an eye on Bobby and his wife Karen, Sam goes to investigate. He goes to the home of an old lady on the list. There she is, a living corpse laying on a bed. She tells Sam to come close, he is very reluctant but does anyway even as white goop starts streaming out of her mouth. Turns out she just wanted to eat him. The goop drips onto Sam’s face.

Sam and Dean conclude the dead are turning full-on zombie and they’ve begun feasting on flesh. Dean decides he has to take care of Karen, while Sam goes to save the town. He goes to the sheriff’s house where he finds her in shock after her zombieson has just eaten her husband.

The sheriff now believes the zombies must be stopped, starting with her own son whom Sam shoots in the head.

At Bobby’s house, Karen has grown weak. She’s getting the hunger now too. But she appears to be a good hearted person, even now, only wanting what’s best for Bobby. She tells him to kill her before she’s full zombie. He can’t do it. She tells him some skinny skeleton guy had given her a message when she first came back to life, a message for Bobby.

Just as Dean heads inside the house, he hears the gunshot and he rushes in to find Bobby holding his deadagain wife’s hand.

Dean and Bobby head outside to kill off the zombies in the scrap yard while Sam and the sheriff arm the rest of the town to help in the zombie cleansing effort.

After Spartacus-style decapitations and blood splatters, the zombies are gone from Sioux Falls. Sam and Dean burn the bodies and go see Bobby who’s done the same for his wife

He tells them why death was in town. They want Bobby out of the way as he is one of the reasons Sam has yet to say yes to Lucifer’s hitch for a ride. Sam says he’ll be okay, right? Bobby doesn’t answer.

Episode Thoughts
A simple and quick episode , but packed with plenty of emotion.

I enjoyed seeing Bobby and his wife Karen together. I liked how they kept her “nice” all episode and not show her turning, especially on Bobby. It added a lot of great emotional depth to theirs and especially Bobby’s story.

I know how Supernatural loves their secrets and whispers to the ear, so I fully expected not to know what death told Karen until next week or even later. So I was surprised by Bobby telling them at the end. Still, the weight on their shoulders continues to grow heavier.

I was a little surprised with what they were able to get away with with the heads getting blown off. That was almost Spartacus: Blood and Sand-level blood splattering there!

The final showdown is just seven episodes away (unless of course the confirmed season 6 continues the apocalypse or picks up post-apocalypse, which is what I would prefer). I fully expect things to really start heating up in the coming weeks.

Overall a good episode, I also liked the little bits of wit and humor, which is always great on the show.

Welcome back Supernatural!!

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