Supernatural 5.10 – Abandon All Hope…

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After weeks of fun, it’s time to finally get down to business on Supernatural.

What an episode.

One of the most emotional episodes in the show’s history, no question. The family photo alone got me going.

But seeing Ellen and Jo sacrificing their lives like that was both extremely sad and very honorable. Sad yes, but something they, especially Ellen, would do.

Remember when the Supernatural fandom was cold on Jo back when she first appeared? Everyone loved Ellen, but not everyone liked Jo (little did the fandom know, there’d be Ruby to hate on a season and a half later). Regardless of her not so great entrance to the show, seeing her back this season brought things right back around, and in this pivotal season, that is very necessary.

The connection Dean and Jo had, despite all of Dean’s conquests, it was different with Jo. Similar backgrounds can do that. It was really touching to see that goodbye between them. In a life where you don’t stay in one place for long, Dean having that relationship with Jo was special, even though they didn’t see each other for years, there was that history.

And Ellen… kick ass Ellen. It’s a shame we haven’t seen more of her after the Roadhouse blew up in season 2. Having her and Bobby helping out the brothers would’ve been awesome to watch.

But these are dire times for the guys, and seeing Ellen and Jo die for them was very powerful. Samantha Ferris = Amazing.

It was a strong episode to get back on track with. The opening scene with Romo Lampkin demon Crowley kissing some guy was very random and the end of the episode kind of anticlimactic, especially after see Jo die in Ellen’s arms and then Ellen’s “You can go straight back to hell you ugly bitch!” before pushing the doorbell button.

Nitpicky for sure, Castiel with Lucifer and Meg wasn’t all that engaging, and then Castiel swooping the brothers up made the scene in the field with “death” arriving rather unexciting.

The Colt, was it really a surprise it didn’t work? Though I doubt it will just be relegated to killing demons and hellhounds. It should play a role later on, yeah?

Nothing new to add with the Sam/Dean and Lucifer/Michael comparisons. Yes Lucifer, I think the brothers get it. It’s destiny.

Still, the episode was a strong one and sets up the show’s return in January. It looks like the bros are back at square one. “What do we do next?” indeed.

12 episodes until the big showdown? Let the countdown begin!

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