First Philiminated Team Eric & Lisa Quit The Amazing Race 15

First Philiminated Team Eric & Lisa Quit!
Plus Garrett Has a Surprise for Jessica at Elimination Station

First Philiminated team Eric & Lisa decide to quit the Race after their shocking start line eliminated and opt not to go to Elimination Station, they tell TVGuide.

So Garrett & Jessica are the first team heading to Elimination Station, and Garrett has a huge surprise for his lady love:

Meanwhile, they explain to TVGuide what went wrong and how the big Elimination Station moment came about.

The Envelope’s Tom O’Neil asks “Why does ‘Amazing Race’ keep winning the Emmy?” collects responses for Poker champs Tiffany & Maria.

The San Francisco Chronicle had a big front page Datebook article on Bay Area native Marcy Maloy as being the “oldest ‘Amazing Race’ contestant fit to play.”

BuddyTV talks to Eric & Lisa about the early boot and to Garrett & Jessica about which teams they connected with on their short time on the Race

Reality TV World ask Garrett & Jessica about what went wrong at the ducks and how luck played a big part in the first leg

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