Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 29 – The Opening Bell Rings

Build 29

Soichi fills one panel of Pandora’s Box with FullBottles and reattaches it. This is while MidoNanba is conducting an orchestra as Seito forces invade Touto. Sento, Ryuga and Kazumi hurry downtown to face the new Guardians from Seito. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 28 – The Genius Arrives With a Tank

Build 28

Gentoku emerges from the rubble, seemingly unharmed. Nariaki sends him some data and Gentoku uses the Diamond FullBottle, one of the bottles Hokuto had stolen but are now in Seito’s hands. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 27 – The Counterattack Hero

Build 27

Fu Washio transforms into Hell Bros, a combination of Engine and Remocon. Sento references a movie half the audience hasn’t watched yet. Seito PM commends Nanba for having this trick up his sleeve.

Ryuga tries to regain his focus and he henshins. The second battle begins. Continue reading

Good Ol’ Review: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending is a True Ending Indeed

Ex-Aid True Ending

Moderate spoilers.

Two of my few gripes with Kamen Rider Ex-Aid was its lackluster final episodes and the way the series (which set out to merge the worlds of science/medicine and video games) dealt with the finality of death. So I was pleasantly surprised to watch True Ending and feel like the film did those two things a little better than the series itself. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 26 – The Treacherous Deathmatch

Build 25

Misora’s bangle somehow helps Sento control his Overflow. When he snaps out of it, he realizes what he’s doing to Misora. He lets go of her and dehenshins. But Gentoku has taken Pandora’s Box and they now have the possibility of a traitor in the midst who leaked to him the location. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 25 – The Idol Awakens

Build 25

Green eyed Misora puts her hand out and a strong force begins to engulf the area. Suddenly, the Skywall opens up and sucks Gentoku and the Bros back to Seito.

After the huge show of power, Misora says the word “Evolt” and collapses. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 24 – A Man Called Rogue

Build 24

Gentoku explains the hell he’s come back from to become a Kamen Rider. He had made his way to Nanba HQ where he confronts Nariaki in the parking garage. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 23 – The Phantom of the West

Build 23

Sento apologizes to Kazumi for losing himself again. But Kazumi says it’s over and Sento need not worry about it anymore. Misora hands Sento the kill switch back and says his punishment for trying to get her to use it is for him to make dinner. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 22 – Victory of Tears

Build 22

As the big battle begins, we rewind to the night before. Sento has just told Ryuga and Misora that he will be taking part. Ryuga is angry as he thought he had taken Sento’s spot in the fight. Sento says Ryuga was afraid of the Sclash Driver anyway. But Ryuga says Sento might lose himself again if he uses the Hazard Trigger. Continue reading

Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 21 – The Unstoppable Hazard

Build 21

Sento henshins to Black Hazard and takes on the Three Crows. Ryuga tries to stop Sento, but something suddenly snaps. The words of Soichi and Kisaragi echo through Sento’s head. He has now lost control of all rational thought. Continue reading