Recap: Kamen Rider Shinobi, Episode 3 – Last NinPow!!! Volume: Dead-end and Close Call

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 3 Recap

As Rentarou seems to be in a hopeless situation, Iroha arrives and shoots at the snake ninpou, freeing her brother. She tells him to get to safety and leave this to her. But Yaminin shoots at Iroha and she falls to the ground. Yaminin, however, decides not to kill Iroha and wants to take her as a trophy instead.

Icchi arrives and takes on Yaminin. But the dark ninja says it’s 100 years too early for Icchi to take him on. Yaminin forces Icchi to dehenshin and laughs that Kamen Riders are weak. He takes Icchi’s gourd as well.

But a hooded Rentarou, using ninpou, is able to spring out of the ground and swipe the two gourds back. He tosses Icchi’s gourd back to him and Icchi thanks Rentarou. The two of them henshin.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 3 Recap

Yaminin summons dark ninjas to take them on as he takes Iroha and leaves. Rentarou and Icchi try to catch up to him, but Yaminin traps them in a barrier with a reflective spell.

Icchi tells Rentarou that he’s heard the Niji no Hebi are weak against light. Rentarou says to use the Kouton no Jutsu light technique, but Icchi says even some of the most elite ninjas are unable to use it.

Rentarou wishes he were stronger. He sees Iroha lying unconscious on the ground. He remembers when she was able to combine the science that she learned in school with ninpou in order to find them an alternative source of energy since they always get their electricity cut off.

That gives Rentarou an idea. He asks Icchi to freeze him again. Rentarou then uses everything he’s learned to create his unique Ninpou Eco Kouton no Jutsu. That breaks the barrier around them.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 3 Recap

Icchi says Rentarou is a reckless ninja for having used his own body. But it works. Yaminin summons some dark ninjas. Icchi battles them, while Rentarou faces off against Yaminin. He acknowledges Yaminin is strong, but is using it for selfish reasons. Rentarou believes this power should be used to help people around them.

Icchi finishes off the dark ninjas and Rentarou delivers a finisher at Yaminin. But the attack only removes Yaminin from his monster form. Yaminin asks why Rentarou would hold back since it is natural for ninjas to kill each other.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 3 Recap

Rentarou says Yaminin did not show any intention to harm Iroha. But he had threatened her life, Rentarou would not hesitate to end him.

Icchi demands Yaminin reveal who he works for. But Yaminin says he acts on his own to steal her heart. He vows to eliminate Shinobi when she gives in to despair. And that’s when she will open her heart to him.

Yaminin asks not to reveal this incident to anyone else. And because they spared his life, he will carve their heart out with his hand.

Yaminin disappears. Icchi cannot believe someone else is after Iroha’s love. But he still believes Shinobi is his chief rival. He turns to Shinobi only to find him and Iroha gone.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 3 Recap

Rentarou carries Iroha out of the forest. She wakes up and asks about the tournament. Rentarou says it was postponed because they’ve lost the scroll. Iroha has it, however, and believes that means she has won the grand prize of rice. Rentarou congratulates her.

Iroha says she hopes to be as strong as Shinobi-sama one day. Rentarou says she can absolutely do that.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 3 Recap

Back home now with their sacks of rice for the year, Rentarou gives some to Master Gamano. But Rentarou has a question about something Yaminin mentioned. Does becoming a Kamen Rider have a limit? He asks Master Gamano to tell him more about gourds. But Master Gamano says not to pry into things he does not need to. And if it wasn’t for him, Rentarou would’ve lost his life.

Rentarou bows his head.

Just then Icchi comes screaming that Shinobi has kidnapped Iroha. But he is shocked and relieved when Iroha is safe and sound and calling her brother for dinner. Rentarou invites Icchi to dinner since he owes him one today. Icchi doesn’t understand, but he happily goes in to help Iroha set the table.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 3 Recap

Rentarou looks up at the sky and vows to protect Iroha until she turns 18, even if it means risking his life.

Iroha comes out with the phone saying his job is calling since he did not come in today for work. Iroha scolds Rentarou and chases him around the house.

Master Gamano leaves his wall scroll and transforms into his human form. He marvels at Rentarou being able to use Kouton no Jutsu and realizes that there needs to be a selection of worthy rivals in order to exhaust Rentarou.

Kamen Rider Shinobi Episode 3 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Such a great three episode special. The way they were able to drop some nice cliffhangers that would very much set up a full season’s worth of story was great.

Master Gamano being the mentor with a secret would be a fun story to follow all year.

The idea of ninjas using their power for dark and Rentarou being the bastion of light is also a basic, though effective premise. Especially with Icchi as the one that might toe the line all year because of his crush on Iroha.

There would also be nice story with Rentarou and Iroha and their complicated dynamic with the secrets and protecting each other. I’d also expect we learn a bit about their clan as well. Perhaps their parents were important ninjas too.

Overall, Kamen Rider Shinobi was just as fun on this rewatch as it was the first time I watched it. Would be great to see more from the Shinobi crew. But I’m thankful we at least got these three episodes and the Geats/Tycoon crossover as well.

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