Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 21 – Mad Warrior! Valvarad the Black Flame!

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

As Houtarou, Rinne and Supana are battling him, Angel Malgam revives Mama and Papa Kurogane once again. And that is just so he can murder them over and over to further drive Supana to despair.

But Mama and Papa Kurogane grab a bolt that pops out of Supana as Wheel Malgam. Angel Malgam is shocked that they are able to use alchemy after they disappear. When Angel Malgam is unable to revive them anymore, he leaves.

Houtarou uses Gotcha Igniter and delivers a Rider Kick at Supana, allowing him to calm down.

While unconscious, Supana has to endure watching Gurion killing his mother and father all over again. But he eventually wakes up in Kitchen Ichinose with the KIU4 making sure he is okay. Houtarou wants to cook him something, but Supana tells them all to leave him alone. Houtarou does not want to give up on him, but Supana grabs his collar and says this is his fight and his alone.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

Meanwhile, Lachesis warns her sisters that Gurion will make Supana his loyal dog and cast them aside. She suggests that they turn on Gurion before he can do the same to them. But Atropos hurls Lachesis across the room and tells her to never utter such disgusting words ever again. Clotho warns Lachesis to be careful lest Gurion hear her.

When Lachesis walks out of the classroom, she sees Minato has heard the entire thing.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

The KIU4 head over to Kyoka-san and offer to help her complete the Driver. She accepts their help and asks Houtarou to henshin so she can use him as an example. Later, the four of them use their alchemy to help any way they can. Though the KIU4 stay late, they eventually fall asleep.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

Kyoka-san can’t help but think about how Supana is doing at this moment.

Supana is alone and holding his parents’ alchemist rings, vowing to avenge their deaths. He gets a message.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

Next day, Gurion suggests that since their plan to use Supana’s parents to drive him to despair has not worked well enough, Minato should kill Kyoka instead.

At the lab, Kyoka wakes everyone up to say she has finished the Driver. She thanks the KIU4 for their help. But the Meikoku Sisters and Angel Malgam storm in. Kyoka-san knows they are here to kill her in front of Supana.

Houtarou and Rinne quickly henshin to take on Angel Malgam while Renge and Sabimaru do what they can with their alchemy against the Sisters.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

Back inside, Minato approaches Kyoka who asks if he is here to take the Driver or take her life. He says both. Kyoka comments that Minato hasn’t changed and still the same straightforward and awkward guy he always was.

Lachesis sneaks away from the battle site and heads over to the warehouse where Minato waits for Supana. She flashes back to her convo with Minato earlier where he assured her that Supana will never become Gurion’s dog. And that is because he will defeat Supana before that ever happens.

Supana asks Minato why he has the completed Driver and Minato says he killed Kyoka as Gurion ordered. Supana is shocked and the anger drives him deeper into burning despair. Supana transforms into Wheel Malgam as does Minato into Dread and they battle.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

Minato says it is Supana who really killed Kyoka after she wasted ten years of her life with him. Minato adds that Supana can’t even control his powers. And if he continues down this path, he will become a monster. So before that happens, he will defeat him.

Minato’s attacks force Mama and Papa Kurogane’s rings to fly out of Supana’s pocket. Supana crawls over to them and remembers the happy memories of him, his parents and Kyoka together. This overcomes him with even more despair. Minato is about to strike him down, but suddenly, the rings begin to light up.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

Supana wakes up and finds himself back in the past to the very moment Gurion murdered his parents. But this time, he remembers his parents telling him to stick to his beliefs. And that will make him a powerful alchemist in the future.

Supana is taken aback when his parents look directly at him, his present self, and they tell him how much they love him before they die.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

Supana then watches Kyoka-san comforting youngSupana, erasing his memories and telling him she is sure he’ll be able to control his powers in the future. Supana now understands what he has forgotten all along.

Mama and Papa Kurogane’s rings allow Supana to break free from despair. Supana takes his parents’ hopes and dreams to boost the power within him and use it for good to defeat evil instead. That power, solidified in his parents’ rings, fuse with his own ring. MadWheel Chemy becomes MachWheel Chemy. And Minato-sensei is shocked that it was able to reforge itself.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

Supana takes his burning blade and charges toward MinatoDread. Minato is amazed at the power Supana has had all along. But Supana says this is not only his power. He is not alone anymore.

Supana is able to force Minato-sensei out of Dread. And with that, he is able to retrieve his three Cards back. Supana picks up the new Driver and heads outside.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

And just in time. Houtarou and Rinne are struggling against the Malgam and Sisters. Alive and well, Kyoka-san arrives to watch as Supana henshins to Kamen Rider Valvarad for the first time.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

Supana declares he will send Angel Malgam to hell. They battle. Jyamatanoorochi flies over and Supana inserts it and Gutsshovel to uphenshin and finish Angel Malgam for good.

Supana is able to see his parents one last time. They smile at each other before Mama and Papa Kurogane fade away.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

Houtarou, Rinne, Renge and Sabimaru come over to congratulate Supana. But Supana reiterates that will fight alone. Kyoka-san approaches him, but Supana just walks away.

Back at the Academy, Minato-sensei nurses his wounds, saying Supana just missed his vital organs. Lachesis comes over, realizing this was Minato’s plan all along. Minato says this isn’t the end of the nightmare, however.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

Later that evening, Supana finds Kyoka-san at the lab. Supana tells her he was almost fooled by Minato-sensei’s act. Kyoka takes that to mean Minato is fine.

Supana says he is ready to continue their chess match. Kyoka-san is happy to see he has grown and offers to cook some dinner for them.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 21 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Wwowowow! What an amazing episode. Really had everything I could hope for here. I love that we were able to see a lot of Supanner and his parents. And how that love and connection was able to help power him up. It also helps Spanner be more understanding about the situation and what he has to do now moving forward. Even though he feels he must do this alone and not work with his KIU4 friends just yet.

But it was a good step forward for him. And a really strong episode to lead up to his official debut as a Rider.

Really a lot of exciting moments all episode. I love all those badass shots of Supana in the warehouse and the burning sword. So cool. This episode really was a Spanner-focus. Even though we got a lot with our other friends and how they were very determined to help their friend Supanna.

I think they are doing well with exploring the idea that some people want to take all the burden upon themselves rather than working together as a team. As of course Houtarou has been able to learn about so far. It definitely fits with the idea that the season seems to be building up regarding bonds and family and friendship. I really believe that will play a big part in the season’s endgame. Just like how one of Houtarou’s main goals is to befriend Chemies and bring about a world where everyone can come together.

The episode showed with the KIU4 and Kyoka-san how these friendships and bonds can really be a powerful force. All of this came together to help make Supanner’s Rider debut that much more impactful.

Lots of other interesting developments too. I think the “reveal” of Minato-sensei’s work was good. Even if we knew what he was doing already. And connecting that with what they gave of Lachesis’ dilemma was good as well. Lachesis starting to wake up and smell the coffee while her sisters are still somehow blinded by whatever they’re feeling for Gurion; all great story seeds. I’m really looking forward to seeing the Sisters’ story play out. Perhaps some great conflict between them. The seeds the show is planting is great so far.

I really have to keep myself from gushing too much about Gotchard each week. But it really has been such a joy to watch. Just like how I felt with Donbrothers and being excited to watch a new episode every Sunday. And while I love the Donbros, I can still acknowledge its shortcomings in its overall story. Gotchard has the similar positive and hopeful vibes. But its story continues to move at such a perfect pace. Everything is working so well. And it’s easy to connect to these characters and have you be invested in them when the story continues to flow and move forward in such a natural way.

Really such a great experience now 21 episodes in. And it’s not a feeling I’ve had watching Kamen Rider for a few seasons now.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 21 – Mad Warrior! Valvarad the Black Flame!

  1. This two parter was Supana was truly excellent! And yeah, it’s clear that Minato is playing the long game here.

    1. So good, right? And poor Minato! I hope we can get some backstory for him too. Especially since it seems there’s lots of history with him as well. Perhaps on the episode when he reunites with everyone hehe

  2. No need to hold back on gushing about Gotchard! Lol. It deserves it so far. Like you said, it even has a leg up on Donbrothers at the moment, in that it places equal emphasis on developing both characters AND the overarching story.

    It was really fitting to have Supana’s character development over the previous episodes be capped off by him defeating Dread without needing to transform after he had been getting trounced by whoever was using the Driver since episode 12. Methinks this means Dread will be getting a new form and/or stronger user in the future in order to remain an active threat.

    And I was definitely glad to see my fav Lachesis getting good development as well. Out of all the villains so far, I think she’s been the most fun, interesting, and complex. I wouldn’t mind if she remains a villain for a while though, albeit now with the priority of ensuring her and her sisters’ safety first and foremost and waiting for the perfect chance to stab Gurion in the back. Maybe that potential storyline could lead to a powerful new secondary villain being introduced to spice things up a little. Who knows?

    Like you, I’m also looking forward to seeing the Sisters’ story developed. I’m eagerly anticipating future revelations about their origins, like why they were created in the order they were and why they’re more “evolved” than the older blank-slate Malice Dolls. For all we know right now, the explanation could be similar to how the Homunculi in Fullmetal Alchemist were made.

    I too am hoping that the concepts of bonds, friendship, and family that the season has been building on (it’s even doing better so far with the theme of family than Revice did imo, what with Houtarou, Rinne, and Supana’s relationships with their parents and the whole dynamic between the Sisters) play an active role in the endgame. It would be fitting to have Gurion or whoever the Final Boss will end up being as a strong, direct antithesis of such themes.

    1. I guess Dread is similar to Gaisoulg of Ryusoulger. Should be interesting to see who else will get Dread before its final form.

      Lachesis is definitely stepping out amongst the sisters. Quite surprising! But definitely lots of good potential for them.

      And you’re definitely right in your comparison to Revice. Revice definitely started out strong with that family and bonds relationships. And then of course we know what happened later lol

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