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Hindsight Review: Season 2 of Disney+’s “Big Bet” Stunningly Drops the Ball
Good Ol’ Review: “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938” Easily Surpasses First Season Through Stronger Execution and a More Focused Story
Good Ol’ Review: The Refreshing, Satisfying “His Man Season 2” is the Best K-Drama That Isn’t

If I could, I would include His Man Season 2 (남의연애 시즌2) on my year-end list of favorite Korean dramas. But this series actually isn’t a Korean drama, even if it very much feels like it. Actually, His Man is a Korean reality dating show featuring eight men living together in a house for one week with the hopes of finding a love connection.

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Hindsight Review: Herlene Budol Proves Herself in Refreshing, Fun “Magandang Dilag”

GMA Network’s Magandang Dilag has come to an end. And its 99 episodes have been a fun, enjoyable ride. Though the series featured some familiar themes and scenarios as many Filipino teleseryes, it was able to set itself apart in many ways. It was able to blend in comedy and humor with the heavy drama. And as a revenge story, Magandang Dilag was unrelenting in dishing out sweet karma to the series’ antagonists. But perhaps the biggest outcome from the series is how it was able to showcase Herlene Budol as a lead actress.

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Hindsight Review: Charming, Likeable Cast Carries GMMTV’s Familiar “Dangerous Romance”
Hindsight Review: GMMTV’s Satisfying, Fun “Only Friends”
Good Ol’ Review: Picking Up Right Where it Left Off, Season Two of Netflix’s “D.P.” Delivers Another Profound Experience

Season 2 of Netflix’s D.P. (디피) picks up right where the first left off. And that’s not merely referring to the story itself, but also to the incredible performances, top-notch production and captivating, compassionate writing. Just like the first season, Jung Hae In and Koo Kyo Hwan deliver masterful, nuanced performances as they help bring to life the story of two military police officers tasked with pursuing deserters and in turn hoping to fight the injustices in a system that seems to be untouchable.

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Good Ol’ Review: Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun Deliver Captivating Performances in “The Good Bad Mother,” One of the Year’s Best Series

JTBC’s The Good Bad Mother (나쁜엄마) might just be my favorite Korean drama of 2023. I challenge anyone to not shed some tears at least once during the series’ excellent 14 episodes. And that’s tears from the series’ many emotional stories or from laughing so much at its welcome and well-placed humor. Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun deliver masterful and captivating performances, leading a strong ensemble cast as they help bring to life a truly breathtaking and beautiful story.

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Check-in Review: Episode 72 of “Magandang Dilag” a Showcase of Herlene Budol’s Growth, Good Direction and Clever Writing
Good Ol’ Review: Ahn Hyo Seop, Jeon Yeo Bin and Kang Hoon Captivate in the Wild, Satisfying Adventure That is Netflix’s “A Time Called You”

If any Korean drama deserves to be called a wild ride, it’s Netflix’s A Time Called You (너의 시간 속으로/Into Your Time). An adaptation of a popular 2019 Taiwanese drama, A Time Called You with its time traveling, body possessing mystery is a series that might appear to be complicated and difficult to follow. But its charming cast and the relatable themes of friendship, family and romance at the core of its story are what keeps you engaged throughout and ultimately brings you to the series’ emotional and satisfying climax.

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