First Impression Review: A Strong Start to Season 3 of “His Man”

First Impression Review: A Strong Start to Season 3 of “His Man”

No spoilers.

The much anticipated season 3 of Korean reality dating show His Man is finally here. I enjoyed watching the first two seasons last year. Both times, I ended up binging the episodes after they had all aired; the first season around January and the second season around November. And His Man is the very rare Korean reality series where a season actually improved on the previous one. Other popular Korean reality series can’t relate. (*Cough*Single’s Inferno*cough*Physical: 100*cough*)

Season 3’s first two episodes certainly give me great hope that the positive trend for His Man will continue. These were a strong two episodes, reminding me of what I enjoyed about the first two seasons and seeing nice possibilities to keep the format fresh.

His Man is of course a reality dating series featuring eight men living under one roof for a week with the hopes of finding love.

What I most enjoy about the series is its refreshing take on the format. It infuses dreamy Korean drama vibes into the familiar dating show format. But in a departure from Korean variety/reality programs, it does not feature studio hosts interrupting every other minute with, honestly, irrelevant commentary.

I know that is a staple of Korean variety programs. But that’s really what makes His Man so unique and refreshing. I much prefer having no random hosts chiming in. Without them, it actually makes the series feel more authentic and raw. Of course, the series is still highly structured and slightly choreographed.

His Man Season 3 Premiere Review

But at the same time, where the commentators make other shows feel more like competitions or inject too much comedy, His Man is presented with a more documentary-like feel. And that adds to the K-drama feeling as well.

Let’s just watch these guys get to know each other and follow their stories and where everything goes.

His Man Season 3 Premiere Review

The first episode naturally involves the first meeting of the singles. And the series did a little twist on what they did in the first two seasons by instead splitting the first six singles into two groups; one with four guys and the other with just two. That offered up the opportunity for very different first impressions and interesting dynamics. Especially for the four guys in having more to absorb while feeling the nerves of a first meeting.

The show also added a bit of a twist to their signature nightly phone calls.

For the phone booth visits, I’ve seen some fans of the show comment that they’d rather the show get rid of that aspect of the series. But the phone calls really are a signature piece of the show’s format. And it definitely adds a lot to the drama and dynamics of the house.

Having Jaeseung call two guys and keeping it a secret definitely was to nudge the guys into some early drama. And also basically get things started if the guys weren’t generating some small tension on night one. But hopefully, this isn’t the kind of thing we will see too often. Or at least, things that feel far too contrived.

(But then again, if things get too boring, I know I’ll definitely wish the show threw in some twists and turns to shake things up lol)

His Man Season 3 Premiere Review

That’s also one of the great things of His Man. With the lack of major competition aspects, the relationships that are formed on the show don’t feel forced or even scripted, so to speak. We really are just watching a bunch of guys on an extended one-week blind date. And in one week, anything can happen.

Another great switch up for this season is that they are filming during a warmer season. The first two seasons seemed to have been filmed in the middle of winter or at least early spring where, admittedly, it was a bit more gloomy and cold. Which certainly can evoke a warm, homey feel with the singles all bundled up and the like.

Last two seasons, the fog and rainy days kind of limited the activities the guys can go out and do. And you almost felt sorry for them having to trek outside in the freezing cold to make their phone calls after dark. But this time, it’s warmer and sunnier out. They even have a swimming pool at the house this time. And you see the guys in short sleeved shirts and shorts as opposed to the puffy jackets or hoodies and beanies.

His Man Season 3 Premiere Review

What I hope moving forward (and something I wished after the first two seasons) is to have the guys in a few more opportunities for group dates or activities. Of course they’re only in the house for a week. But it would be nice to have a day or two dedicated to group activities and not just forcibly pair the guys up every day and throw them out of the house. Even if it’s just the guys at home playing games and beyond cooking breakfast and dinner.

I think giving the guys more group time opens up opportunities for them to see each other in new or different lights. And of course, that can lead to more fun drama.

I did like that the entrance of the two new guys is done pretty early so they aren’t at a disadvantage. Their arrival certainly mixes things up. And they have as much of a chance as the others instead of arriving much later and getting no chance like in other reality dating shows.

His Man Season 3 Premiere Review

As for the cast, I think this is a pretty solid cast so far. And it seems like we’re only just scratching the surface of their personalities. I know many were kind of shocked in season two when previously affable singles turned out to be less so later in the season.

Once these relationships and feelings deepen, I’m sure we’ll see some true colors shine through. But for now, I think the six initial guys have pretty distinct personalities. Even if I can see some shades of season 1 and 2 guys in many of them. At the very least, I can tell these guys apart already after two episodes. And they’ve brought about some interesting dynamics and pairings so far.

His Man Season 3 Premiere Review

The arrival of the two new guys, who also give good first impressions, should add a lot to the proceedings as well.

Finally, like the first two seasons, the series’ soundtrack is just great. Keep your Shazam app open to catch all the great songs. “Love,pop” by Blueday is one of the two main OSTs of the series and it’s a perfectly bubbly track. But how awesome to have season two alum Dabit (who I’ve followed as a singer for years now) singing the title theme “Say It Back”. Also a perfect song for series.

His Man Season 3 Premiere Review

Overall, these first two episodes of His Man have been very enjoyable and a reminder of how great the show can be. I don’t know if I’ll be writing about the show every week. But I know I’ll definitely be watching.

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