Good Ol’ Review: Strong Cast Powers Sweet and Sexy “Jun & Jun”

Jun & Jun Korean BL Drama Review

No spoilers.

Jun & Jun (준과 준) is a refreshing entry in the Korean BL genre. With an appealing balance between fluffy and mature, the romantic drama draws upon a tried and true formula while touching upon realistic and relatable situations that other series normally will not go near. A strong cast elevates a relatively simple and straightforward story. And while it is another case of a web series deserving much more time to flesh out all the great potential it presents, Jun & Jun is nonetheless a sweet (sometimes sexy!) and enjoyable time.

Jun & Jun follows former idol Lee Jun (Yang Jun Mo) on his first day interning at a cosmetics company. That’s where he unexpectedly meets brand director Choi Jun (Ki Hyun Woo) who also happens to be his childhood friend. As the two reconnect, Lee Jun must deal with the challenges and pressures of office life. But he must also sort out the romantic advances of not just Choi Jun, but of two additional suitors; his friend and team leader Hyun Jae (Jo Chan Hyun) and model sunbae Simeon (Park Hyeong Seop).

Jun & Jun Korean BL Drama Review

While the title obviously suggests where our story is ultimately heading, Jun & Jun manages to do a good job of balancing the cuter and fluffier moments with the more serious and even mature side of the narrative. The series relies on familiar set-ups to help establish the romantic connection between our two leading men. All while also throwing in some less common and steamier situations that actually add a bit of realism to the developing relationship between our two Juns.

The eight half-hour episodes are of course not enough to fully flesh out the pretty solid foundation that is set for both Lee Jun and Choi Jun as well as the supporting characters. There are glimpses of the two Juns’ backstory as childhood friends on the playground as well as of Lee Jun’s time as an idol and how he would first meet Hyun Jae and Simeon.

Jun & Jun Korean BL Drama Review

The three connections Jun has with each could easily produce more material than what we ultimately get in the series. There’s some great potential in each relationship that would allow the series to explore the complexities of love and friendship in a deeper way. But once again, another series with strong potential is held back by the limitations of this format.

Still, Jun & Jun‘s relatively simple premise and clear endgame allow for a breezy and enjoyable ride. There are no unnecessary sidetrips or subplots. And the office drama actually helps to further the main event which is of course Lee Jun’s popularity with the three handsome men and his own conflicted feelings for Choi Jun.

The cast is able to elevate the solid, though flawed material. Yang Jun Mo has no problem expressing Lee Jun’s shy and awkward nature, especially as he starts a new and unfamiliar chapter in his life. Ki Hyun Woo oozes charisma as Choi Jun while also including a very appealing vulnerability in the character as well. The two share an immediate chemistry that allows for both cute and unexpectedly provocative scenes to successfully land and be as impactful as they can.

Jun & Jun Korean BL Drama Review

Jo Chan Hyun does a great job as your familiar second lead Hyun Jae while model/actor Park Hyeong Seop is effortlessly magnetic as Simeon. The two also share their own strong chemistry, even if the series is unable to fully explore their relationship as well. Meanwhile, Jung Ye Bin, as Choi Jun’s friend and “fiancée”(?) Kim Young is also a scene stealer and offers up some fun moments throughout the series.

Though Jun & Jun‘s overall premise might be recognizable, the series is able to add some surprising, though welcome elements to help it standout from other series in the genre. The simple premise allows for an easy and enjoyable watch. And the strong cast is very much the best draw to keep you engaged until the more than satisfying conclusion.

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