Filipino Friday, January 27, 2023 – ALAMAT’s “Maharani”

“Maharani” became one of the fan-favorite tracks from ALAMAT’s Pasulong album last year. And the long-awaited music video definitely brings the excellent song to vivid life.

Member Taneo is the MV’s leading man as he is paired with Jhoanna of fellow P-pop group BINI to tell a modern romantic story while once again infusing it with traditional Filipino culture.

The lyrics are from the POV of a guy trying to present himself as someone who will treat a girl in a complicated relationship better. Essentially, hoping to treat her like the queen, or Maharani of the title, that she deserves to be.

The music video uses the always ripe for angst school setting with ALAMAT and Jhoanna preparing for a performance of singkil, a traditional folk dance of the Maranao people. Singkil itself is part of the inspiration for the song which is composed by Thyro Alfaro.

That mix of coming-of-age angst and sweet, innocent romance help to set the mood in such an engaging way. I mentioned in my review of the album last year that “the harana-worthy track will make anyone swoon with the group’s vocals gliding across the romantic, flirtatious lyrics and R&B melody.” And the visuals perfectly match the vibe, while offering a bit of a bittersweet twist too. You’ll be left wanting a full short film of the storyline presented in the MV!

“Maharani” definitely illustrates ALAMAT’s unique sound and style. And it is that sound and style that played a huge part in my finally paying more attention to what P-pop has to offer. Not to mention ALAMAT solidifying their spot as my P-pop bias group!

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