Filipino Friday, June 21, 2024 – Stell, Josh Cullen, The Juans x ALAMAT, BGYO

Filipino Friday, June 21, 2024 – Stell, Josh Cullen, The Juans x ALAMAT, BGYO

Fresh OPM/P-pop releases from Stell, Josh Cullen, The Juans and ALAMAT and BGYO.

“Room” by Stell

SB19 member Stell makes his solo debut with the sultry and funky “Room”. It’s a unique and easily appealing track and an even more attention-grabbing performance from the talented performer. The perfect kind of track for a solo debut, allowing him the solo spotlight with all his charisma. Great track!

“Sumaya” by Josh Cullen

Fellow SB19 member Josh releases his latest solo track in “Sumaya” and it is a stunning personal performance. The pop-R&B-hip-hop track has Josh singing of the complicated feelings post-breakup. If you’ve experienced Josh Cullen’s previous solo releases, this track might seem a bit different. But it’s a great showcase of his versatility. And you must experience the equally stunning music video.

Though the members of SB19 have certainly showed that through their group performances too, it’s been wonderful to see and hear their solo releases as well.

“Gupit” by The Juans x ALAMAT

I’ve heard of The Juans, but never really listened to their music. Or I might have heard a song from them, but won’t even know it was theirs. But I get to know them a bit with their new collab with fellow Viva artists ALAMAT. And I will assume “Gupit” exemplifies their sound. If you were to ask me what they might sound like, I’d probably imagine this. And it’s a sound I definitely like and enjoy, so I’ll have to check out their music. But it’s also great to hear ALAMAT performing a nice folksy pop-rock track like this as well. I think it suits them very well. And overall, it’s a solid collab.

“Gigil” by BGYO

I don’t know if BGYO and their management are being intentionally nonchalant by having a song titled “Gigil” as their latest track. But it’s kind of funny, but also strange for me as someone who only casually followed all the controversy surrounding them. But I guess they’re banking on that feeling and pushing forward. “Gigil” is probably one of the best examples of a TikTok-ready song that is so prevalent these days. Catchy and easy to dance to. But will it be memorable after the trend cools down? Probably not.

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