Filipino Friday, April 5, 2024 – ALAMAT and 1st.One

With ALAMAT and 1st.One releasing new music videos for songs they released a few months ago, it gives me hope that Cornerstone does the same for VXON and the songs of their excellent album 20:20! *pleasepleasepleaseCS!* Hehe. But for now, we have these two excellent music videos of two excellent songs from ALAMAT and 1st.One to enjoy!

“Dayang” by ALAMAT

ALAMAT releases a music video for the great “Dayang”. It is a groovy and poppy heir to Pasulong‘s “Marahani” and the music video definitely expresses that fun vibe. Big thank you to Dito Telecommunity who I assume helped to pay for the music video. Because it’s definitely a song that deserves one!

“Dito” by 1st.One

Another song that deserved and thankfully now has a music video is “Dito” by 1st.One. When I first watched their performance video back in November, I was wowed! The group has had some powerful performances since I first met them through “Shout Out”. But “Dito” is definitely something different from the talented group. This sultry pop/R&B ballad gets all the vibes just right with the group’s smooth vocals matching their smooth moves. And the cinematic music video perfectly captures the song’s dramatic emotions!

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