Thank You Michael Scott. Thank You Steve Carell.

And Steve Carell bids farewell to Scranton.

His final episode as Michael Scott was simple, but touching. Continue reading

I’m Going to Miss American Television!

So… I am really going to miss new episodes of The Amazing Race and Friday Night Lights. I’m probably not going to make Supernatural before they go on their ridiculously long annual midseason hiatus. Will Todd and Asha hook up on Outsourced? What else will drive Michael Scott to fly high? How many more Walking Dead are there out there? Am I going to miss the big reveal of Dee’s baby daddy?

Well, I’m going to miss all of it because I’m going to be in the Philippines for the next month. During sweeps! But there will be plenty of things to look forward to here at Some new reviews and some hopes and dreams for the future.

And hopefully, I might be able to find a way *wink*wink* to catch up on all these shows while in the Philippines, especially The Amazing Race since it actually airs there, but I doubt it. =]

So see you all in December! Have a fun November sweeps! And enjoy some good television!

DryedMangoez Presents Television That Defined My Decade

The 2000s have come and gone. A new decade is about to begin and lists of the best movies, music, television, paint colors, boy band, furniture, light fixtures, etc. are pouring in. As we close out 2009 and the 2000s, I thought about my own list. But my list of television shows aren’t necessarily “the best,” but the shows that defined my decade. The shows that meant something to me the last ten years, shows that left their mark in my mind and in some cases my heart as well.

On to the list! →

Thursday Quick Cuts – The Office, FlashForward, Survivor, 30 Rock

John Cho and Barry Shabaka Henley
So this week wasn’t very mythology heavy, which resulted in it being less interesting. The most interesting part? John Cho and Barry Shabaka Henley singing karaoke, and the gratuitous gunfight/explosion scene at the end. Otherwise, a slow episode.

Miss the episode? Or need to catch it again? Download “Gimme Some Truth” now on FlashForward - FlashForward, Season 1

The Office

Crazy episode! If only because it was a Michael/Pam throwdown the entire time. It is great seeing the Michael/Jim relationship completely changed now that they are co-managers. I hope that continues. I may be one of the few people who thought Pam was overreacting. She was, right? But then again, Michael’s never been my boss so I guess we don’t know how it feels to be in her shoes?

But it did set up some awesome confrontations, did it not? Bravo to Steve Carell and Jenna Fischer.
Other choice moments… Continue reading

The Office – At Last

Relive the hilarity and touching moments from the double length episode. Buy part one of “Niagara” or part two of “Niagara”, the wedding episode on The Office

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.3608488&w=500&h=290&fv=]
When NBC first brought The Office over from across the pond, one of the big questions (of skepticism) was how in the world were they going to keep the Jim and Pam (well, Tim and Dawn in the UK) storyline going for more than 14 episodes, let alone more than one season.

Well, five seasons and three episodes later, The Office has managed to weave in and out of an overall satisfying journey for one of the most rootable “destined” couples in comedy since Daphne and Niles on Frasier.

The Jim and Pam wedding was everything you could ask for from an Office “event;” the entire gang was there, Jim and Pam roll their eyes at the entire gang being there, Jim and Pam do their own thing because the entire gang is there, Michael makes an ass out of himself, and Michael redeems his Continue reading

Quick Takes: The Office, Harper’s Island, Rescue Me, Better Off Ted, Survivor

Here are some quick takes from the week in television…

The Office

So two episodes this week sandwiching the premiere of Parks & Recreation. I don’t know if that was a good idea for Parks & Rec because being sandwiched between two episodes of The Office just made it seem even lesser than it already was. Continue reading

The Office 5×18 – “You have no idea how high I can fly”

The Office 5×18 – New Boss

I find myself supporting and cheering Michael on almost 100% of the time these days, no matter how crazy his stunts get.  I think that’s one of the reasons I wasn’t feeling last week’s episode but actually enjoyed this week’s episode especially the end.

The Office has been hit or miss, especially lately.  And the characters have been all over the place.

Michael has been one of the few constants, the other being the always dependably hilarious Creed.

I mean, I can’t shake off the douche-y vibe from Jim ever since he’s met Karen, Dwight’s gone from funny eccentric to just crazy insane, and Angela is a full-on whore.  Meredith’s got nothing on her apparently.

The Vances in the restaurant bathroom?  Not funny and awkward in a bad way.
Taking down a nice family and their small business?  Uh, downer.

What’s up with that? Continue reading

the office & supernatural

WOWTHE AMAZING RACE may be off this week, but 9:00PM was still filled with AMAZING television… First, since Tuesdays at 9:00PM is so crowded, I haven’t been able to watch an episode of THE OFFICE since the sexual harrasment episode (you had to see it to understand lol)… and I have to say I definitely missed out on a lot!! I can’t believe I didn’t keep with the funniest show on television today. The show was on fire tonight, everything was just freakin’ hilarious… I was laughing the whole time. It definitely ranks high, not I LOVE LUCY quality, but a comedic quality all its own… I wish CNBC or USA would air repeats again…

Afterwards, I watched an amazing hour of television in SUPERNATURAL… that has to be one of the best episodes of any series I’ve seen in a long time… it definitely trumped anything LOST has done recently… So much emotion, drama, blood! (come on, that plumber and the sink was so predictable, but you still didn’t want to see it), with those little bursts of laughs with Missouri and Dean lol… But really, it was just amazing… the writing was defintely on par, while Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles probably gave the best performances they’ve ever given (I doubt they were given such material on Gilmore Girls or Smallville… I don’t even think Jensen got such deep material on Days of our Lives…)

All in all, two excellent shows tonight… if you missed SUPERNATURAL, catch it again on Sunday at 9PM… Trust me, you won’t regret watching it…

Shortcuts for the Week

Just quickies for the week…
This was probably the funniest episode yet… so many hilarious jokes…

I think Logan raped Veronica… Duncan is the “good guy” that “the girl” (Veronica) always ends up with in the end… and what’s up with Logan’s dad? and Wallace’s mom? This is a great show… UPN just needs to move it to another night 🙂

I hear Rambaldi’s back, I’ll have to tape this week’s episode again… And Jennifer Garner married to Ben Affleck? ewe

This week’s episode was better… and more eerie… I can see why the show is broken up into 6 one hour episodes instead of 3 two hour parts…

Another quitter? Geez… I actually liked Janu, the others were so mean when they laughed at her… but at least Stephenie is still in… GO STEPHENIE!

No man purse for Alex this week… I really hope Tana wins…

In an otherwise overdramatic and boring show, JT and Mac are so sweet together… lol… not to mention they are one of Daytime’s hottest looking couples 🙂

The only good thing about this season? … Dr. Kat Manx…

Let’s just hope that the Niners make “good decisions” as Scudder would say…

The Office, Apprentice, Survivor, English Presentation

Just quickly… THE OFFICE It is so funny… too bad its not getting good ratings becuase it totally deserves good ratings… the subtlty is just hilarious… and its always little things that make you laugh too…. SURVIVOR: PALAU Good for Stephenie, I hope she wins, wow they were really hungry…. THE APPRENTICE Wasn’t the Pontiac Soltice beautiful… but what the hell was Alex of Networth thinking… those pictures with the models looked so cheap… ewe, but the car was still hot… too bad Chris was fired, he does seem like a good kid… now I’m all for Tana winning, but that probably won’t happen since Trump doesn’t like women execs?

JASMINE TRIAS debut album in June? darn… and a new JOLLIBEE in Serramonte? Full-on Little Manila now with bench/ too… lol

And THANK YOU GOD for helping me get through my presentation in English… both for stopping my runny nose and for letting me remember what I had to say… lol… I was surprised that she thought I did so well… I didn’t think so… I went really fast… oh well… its over now… she said my font was too small… wtf? throughout this project she’s been silly… geez, lol