I’m Going to Miss American Television!

So… I am really going to miss new episodes of The Amazing Race and Friday Night Lights. I’m probably not going to make Supernatural before they go on their ridiculously long annual midseason hiatus. Will Todd and Asha hook up on Outsourced? What else will drive Michael Scott to fly high? How many more Walking Dead are there out there? Am I going to miss the big reveal of Dee’s baby daddy?

Well, I’m going to miss all of it because I’m going to be in the Philippines for the next month. During sweeps! But there will be plenty of things to look forward to here at DryedMangoez.com. Some new reviews and some hopes and dreams for the future.

And hopefully, I might be able to find a way *wink*wink* to catch up on all these shows while in the Philippines, especially The Amazing Race since it actually airs there, but I doubt it. =]

So see you all in December! Have a fun November sweeps! And enjoy some good television!

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