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Relive the hilarity and touching moments from the double length episode. Buy part one of “Niagara” or part two of “Niagara”, the wedding episode on The Office

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When NBC first brought The Office over from across the pond, one of the big questions (of skepticism) was how in the world were they going to keep the Jim and Pam (well, Tim and Dawn in the UK) storyline going for more than 14 episodes, let alone more than one season.

Well, five seasons and three episodes later, The Office has managed to weave in and out of an overall satisfying journey for one of the most rootable “destined” couples in comedy since Daphne and Niles on Frasier.

The Jim and Pam wedding was everything you could ask for from an Office “event;” the entire gang was there, Jim and Pam roll their eyes at the entire gang being there, Jim and Pam do their own thing because the entire gang is there, Michael makes an ass out of himself, and Michael redeems his ass (multiple times!) before the end of the episode.

It is always great seeing the entire Office together, not just sharing scenes but actually together, having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Each character got their moment(s), which is always awesome.

Back to Jim and Pam, while Jim’s brother was right about him being a douche (sometimes), we didn’t see that this episode, thankfully. I am looking forward to seeing more of the Jim and Michael bonding over being branch managers continuing.

What I appreciated about how they did the Jam sneaking off was that they snuck away to get married, but still came back. I would’ve hated if they ditched everyone at the church, but never came back. Instead, it made everything all the more sweeter by them wanting to have their own moment but then still sharing another moment with the people deep down they love (you know they all love each other!).

And Michael’s redeeming of his ass, getting Meemaw to the wedding (which I hoped Pam and/or Jim noticed, but maybe it was a deleted scene) and his sweet painting of Jim and Pam holding hands in front of a sunset. I’d love to see a “Pam” video blog or something of them going through their wedding gifts. It would be hilarious to see what the rest of the office got them. Creed’s would probably be the most exciting to see!

Leave it to The Office to make listening to Chris Brown not icky again. I am assuming it was Michael’s idea, which is something you know he’d do. So he brings the fun into the wedding march, getting the entire Office up out of their seats (and providing hilarious moments like Andy’s walker, Dwight’s high kick, and Kevin’s clumsiness. Seeing Jim and Pam smile in a “Yeah, they’re crazy, but we love ’em” kind of way topped off a wonderful episode.

Michael tearing up… MaGMCM!

So now, Jim and Pam – The Married Years. And Michael playing stepdad to Pam. Fun times ahead!

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