Thursday Quick Cuts – The Office, FlashForward, Survivor, 30 Rock

John Cho and Barry Shabaka Henley
So this week wasn’t very mythology heavy, which resulted in it being less interesting. The most interesting part? John Cho and Barry Shabaka Henley singing karaoke, and the gratuitous gunfight/explosion scene at the end. Otherwise, a slow episode.

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The Office

Crazy episode! If only because it was a Michael/Pam throwdown the entire time. It is great seeing the Michael/Jim relationship completely changed now that they are co-managers. I hope that continues. I may be one of the few people who thought Pam was overreacting. She was, right? But then again, Michael’s never been my boss so I guess we don’t know how it feels to be in her shoes?

But it did set up some awesome confrontations, did it not? Bravo to Steve Carell and Jenna Fischer.
Other choice moments… Usually, Creed gets one hilarious line each episode (usually the best one), but this episode his moment was non verbal… Creed tearing up at the opera Jim played. Hilarious.
And Pam being pwned after attempting to stick it to Oscar.

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Survivor: Samoa
Crazy stuff with Russell collapsing. It’s about time someone on the show just completely went lights out, and during a competition!

I haven’t been following as closely this season, but thankfully shows like Survivor keep the reality-competition genre above crap.

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30 Rock
I’ve always liked 30 Rock. It’s a fun show, hilarious at times and don’t mind watching it, but it’s never been “must see TV” for me. I’ll watch it if I have the chance, but I don’t necessarily look for it or get upset if I miss an episode. The Emmys are well-deserved, but I don’t know, I don’t love it as much as love other shows.

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