The Office, Apprentice, Survivor, English Presentation

Just quickly… THE OFFICE It is so funny… too bad its not getting good ratings becuase it totally deserves good ratings… the subtlty is just hilarious… and its always little things that make you laugh too…. SURVIVOR: PALAU Good for Stephenie, I hope she wins, wow they were really hungry…. THE APPRENTICE Wasn’t the Pontiac Soltice beautiful… but what the hell was Alex of Networth thinking… those pictures with the models looked so cheap… ewe, but the car was still hot… too bad Chris was fired, he does seem like a good kid… now I’m all for Tana winning, but that probably won’t happen since Trump doesn’t like women execs?

JASMINE TRIAS debut album in June? darn… and a new JOLLIBEE in Serramonte? Full-on Little Manila now with bench/ too… lol

And THANK YOU GOD for helping me get through my presentation in English… both for stopping my runny nose and for letting me remember what I had to say… lol… I was surprised that she thought I did so well… I didn’t think so… I went really fast… oh well… its over now… she said my font was too small… wtf? throughout this project she’s been silly… geez, lol


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