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WOWTHE AMAZING RACE may be off this week, but 9:00PM was still filled with AMAZING television… First, since Tuesdays at 9:00PM is so crowded, I haven’t been able to watch an episode of THE OFFICE since the sexual harrasment episode (you had to see it to understand lol)… and I have to say I definitely missed out on a lot!! I can’t believe I didn’t keep with the funniest show on television today. The show was on fire tonight, everything was just freakin’ hilarious… I was laughing the whole time. It definitely ranks high, not I LOVE LUCY quality, but a comedic quality all its own… I wish CNBC or USA would air repeats again…

Afterwards, I watched an amazing hour of television in SUPERNATURAL… that has to be one of the best episodes of any series I’ve seen in a long time… it definitely trumped anything LOST has done recently… So much emotion, drama, blood! (come on, that plumber and the sink was so predictable, but you still didn’t want to see it), with those little bursts of laughs with Missouri and Dean lol… But really, it was just amazing… the writing was defintely on par, while Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles probably gave the best performances they’ve ever given (I doubt they were given such material on Gilmore Girls or Smallville… I don’t even think Jensen got such deep material on Days of our Lives…)

All in all, two excellent shows tonight… if you missed SUPERNATURAL, catch it again on Sunday at 9PM… Trust me, you won’t regret watching it…

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