The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 23 Race Tracker – Leg 6

Leg 23.06

Barcelona, Spain to Sapporo, Japan
Hokkaido Shrine, Maruyama Park (Sapporo)
Hidamari Glass Pyramid (Sapporo)
Moerenuma Park (Sapporo)
Sapporo Beer Museum (Sapporo)
Sapporo TV Tower (Sapporo)
Odori Park (Sapporo)
Mt. Moiwa Viewpoint (Sapporo)

Tricky challenges, unfamiliar transportation and the first Yield of the Race throw the teams into chaos as they Race through the beautiful and snowy northern Japanese city of Sapporo!

Teams begin this Leg at 11am on a brisk, sunny day after the city had several days of snow. Teams were surprised they would be taking public transportation this Leg and had to adjust and figure out the (at first) difficult Japanese subway system.

Teams maintained their positions, for the most part, as they made their way to the Hidamari Glass Pyramid and Moerenuma Park. But the Double Road Block proved difficult for all the teams as they struggled to get the hang of the snowball production. Teams also had trouble figuring out what they had to do with the By Hand half of the Double Road Block.

The difficulties and confusion allow Jacob & Jerika to move to the front of the pack, followed closely by fellow front-packers MM & MJ and Christian & Sam. Ehra & Michelle and Kakai & Cai manage to move up a few spots as well.

Teams then worked to figure out which bus(es) to take to the Sapporo Beer Museum. Despite leaving the Double Road Block in 2nd, MM & MJ are slowed down by the buses they choose. And that allows other teams to successfully target them for the Yield.

Jacob & Jerika, recognizing MM & MJ are the biggest threat, arrive at the board first and officially Yield the twins. Christian & Sam and Ehra & Michelle arrive next. And the Madrigal Sisters convince Christian & Sam to Yield Jacob & Jerika in order to block MM & MJ from Yielding another team. Though neither team knows that MM & MJ have a Super Yield available to them.

MM & MJ are not surprised to see their faces on the Yield, but are definitely surprised to see what Christian & Sam did. They decide not to use their Super Yield just yet, confident that they can still make up the 30 minute Yield time.

The Road Block proves tricky for most of the teams. But not for Cai who is able to correctly memorize the labels the fastest. She and Kakai move into first place as they head to Sapporo TV Tower. They decide to take a bus to save money.

Miriam & Ardy leave the Road Block and choose a taxi. Leaving the Beer Museum at the same time, Elma & Jojo, Jacob & Jerika, Wendell & Saviour and Christian & Sam decide to take the subway.

Sheryn & Mel leave the museum in 7th and hop into a taxi. As do Ehra & Michelle and Ina & Erika, but both end up having some communication troubles with their driver. MM & MJ, now in last place, also choose a taxi. But they end up arriving at the tower in 4th with the subway teams losing precious time.

The Detour offers another opportunity for teams to make up time. Or fall even further behind as MM & MJ, Jacob & Jerika, Wendell & Saviour and Sheryn & Mel would find out.

Christian & Sam, Miriam & Ardy and Kakai & Cai finish the Kira side of the Detour first and it is a taxi Race to the Pit Stop. But it is Kakai & Cai who end up stepping on the Mat first to claim their first Leg win! Miriam & Ardy settle for 2nd while Christian & Sam take 3rd.

Back at the Detour, the teams who chose the ice sculptures begin to feel frustrated, And as they see more and more teams finishing the Kira Detour, they decide it’s time to give up and just switch. MM & MJ are first to switch, followed by Jacob & Jerika, Wendell & Saviour and then Sheryn & Mel. Ehra & Michelle, however, feel they can finish their ice sculpture and decide to stick with it.

Elma & Jojo and Ina & Erika get their displays lit up and head to the Pit Stop to finish as Teams 4 and 5, respectively.

Ehra & Michelle, who stuck with the ice sculpture, end up finishing before all the teams that switch and officially check-in as Team #6.

Jacob & Jerika speed through the Kira Detour and step on the Mat as Team #7.

It is now down to the final three teams. MM & MJ and Sheryn & Mel leave the Detour at the same time, but Wendell & Saviour are only five minutes behind them both.

Sheryn & Mel, however, have trouble with their taxi. And that little delay allows MM & MJ and Wendell & Saviour to check-in as Teams 8 and 9, respectively. That means Sheryn & Mel are unfortunately eliminated.

Hokkaido Shrine, Maruyama Park
Sapporo, Japan
11:00am – MM & MJ / Christian & Sam
11:10am – Sheryn & Mel / Jacob & Jerika
11:20am – Kakai & Cai / Ehra & Michelle
11:30am – Ina & Erika / Miriam & Ardy
11:40am – Elma & Jojo / Wendell & Saviour
Order of arrival at
Hidamari Glass Pyramid
Sapporo, Japan
Christian & Sam – 12:30pm
MM & MJ – 12:35pm
Sheryn & Mel – 12:45pm
Jacob & Jerika – 12:45pm
Kakai & Cai – 12:50pm
Ehra & Michelle – 12:55pm
Elma & Jojo – 12:55pm
Ina & Erika – 1:10pm
Miriam & Ardy – 1:10pm
Wendell & Saviour – 1:10pm
Order of arrival at
Moerenuma Park
Sapporo, Japan
Christian & Sam – 12:35pm
MM & MJ – 12:40pm
Jacob & Jerika – 12:50pm
Sheryn & Mel – 12:55pm
Kakai & Cai – 1:00pm
Ehra & Michelle – 1:05pm
Elma & Jojo – 1:10pm
Wendell & Saviour – 1:14pm
Ina & Erika – 1:15pm
Miriam & Ardy – 1:20pm
(in order of completion of both tasks)
Order of departure from
Double Road Block
Jacob & Jerika – 2:10pm
MM & MJ – 2:15pm
Christian & Sam – 2:20pm
Ehra & Michelle – 2:21pm
Sheryn & Mel – 2:24pm
Kakai & Cai – 2:25pm
Ina & Erika – 2:30pm
Miriam & Ardy – 2:35pm
Elma & Jojo – 2:36pm
Wendell & Saviour – 2:40pm
Order of arrival at
Sapporo Beer Museum
Sapporo, Japan
Jacob & Jerika – 2:55pm
Christian & Sam – 3:05pm
Ehra & Michelle – 3:05pm
Sheryn & Mel – 3:14pm
MM & MJ – 3:15pm
Miriam & Ardy – 3:20pm
Elma & Jojo – 3:21pm
Kakai & Cai – 3:29pm
Ina & Erika – 3:30pm
Wendell & Saviour – 3:31pm
MM & MJ – 3:50pm (Yield Expiration Time)
ROAD BLOCK: Who’s feeling bubbly?
Kakai 5 – 5 Cai
Miriam 5 – 5 Ardy
Jacob 5 – 5 Jerika
Wendell 4 – 5 Saviour
Christian 5 – 5 Sam
Elma 5 – 5 Jojo
Sheryn 5 – 5 Mel
Ehra 5 – 5 Michelle
Ina 5 – 5 Erika
MM 5 – 5 MJ

Ben 5 –*– 4 Mike
Tom 4 – 4 Antoinette
Doug 3 – 4 Chesca

Bold teammate indicates who performed this Road Block.
Red teammate indicates who completed Road Block after an Interchange is used.
*– indicates team has already used their Interchange
Road Block counts are as of this Road Block.
Order of departure from
Sapporo Beer Museum
Sapporo, Japan
Kakai & Cai – 4:30pm
Miriam & Ardy – 4:35pm
Jacob & Jerika – 4:40pm
Wendell & Saviour – 4:42pm
Christian & Sam – 4:45pm
Elma & Jojo – 4:47pm
Sheryn & Mel – 4:55pm
Ehra & Michelle – 5:00pm
Ina & Erika – 5:05pm
MM & MJ – 5:10pm
Trigger: If any team gets the labels correct on their 4th attempt, the U-Turn or Yield will be activated.
Actual: Cai, Jerika, Saviour and Sam all got the thumbs up on their 4th attempt.
Result: The U-Turn or Yield WILL be activated on the next Leg. And Kakai & Cai will be immune.
Order of arrival at
Sapporo TV Tower
Sapporo, Japan
Kakai & Cai – 4:45pm
Miriam & Ardy – 4:46pm
Sheryn & Mel – 5:10pm
MM & MJ – 5:14pm
Christian & Sam – 5:15pm
Ehra & Michelle – 5:15pm
Jacob & Jerika – 5:16pm
Elma & Jojo – 5:17pm
Wendell & Saviour – 5:18pm
Ina & Erika – 5:20pm
Order of arrival at
Odori Park
Sapporo, Japan
Kakai & Cai – 4:50pm
Miriam & Ardy – 4:51pm
Sheryn & Mel – 5:15pm
MM & MJ – 5:20pm
Christian & Sam – 5:20pm
Ehra & Michelle – 5:20pm
Jacob & Jerika – 5:21pm
Elma & Jojo – 5:21pm
Wendell & Saviour – 5:22pm
Ina & Erika – 5:25pm
Ehra & Michelle
Kakai & Cai
Miriam & Ardy
Christian & Sam
Elma & Jojo
Ina & Erika
>Jacob & Jerika
>MM & MJ
>Wendell & Saviour
>Sheryn & Mel
Teams listed in order of Detour completion.
> or < indicate team switched Detours
Christian & Sam – 6:20pm
Miriam & Ardy – 6:25pm
Kakai & Cai – 6:30pm
Elma & Jojo – 6:45pm
Ina & Erika – 6:50pm
Ehra & Michelle – 6:55pm
Jacob & Jerika – 7:20pm
MM & MJ – 7:24pm
Sheryn & Mel – 7:25pm
Wendell & Saviour – 7:30pm
Mt. Moiwa Viewpoint
Sapporo, Japan
1. Kakai & Cai – 7;00pm
2. Miriam & Ardy – 7:05pm
3. Christian & Sam – 7:10pm
4. Elma & Jojo – 7:15pm
5. Ina & Erika – 7:20pm
6. Ehra & Michelle – 7:25pm
7. Jacob & Jerika – 7:50pm
8. MM & MJ – 7:55pm
9. Wendell & Saviour – 8:0pm
10. Sheryn & Mel – 8:02pm

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