Recap: The Amazing Race Philippines 2, Episode 52 (Leg 9, Day 4) – "Hindi sila yung nagmamakaawa para mauna."

Teams must now make their way to Kampo Juan Eco-Adventure Farm in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

Jet & Yna are surprised Misamis Oriental, Cagayan De Oro and Bukidnon are so close together. Roch & Eji dance, sing and sleep on the way to the Adventure Farm.

Kelvin & JP arrive and open the next clue revealing a Double Battle Duel Duel. Teams must battle in a best of three Anicycle challenge. They hope Kuya Jet & Yna are the team that arrives next and they get their wish.

Since it’s another physical challenge, Jet & Yna try pleading with Kelvin & JP to hand this one to them. But when they feel Kelvin & JP aren’t too open, they decide to just go.

First to face off is Jet and JP. Everything is okay at first until JP’s shoes slip on the pedals, causing him to slow down. That allows Jet to speed his way to a win.

Up next is Yna vs. Kelvin. Yna is really scared of physical challenges. She leads against Kelvin at first, but Kelvin gets the hang of the pedaling and he wins their heat.

Jet and JP face-off for the last time and Jet manages to win again despite JP using Kelvin’s socks to help.

Roch & Eji arrive. The first heat is between Kelvin and Eji. And Kelvin wins easily.

As Matt & Phoebe arrive, it’s time for JP and Roch to duel duel. JP easily speeds ahead, so Roch enjoys the ride instead.

Matt and Eji are the first to face-off and while Matt leads at the start, Eji manages to catch up. But Matt pulls away right at the end to take the win.

Matt and Eji have fun messing with each other as Roch and Phoebe race. With good focus, Roch wins the heat by a large margin.

Time for Matt and Eji’s final heat and Matt easily wins.

Roch & Eji have to enjoy one final bike across the line as their penalty for losing the Duel Duel before they can try and catch up to the others at the Road Block.

Episode Thoughts

This was an okay episode. After last week’s best of the season Double Battle Duel Duel, we get this meh one. It’s a great task on its own, but not so much as a duel. And it’s placement in the 2nd of the Leg is again not the best idea.

But AhhhHH! at Jet & Yna begging Kelvin & JP to let them win. I hate seeing them do that, especially after already seeing Yna conquer much harder challenges already. They definitely do not need to do that.

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