The Amazing Race Philippines 2 Leg 9 Wrap-up – "Kailangan natin ibigay yung best natin."

Just one hour left! But first, this penultimate Leg.

Overall, it was just okay. I wish it had been a fuller and more exciting penultimate Leg. Not having watched either task at the beautiful Divine Mercy Shrine from Monday, I think the best task of the week had to be the Detour, especially the ostrich side of it.

I’m going to need to see more ostriches on The Amazing Race alongside the camels and donkeys.

But seriously, the ostrich herding was one of the best tasks of the season.

The white water rafting was also great as an Active Route Info task. That was the kind of high adrenaline task that maybe was missing throughout the season.

The Road Block on the hanging bridge was a great concept, but having a line and in the 2nd half of the penultimate Leg did little for competition I think. That’s even when Phoebe manages to overtake the other three teams. Plus it came right after the Duel Duel, which I think should probably be absent in the penultimate Leg for the same reason. Why do they need to stop teams and put them in an order? Just let them Race!

The pastel eating was okay as a Leg (or day) starter.

But Jet said something at the opinion task that pretty much describes most of the season. He said he and Yna pretty much never even saw Tina & Avy the entire Race.

That’s definitely not a good thing and speaks to the unfortunate Leg design, of which I’ll talk more about in the season wrap-up.

But first for this Leg, it was a little flat, maybe fitting more with the first few Legs (which were also flat). Not a very exciting penultimate Leg, unfortunately. And I think it would’ve been much better to see these four teams really competing against each other while doing tasks instead of them each in their own little worlds for most of the Leg.

My Subjective Team Rankings for this Leg

Roch & Eji definitely lucked out on that final task of the Leg. But they had a solid Leg, even if they fell behind at the Road Block. Roch (like Yna) definitely has shown how far they’ve come in the Race after those iffy first few alliance-filled Legs.

Definitely tough for Jet & Yna to have maintained a consistent ranking throughout the Race only to just miss out on the Final Leg. I do wish they didn’t sneak in one last bit of begging. I thought they already got past and grew out of that. So it was very sad to see them even think about it and then actually ask. They’ve already shown they’re capable of much more. Maybe if they were a little more confident in themselves (they won the duel duel anyway), they might have just done enough to survive to the Final Leg.

Matt & Phoebe really are a typical dysfunctional TAR couple. They’ll have big fights, but get over them quick and Race very well. They fit in with the likes of Dave & Rachel (who won TAR20, hint hint) and others who can overcome any of their problems and just Race.

Kelvin & JP have been interesting. I definitely prefer them as the underdog team because now that they’re aren’t so much the underdog anymore, they aren’t as fun and likeable. Nothing bad, it’s just they’re now less #MiracleBoys and as we saw this Leg more of the “We’re so pogi aren’t we” boys.

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  1. I hope may mabait na magupload ng finale. its sunday, usually walang uploads pero sana meron, live stream is not working. im so excited

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