Kings 1×13: The New King (Series Finale), Part 2

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Jack goes to William conducting business in the boardroom. He tells him four generals and now their press minister are dead, a sign that Silas is still alive. William says he isn’t coming back, especially when they have an army that answers to them. “You’ve been afraid of your father your whole life. Now might be a safe time to grow a pair, and flaunt ‘em,” William says.

Chancellor Hansen comes in with a radio. A news report is being interrupted by another transmission… Silas. His voice is being carried all over Gilboa, on radio and on television. He tells the nation he is alive, he is still sovereign. He is the rightful king and will return to Shiloh, “like an earthquake.”

Jack goes to see Rev. Samuels. This is his time, Jack says, to make the country better. Tomorrow he will crowned, but he doesn’t “feel anything,” “it” is not there. Rev. Samuels adds, “ ‘He’ isn’t there” referring to God. Jack recounts his own father’s signs from God, the butterflies, whole conversations. Why has Jack not received such blessings. Rev. Samuels says God does not take counsel with sinners, both them having a hand in William’s blood-stained actions.

“I can make good of our mistakes,” Jack says, but Rev. Samuels tells him the crown will never touch his head. “He will never speak to you, you are not the one he wants,” the Rev. tells Jack.

Back in the boardroom, Jack declares Silas’s threats empty and he will be crowned as scheduled. One of the ministers speaks up, saying Silas is still king since he is alive. Jack motions one of the armed guards and the minister is shot in the back of the head, to the shock of the entire room, even William Cross himself. Rose and Michelle look on from their seats.

“You’re worse than he ever was,” Michelle stands, “that’s who you are now?”
Jack nods again and a gun is pointed directly at his twin sister. “You gonna shoot me too?” Michelle asks, “If you don’t sit,” his brother replies.
“You could’ve been better Jack,” Michelle says as her mother stands with her. “You’ll have to shoot both of us,” Rose says as Jack looks directly at them in disbelief. He breaks, “Get them out of here” he yells.

Alone, Rose tells Michelle to never do that again. Once Silas returns, Jack will die and she must hold her head down, mouth shut and allow her baby to be born without anyone knowing. “I’ll take care of everything,” Rose says.

In the garage of “Serenity,” Silas hears a knock on the door, it is David. They sit and Silas offers him a drink. “So that’s it then, we did tomorrow?” David asks. It isn’t like the old days, Silas says, when God would answer with thunder and the answer always yes. God hasn’t spoken to him for a while he answers to David. He offers a shot to God, to give him a sign. Nothing. “Maybe he doesn’t talk to bastards,” David says.

He tells Silas that he’ll help him tomorrow, even if they might die. Silas says if they survive, he owes David more than an apology, but all David wants is as soon as Silas sits in his chair, he’ll be gone. He never wants to see any of them ever.
David asks a favor, if God ever speaks to him again, that he listen. Silas agrees. With both of them at the door, they don’t notice the shot glass on the floor back at the table.

The next day has arrived. Preparations for the coronation are being made. Silas’s portrait is exchanged with Jack’s. The soon-to-be-King is getting ready himself as Lucinda comes in and goes to fix his tie only to be greeted with a stern “Don’t.”

The city is being secured, all streets guarded. Chancellor Hansen comes to tell William that Rev. Samuels refuses to attend the coronation and William orders to have him taken care of.
William receives word and then tells Jack that the crown has been stolen from the national vault. An alternate crown has been arranged, but Jack points out no Reverend, a false crown… William says not to worry, this will happen. Jack isn’t so sure.

Jack is taken to Unity Hall and as he gets out of his car, he hears cheers and applause. But he turns around and there is no one there but armed military on guard. It falls silent as he continues to the boardroom. He enters, walking down towards the throne. His mother, sister, uncle and cousin on one side, his fiancé on the other.

Jack kneels and Chancellor Hansen reads Rev. Samuels’s benediction. Meanwhile, Rev. Samuels is praying at his altar, praying for forgiveness for all he has done as a man walks in behind him. He gets shot and falls at the foot of the altar.
William leans over to Rose, “Still think he’s coming?”
The crown is brought over to Jack, but outside something, or someone else is arriving.

The military gets their weapons ready as they see Silas walking up the street towards Unity Hall. Chancellor Hansen is about to lay the crown onto Jack’s head when William’s phone rings. He is told about the arrival outside.
“Stand aside,” Silas tells the soldiers. William orders them to shoot him. Suddenly there is a rumble. A line of tanks is heading up the street right behind Silas. Unity Hall, all the surrounding buildings vibrate at the new arrivals.
The boardroom is shocked, they all stand to see what it is. Chancellor Hansen says it’s Gath, but Jack says, “No, it’s him.”

“Oh William, bringing guns to a tank battle?” Silas shakes his head.
William tells Jack to come, they run out of the boardroom.
The tanks stop and out pops David from the lead tank. He orders the men to stand down and to make room for Silas.
William tells his guards to get Andrew and to meet them at the airfield. Jack, following behind, stops. A satisfied Rose leaves the boardroom.

David yells out “If you would seek peace with Gath, and war ended… stand aside.”
They do. Silas walks through and meets Rose in the lobby of Unity Hall. She is holding the crown, the real one. “Husband,” she says. “Wife,” he replies. “I believe this is yours,” she hands over the crown, but Silas asks where is their son?

Silas enters the boardroom. The alternate crown sitting on the throne. Chancellor Hansen shows deep regret as Silas asks the room repeatedly where William and Jack are. “I ask once more with words and then with blood,” he says as Jack opens the door and says “I’m here. I’m not going to run. Not anymore.”

“You said I couldn’t be what I was. God said I couldn’t be what I wanted. There is nothing left for me, but to die. Do it. Go on, finish it. I’m ready.”

Silas looks at his son and replies, “We can think of worse things for you than death. You could’ve had everything.” Jack is taken away. Rose looks on, as does Michelle whose eyes meet David’s.

Silas sits on his thrown, David silently walks out of the room.

Meanwhile, William is hurrying through a tunnel on his way to their escape. He doesn’t want to leave his son, but his general says Silas will be closing in on them if they don’t hurry.

Silas is alone with Rose in the boardroom. Thomasina comes in and brings Andrew who tells Silas exactly where William is and will be going. Thomasina motions to the guards and they understand to go and get (or kill?) William Cross.
“When I got back, my father told me to watch and learn. So I did. I learned who should be king. And who shouldn’t.”

“You lost a son, I lost a father. Maybe I can be part of the family?” he asks Silas. He smiles.

David is in his apartment packing. Michelle is at the door. “All I did was replace one corrupt king for another,” he says. He’d rather be back home, where things were either right or wrong. Michelle tells him they can leave together, she’d leave everything behind for him. They kiss.

In the boardroom, Silas and Rose look out over Shiloh as the storm clouds gather over the city. Suddenly, Silas hears something. God.
He goes to the roof of Unity Hall as thunder and lightning roll.

“Kings? A monarchy? In this day and age? I’m looking out at a city that I built, in Your name. This is what You wanted. Deny it?”
A thunderclap.
“Then you can forgive me? Then I still have some role yet to play?”
Rain begins to fall and Silas says Thank You.
“Whatever you want, I am ready!” he calls out. Thunder rolls again.
“Him!?!? But why? No. No! But what about me? What am I supposed to be?”

The storm clouds begin clearing, Silas calls out “Don’t go!!!”

Silas returns inside and comes walking Thomasina. He asks her to get Shepherd.
David comes in, Silas offers him a drink again. David takes a seat and Silas tells him “You were asked for.” He tells David about God speaking to him, about plans for David, that he was meant to take his place.
David is shocked. “I’m no king,” he says and asks why. Silas has no idea and David continues denying the possibility. “You have his favor!” he tells David.

Silas stands and asks how long God has been whispering in his ear. He hasn’t, David says. Silas begins to get riled up, he asks David what signs he’s received before or after the butterfly crown. What other signs has David received from God?

“I never asked for anything,” David says. “He did come to you? Offered himself behind my back. Yours for the taking. Shameful. The two of you laughing at me,” Silas says walking towards David.
“No! God loved you! And so did I!” David says. Silas throws his drink at David, knocks him at the knees. “You were playing me? The old fool? Is that what you thought!?! God looked me in the eye!” Silas begins punching David on the floor. “And lied to me! You backstabbing cheating whore!” He begins choking David.

David head butts him and turns the tables on Silas. “You’re jealous, that’s why he left you! Maybe I should be king! Maybe I should!!!” He leaves Silas on the floor, unconscious.
Bloodied, David runs out and Michelle takes him. They head to the church, Michelle calls for the Reverend.

They sit at the altar and the Reverend (!) appears. “He thinks I’ve stolen God’s favor,” David says. “You haven’t,” Reverend Samuels replies, “God gave it freely.”
“I don’t want it,” David answers back.
“You were chosen!” Rev. Samuels tells him, “to be the new king.”
Michelle asks where she can take him. Rev. Samuels says his only place of refuge is Gath. She cannot follow. Silas would never look for him there.
“You need not fear evil. You David are never alone,” Rev. Samuels tells him.

David doesn’t want to risk Michelle’s safety, she must stay in Shiloh. She gives him her ring, she will always love him. He will never stop loving her, ever. He’ll be back. She’ll be waiting.
“Husband and wife if you like,” the Reverend says, “vows of love exchanged before God. You two were married long ago. And you will be married forevermore.” They kiss.

Back at the manor, Jack is in his room. “I pictured prison colder,” he says as Thomasina walks in. Lucinda follows. Thomasina tells him Silas wants for him “a living death.” To “brick” him into a wall with someone who loves him, but he can’t stand the sight of, until he produces an heir, which Silas will take and raise “right this time.” Lucinda goes to hug him and says she doesn’t understand.

Jack runs after Thomasina, “Thomasina! Love. Please, you’ve known me since I could crawl.”
“You went against the family, you aren’t charming anymore Jack.”
“Don’t do this.”
“It’s not so hard. Just close your eyes and dream of someone who’s dead.”
Jack distraught, Thomasina, having completed a difficult tasks, leaves.

Michelle runs to her mother and finds her with Silas.
Rose starts… “An issuance of the King…” the two armed soldiers move closer to Michelle.
“For acts of treason in support of her brother, Michelle Benjamin is ordered exiled from Gilboa. Stripped of any rights as citizen or noble. Removed from all our lands and kept from any company but her own for a period of no less than one year.”

“What are you talking about?!?” Michelle asks and Rose whispers “I told you I would take care of everything. Michelle, confused, but understanding, is led away.

Silas and Rose are alone. They’ll make new plans, they’ll be young again. “You’re the stone center, you’re Silas!” she says, “and nothing can take the future from this family.” She leaves.

Silas, alone… until Rev. Samuels appears behind him. Let him go, he tells the King, referring to David. Silas vows to find David and kill him. And afterwards, he’ll go for the Reverend.
The Reverend tells Silas David is gone, his family also safe. Nothing can stop God’s plan. “God and I are now constant enemies,” Silas responds.
“Then I bring a message from the enemy,” the Rev. says. “Do not search too hard for my servant. For the day you lay a hand on him, will be the day that you die.”
Well, take a message back to Him, Silas says, they are at war.

Silas turns around and the Reverend is gone.

The Southern Border of Gath and Gilboa. David is running through the woods, a pack on his back and a lone butterfly flying along his path.

The End.

Episode Thoughts
Well, it certainly was an epic episode.

Jack’s ascent and descent from power all within 24 hours. David and Michelle’s destined lives together. Rose’s determination to see her family’s future pull forward. And Silas, return from the “dead” only to be turned away by God.

By no means a series finale, it certainly brought us to a huge turning point in the story of Silas and maybe even more importantly the story of David. Though reflection on the series will be saved for another post, this episode was excellent in its closing this first chapter of the story and opening the door to the next, even though the next chapter and any chapters after will only live on in our dreams.

The rush of emotions for all the characters, turning points in their lives, after the events of the few days, nothing would ever be the same again. Epic in every sense.

And so finishes 13 hours of probably one of the very best to come to television in years. While it is natural to think about what could have been, for now, let us enjoy what has been. An epic, beautiful, and powerful story, brilliantly performed, excellently written, stellarly produced.

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