For Your Emmy Consideration: Regina King

Though viewers weren’t quick to get wrapped up in Southland, it wasn’t for lack of powerful performances from its actors.

Regina King in particular has given a breakout performance as Detective Lydia Adams, from kicking ass to Continue reading

For Your 2010 Emmy Consideration

Another television season over. You know what that means! It’s Emmy season!

Networks and studios have been sending those For Your Consideration DVDs and swag to Emmy voters hoping to get a shot at the gold in August.

Attention wonderful, intelligent, and respected Emmy voters! =D

Here are my own humble FYCs of deserving, Emmy worthy shows and performances, many of them are the underdogs in the very competitive (and often predictable) Emmy race. But everyone loves the underdog right? =]

The list is complete for the year! Click here for my picks

NBC Cancels Southland Before 2nd Season Even Premieres… HUH!?!?

The news is being reported everywhere, NBC has canceled the would-be-sophomore drama series Southland before it even began it’s sophomore season.

Series co-star Michael Cudlitz has expressed his disappointment at the news on his Twitter. And many of the show’s fans (myself included) probably feel the same way.

NBC had pushed its premiere back a month to October 23 to allow more time for promotion of the new season and to get it out of the way of the crowded premiere week debuts of other series, fearing Southland would get lost in the shuffle. This also comes after this summer at the Press Tour when NBC exec Angela Bromstad told critics the show was being retooled, shifting focus to the characters of Ben McKenzie and Regina King and that the series tried to do too much in its six episode first season run. The show didn’t need any tweaking in the first place, but several articles are saying NBC feels the show is too dark and gritty for broadcast TV.

Executive producer John Wells released this statement: Continue reading

Southland – Another Solid NBC Offering

SOUTHLAND premieres tonight at 10pm ET/PT on NBC.

While I’m still about Kings, I decided to watch the Southland pilot since it was available on Hulu.

Even though I’d rather Kings get the Thursday slot, I guess I can see why put Southland instead. It’s got the John Wells pedigree and it’s a cop show/procedural, which has a better chance at surviving than a glossy, serialized drama, no matter how good it might be.

Now I’ll watch those cop shows once in a while. They aren’t appointment television for me, but I’ll check in from time to time if nothing better is on. I decided to give Southland a try regardless and much to my surprise, I really enjoyed it. Continue reading