For Your Emmy Consideration: Sebastian Stan

Most people will know Sebastian Stan from watching Gossip Girl, but if you want to see him really give a performance, look no further than him playing Prince Jack Benjamin on Kings.

I was pleasantly surprised to see he submitted his name into the Supporting Actor category again this year for Kings. And while there is sadly no chance for any Kings nominations, this is a great time to look back at the terrific performance from Sebastian Stan.

The last seven episodes of Kings were really his time to shine. This is the time Jack really started dealing with a boatload of things from his secret relationship to being pulled by his uncle against his own father and facing the repercussions of all his actions.

The role required Sebastian Stan to play almost several characters in one. He is a prince, son to the King, a King in waiting himself. But he also a typical party boy, think Prince Harry going out to parties and with a girl on each arm and maybe two more in his lap. He’s a tough soldier, but he also has heart, one that he gives to the man that he loves and loses. But most of all, he’s conflicted. He’s getting pulled from all sides and being told how to act, being told what face to put on.

And he did all of it, naturally and more than convincingly.
Giving a performance worthy of the material, and worthy of recognition.

Watch one of his worthy performances in the first part of the series finale, “New King, Part 1”
[vodpod id=Video.3776577&w=425&h=350&fv=]

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