For Your Emmy Consideration: Sir Ian McKellen

Legendary British actor Patrick McGoohan created a cult classic when he first thought of the premise of the 1960s series The Prisoner. An intriguing, mysterious, and outrageous (in a great way) adventure thriller with real-world parallels.

The Prisoner, both versions, tell the story of a man who wakes up in a strange isolated community known only as The Village, where the people are known only by numbers and are seemingly surveilled and under “rule” of a man (or people) known as Number 2. The series and miniseries follow the man, known as Number 6, and his attempts at escaping The Village to return home and to find out who or what is behind The Village.

The series was ripe for a modern retelling in a world that serves the premise even more now than it did 50 years ago. And so AMC and ITV decided to give it Continue reading

For Your 2010 Emmy Consideration

Another television season over. You know what that means! It’s Emmy season!

Networks and studios have been sending those For Your Consideration DVDs and swag to Emmy voters hoping to get a shot at the gold in August.

Attention wonderful, intelligent, and respected Emmy voters! =D

Here are my own humble FYCs of deserving, Emmy worthy shows and performances, many of them are the underdogs in the very competitive (and often predictable) Emmy race. But everyone loves the underdog right? =]

The list is complete for the year! Click here for my picks

Good Ol’ Review: The Prisoner 2009 – Confusing, Trippy, and Strangely Engrossing

The Prisoner 2009 AMC Review

Very minor spoilers for basic story explanation.

For many fans of The Prisoner, the remake has been decades in the making.

The Prisoner 2009 is sure to illicit many different reactions and it largely depends on your knowledge of the original. You either went into the three night miniseries knowing what you were getting yourself into or not. The confusing, bizarre, randomness of the Village and these strange numbered people. For those who’ve never heard of The Prisoner or Patrick McGoohan, this might already be too much to handle.

TV viewers get confused with shows like Lost or Kings, what more with a show like The Prisoner. But that is exactly what gives The Prisoner its mystique. This air of mystery and adventure like none other on television.

There’s two ways to judge the miniseries, as its own personal entity and as a remake/reimagination of the cult classic. Continue reading

The Prisoner – Just as Relevant Today as It Was in 1967

Premieres on three consecutive nights on AMC
beginning Sunday, November 15.
Two new hours will air each night,
premiering at 8pm and encore at 10pm.
The complete original series was just released on
DVD in a new set available on

You can also download the original
series on The Prisoner (Classic)
And the new series plus a free preview
will be/is also available on The Prisoner

The Prisoner.
A sci-fi thriller probably decades before its time. A drama series that has become one of the all-time cult classics.

I never heard of the show before or the incredible Patrick McGoohan until my Media Studies professor used the series as a required text in one of my college classes.
Since then, I’ve been pulled into the world of the Village.

First of all, what is The Prisoner?
A series that premiered in 1967 in the UK and in 1968 in the US, The Prisoner was co-created by and starred Patrick McGoohan. It was a drama series, a spy-thriller, psychological thriller, and even a science-fiction series, that would go on to become a Continue reading

9-Minute Comic-Con Preview for AMC’s The Prisoner

The PrisonerThis is exciting! I am absolutely pumped about this re-imagining of the classic 60s masterpiece originally created by and starring the awesome Patrick McGoohan. This new version, starring Ian McKellen as Number 2 and Jim Caviezel as Number 6, will premiere on AMC in November.

Log on to the official Prisoner website at for more previews of the new series and also watch full episodes of the original.

And how about that new Rover? 😉