Hindsight Review: Charming, Likeable Cast Carries GMMTV’s Familiar “Dangerous Romance”

Dangerous Romance Finale

Moderate spoilers. Click here for First Impression Review.

I cautioned back in my First Impression Review of GMMTV’s Dangerous Romance (หัวใจในสายลม) that the series is a very familiar story. In using a tried-and-true formula for BL stories, it might not be for anyone looking for something different and more refreshing. I had hope though after watching the first five episodes that the series would pick up with some different twists and turns. But alas, Dangerous Romance followed the formula to a tee. Which for me, is fine. After watching all 12 episodes, I come out of the series with more positive experiences than not. And it was a treat to watch Perth and Chimon, as well as a great supporting cast. But it’s hard not to ignore the potential the series left on the table.

First of all, I’m not sure Dangerous Romance is a suitable title for the series. There wasn’t much “danger” to their romance other than the requisite final arc threat from a criminal gang. The “danger” that caused our main couple Kanghan and Sailom to go on the run for a little while was thoroughly contrived. And really just meant to nudge the two closer to their eventual first night together.

But to base the title on that contrived side trip is a bit awkward. And the title itself gives a certain expectation for the story that was never fulfilled.

I think to start there, a better title would have helped ease some of the expectations for the series. Or better yet, not even include that final arc storyline.

There was plenty of material for the characters without any of that crime syndicate gang angle. Themes that were touched upon in the initial few episodes such as school violence, rich vs poor and family relationships were pretty much tossed aside in favor of attempted murder, robbery and going on the run.

But still, none of this is really surprising. And the series ends up an easy watch even if potentially forgettable for anyone who might not already be a fan of Perth, Chimon or the supporting cast.

Speaking of, after the initial five episodes I based my First Impression Review on, the supporting characters were given a bit more to do. A few even getting their own stories. But it did feel like a little bit of too little, too late. Marc Natarit Worakornlertsith and Pawin Thanik Kamontharanon as Guy and Nawa (best bros of our main couple) had a sweet little romance develop in the background. Also following a familiar BL premise. But a fun little sidestory during the series.

Dangerous Romance Finale

Papang Phromphiriya Thongputtaruk as Sailom’s older brother Saifah also became a bigger part of the story. Partly to help drive the eventual final arc conflict, but also to insert another seemingly last minute romantic story with his high school friend Name (played by Pepper Phanuroj Chalermkijporntavee). Their story could arguably fill their own series. And a final scene between them in the finale is probably one of the most affecting scenes of the series.

Another potentially romantic relationship between the main characters’ female friend Pimfah and teacher in training Napdao (View Benyapa Jeenprasom and June Wanwimol Jaenasavamethee) also felt shoehorned in. Though apparently, their relationship was originally supposed to be a major supporting plotline of the series.

A standout of the cast though is Pimkae Goonchorn Na Ayutthaya as Kanghan’s grandmother. A wonderful voice of reason and wisdom throughout the series. She too deserved a lot more material than she received.

And so enumerating all these missed opportunities for some great supporting storylines reflect somewhat poorly on our main couple. Again, Perth and Chimon did reasonably well with the material given to them. And, many might disagree, but I enjoyed their chemistry. Though since my experience with BL series is limited, maybe that affects how I receive Perth and Chimon’s on-screen chemistry. As well as having followed their off-screen chemistry too. But everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion and reception of stories and performances. And for me, I enjoyed them.

Perhaps that’s one reason I had no problem finishing the series. Both Perth and Chimon are very likeable actors. Both talented of course and very charismatic on screen. They’ve both earned the opportunity for good, substantial roles. And having them leading their own series is well deserved.

But as much as I enjoyed watching Dangerous Romance every week, I wish the material for that deserved headlining project was stronger than this was. I would definitely watch more of Perth and Chimon together as a pairing. And certainly hope any future project is more worthy of their talents.

Dangerous Romance Finale

Overall, a fine, easy watch of a series. And again, wonderful to see Perth and Chimon in lead roles. But Dangerous Romance definitely leaves a lot of potential sadly on the table.

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