Hindsight Review: GMMTV’s Satisfying, Fun “Only Friends”

Hindsight Review: GMMTV’s Satisfying, Fun “Only Friends”

No spoilers. Click here for First Impression Review.

When GMMTV’s Only Friends first premiered, I thought it was a fun, soapy ride. Quite a departure from the usual fluffy series I’ve watched from GMMTV. And certainly a lot, *ahem*, sexier that any series I’ve watched from them as well.

Only Friends is pretty much the perfect depiction of the phrase “It’s Complicated” when it comes to relationships. The series focused on a group of friends, however loose the word is with relation to them, as they navigate both their personal demons and scars and each other.

An alcoholic, a perpetual playboy, a hopeless romantic, a jaded-to-romance musician, a *ahem* fuckboy and a studious virgin; an eclectic mix of characters whose personality and philosophy differences make for excellent soapy drama.

They’re all broken individuals with scars and pain to overcome, whether from the past or things that pop up in the present. Whether it’s of their own making or that of their so-called friends. Simply put, they’re all a mess.

And that’s what made Only Friends all the more fun and engaging to watch. It’s always fun to get sucked into the soapy ins and outs of relationship drama. And the series managed to effectively unravel each character and their relationships in a way that was both familiar and unexpected at the same time.

At the start of the series, it’s hard not to know who’s supposed to end up with whom. The opening credits specifically pair them up even. I hoped the series would play around with and explore some mixing and matching between them. And that they did to some entertaining results.

Only Friends had quite a voyeuristic feel to the proceedings. Kind of like you were getting the latest bit of gossip. And the characters’ lives and relationships certainly make for the kind of juicy details you enjoy hearing and telling to your closest friends.

The series does a great job at pretty much touching all the bases when it comes to the potential tension and conflict these messy characters can bring about. And yes, the series does manage to sneak in some last-minute drama too. That even while forced, still adds to the delicious drama.

Even more interesting is how the series managed to even touch on some serious topics as well. Everything from substance abuse to mental health to self-love and self-respect; Only Friends told engaging stories that touched upon each while using those stories to build up each of the main characters.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. Only Friends is not some profound deep dive into the minefield today’s young adults have to navigate in their everyday lives or anything like that. But what it does do is refreshing enough to add some extra bits of depth to already interesting and relatable characters.

The series features a solid cast. The established pairings of First-Khaotung and Force-Book had no problem showing off their chemistry with each other. Though I have not seen their previous series, their experience is evident here.

But for me, the standout performances came from Neo Trai Nimtawat and Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit. Just based on what I’ve seen from them in other series before this, their characters in Only Friends are just so different and very much more mature. And both effortlessly proved that they have what it takes to get bigger and more challenging roles in the future. Both their characters too (Boston and Nick) were, in my opinion, the most interesting ones as well. Their journey the most engaging. And their performances definitely helped that.

Overall, Only Friends has been a fun ride. The kind of great, soapy drama that makes you come back for more. And the great cast and satisfying conclusion are just cherries on top of the delicious, juicy soap cake! Lol

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