Recap: His Man Season 3, Episodes 5 and 6

Recap: His Man Season 3, Episodes 5 and 6

The drama continues on Episodes 5 and 6 of His Man Season 3. Let’s go through the two episodes.

It’s morning and the infamous Hearts and Arrows are today’s Mission Cards. Youngjoon realizes the Cards could be out so he hurries down and ends up grabbing a Heart Card. He immediately tells Hanmin who, luckily for them, gets an Arrow Card so now the two can go on their promised date.

Both tell Minseon, who hasn’t even dried off from the shower yet, to hurry down so he grabs the third card, a Heart. Seongmin and Seungjin spot the Cards at the same time and they grab a Heart and Arrow Card, respectively. Myeongkyun wonders what the last card on the table is. And though Youngjoon pushes Jaeseung to leave his breakfast croffles and hurry to the table to grab a Card, an oblivious Myeongkyun has already claimed it.

Hwi regrets not waking up earlier, but upon hearing he might be staying home with his 2nd choice Jaeseung, he thinks it might be a good thing.

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

So with the Heart/Arrow Cards, like with any Card, it’s always first-come first-served. Even with luck being a big factor, there’s also some strategy since you have guys telling others instead of just finding it out on their own. It would be nice in a future season if the show finds a different way to distributing the Cards to make it even more random.

Anyway, Jaeseung suddenly gets a spam text right at the same time as the Arrows get texts telling them to invite their chosen Heart. Which is so strange. Spam texts on the show-provided phones? Lol And right at this moment? Hmm… lol

Anyway, Seungjin thinks Jaeseung is an Arrow so he settles on inviting a disappointed Seongmin instead. Hwi is happy though, knowing Jaeseung in interested in Seongmin and won’t get the chance for a date.

Myeongkyun, meanwhile, invites a happy Minseon

After the guys enjoy Jaeseung’s croffle breakfast, they head out on their dates.

Hanmin takes Youngjoon on a ring-making activity before going to an art gallery café. Both are giddy throughout their day.

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

Back at home (with the more interesting duo lol), Jaeseung helps Hwi with some workout tips. And throughout the workout session, Hwi shows once again how he’s the house’s cutest shy boy. Lol The way his heart flutters and is kilig almost every other moment in this house is very endearing and fun.

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

After working out, they spend some time at the pool and have fun messing around with rubber duckys.

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

Meanwhile, Seongmin and Seungjin are out on their date. They compare notes on their complicated feelings for Jaeseung. Seungjin says he initially realized that he might see Jaeseung as a hyung. But once he found out his age, he ended up being more attracted to him. While enjoying lunch, they agree that they should be able to date different guys during the week so they can get to know people more and not give up on any possibility.

They agree there should be nothing to feel guilty about. And I definitely think that is a great mindset!

The two wonder how Jaeseung and Hwi are doing. So that is the perfect opportunity to head back to the house where the two have a post-workout snack of tteokbokki.

Hwi asks Jaeseung if his feelings about him have changed. Jaeseung is honest with Hwi about liking him very much on the first day, but then thinking about backing off after hearing his age. Now, however, Jaeseung feels confused after their day at home together. Hwi also feels like he’s more interested in him today too.

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

I honestly feel like Jaeseung and Hwi had the most romantic and kilig date of all four couples. Jaeseung and Hwi’s home date is what I’ve wished the home dates could’ve been in the first two seasons. In the first two seasons, the guys treated staying home like punishments. Sometimes, they would even just go and lay in bed under the covers not talking to each other.

In a way, it worked out here because there’s a developing relationship between Jaeseung and Hwi while also both sharing a line with Seongmin. But regardless, the guys not even having a friendly afternoon is probably one of the few things I can easily criticize about the first two seasons. So this was really nice to watch.

My immediate thought after this was “Are we going to get Korean reality dating shows’ first throuple?” Lol. I mean, the feelings these three seem to have for each other is something that’s really unexpected. But so interesting to watch. As we soon find out lol

The His Man team definitely are leveling up with the edit! This episode unfolded perfectly! Jaeseung and Hwi were undoubtedly the stars of the episode. The first two dates kept mentioning them, naturally drawing us back to the house. And then that shocking (to them! Lol) cliffhanger reveal.

You can’t script this any better! (I hope they’re not putting one over on us and this really is the most realistic scripted Korean drama evah lololol)

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

I honestly didn’t really care much about the other couples, other than Seongmin and Seungjin. And that’s because they are directly connected and are a big part of Jaeseung and Hwi’s story too. I mean, they’re all part of the same plot thread for the season at this point. So that really overshadowed Youngjoon and Hanmin’s date. And I didn’t even realize we didn’t see Minseon and Myeongkyun. Lol

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

Speaking of, we start Episode 6 with Minseon and Myeongkyun going on their air freshener and diffuser date before heading to a waterside café to take photos.

Back home, Hwi takes a nap while Jaeseung finishes up (and unfortunately fails at) making their tanghulu after they had already skewered their fruit. But when he steps into his room, Jaeseung finds a Mission Card on his bed. Having received the most calls last night, Jaeseung is entitled to go out on a secret date this evening.

As the other guys arrive home, Jaeseung approaches Seongmin to invite him on the date, but is unable to tell him about the Card. As the guys sit down and talk about their day over the non-candied fruit, Jaeseung stands up in front of everyone and again asks Seongmin out. Everyone is shocked.

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

The others ask Hwi what happened, but has no idea of course. Jaeseung feels he did something rash and when they go to get ready, he thinks about what he just did.

I kind of cringed though when the six guys were assuming Jaeseung was being sneaky. I don’t blame them for being suspicious. And it’s a bunch of catty guys, so I mean it’s inevitable for them to Marites and gossip. Lol But still, I felt bad for Jaeseung.

At the same time, Jaeseung did make a very bold move at the table. So it’s hard not be weary of him at this moment. He certainly could have taken Seongmin aside and then just left secretly. But I don’t think that would have changed the other guys’ perception of the situation.

That said, giving rewards or benefits or privilege to the guy receiving the most calls adds a bit of interesting strategy (in a way) to the nightly chats. Of course, the guys don’t know about these “popular guy gets rewards” twist. But it’s a way to get advantages or whatnot without outright staging competitions like other shows do.

And of course, it obviously drives drama lol

While Hwi and Seungjin playfully let out their annoyance and frustration at Jaeseung and Seongmin’s date, the other guys chat about their days. Hyeongkyun’s annoyance is directed at Youngjoon who he thinks is faking his feelings for Hanmin.

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

Youngjoon then asks Myeongkyun when they’re going to reveal that they know each other. Myeongkyun doesn’t think it’s a big deal and honestly, I agree. If it wasn’t anything serious, then who cares? It seems like Youngjoon is the only one who thinks it’s an issue which is funny considering he seems the most adamant that there was nothing between them anyway. He seems overly worried about a relationship that was a fleeting flirtation (according to them).

Myeongkyun seems jealous and affected, but at the same time it seems like Youngjoon wants a little of that “look at what you missed out on” kind of deal toward Myeongkyun. Even if in a passive way. I dunno. Lol. We’ll see. But anyway, on a season with another pretty big plot thread, this mini-tension, whatever it is between them, feels less interesting.

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

Anyway, to the more interesting stuff. Lol Jaeseung and Seongmin have an honest convo in the car. Jaeseung, rightly, comes clean about how he came to receive the privilege of an evening date. And also is honest about his feelings for Hwi. Both agree that it’s only Day 3, so it’s natural that their feelings are quite fluid.

Jaeseung and Seongmin head to a waterside café and have a heart to heart about their approach to dating and having similar feelings on where they are at this point in their lives. But they also later find they have differences in hobbies and interests as well. Jaeseung feels good about their secret date, but Seongmin feels a bit unsure now.

Back home, Seungjin has some self-reflection by the pool before joining Minseon, Hanmin and Myeongkyun for some evening fruits. Myeongkyun cuts his finger while chopping up apples for Minseon so Minseon helps bandage him up.

Seungjin joins Hwi in the double room and it gets a bit awkward when Seongmin arrives. After a while, the guys get the call time text. Though Seongmin wishes he were alone while waiting, Seungjin instead peppers him with questions about the date with Jaeseung, stirring the pot then helping to lighten the awkward mood between the roomates.

Youngjoon calls Hanmin and they gush over their couple rings. Minseon is next and calls Myeongkyun. Later, Hanmin calls Youngjoon and Myeongkyun calls Minseon.

Okay fine, but let’s get to the drama! lol

Seungjin wonders if he should keep digging his Jaeseung well or turn his attention to his ideal physical type Hanmin. Instead, he calls Seongmin after a nice day with him today. He feels like the other guys he’s interested in have already found their matches, so he doesn’t want to butt in.

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

I can understand that. But at the same time, it all goes into the idea that it’s a unique situation and it’s only been a few days. And as we’ve seen, guys’ feelings have already changed over the three days. So if you give up easily, you better not have any regrets. And that seemed to be what Seungjin was worried about earlier at the pool.

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

Jaeseung calls Seongmin to express how much he enjoyed their date. Jaeseung is not sure how Seongmin feels in return, based on his reaction on the other end of the call.

It’s Hwi’s turn to head to the phone booth. Seongmin goes to the entertainment room and answers Hwi’s call. Hwi reiterates his feelings for him.

Seongmin feels even more confused about what he’s feeling. Once he gets to the phone booth, he decides to call the guy he is most interested in right now. And that is Hwi. Seongmin says he feels safer with Hwi and realized this after his date with Jaeseung.

Later, even though the guys enjoy their flirty matches from the day, many of them express through their confessionals that are still weighing their options.

As for the cliffhanger for this week with Seongmin rearranging the guys. I must admit, Seongmin was really annoying at the end. That kind of “I can’t tell you, but I want you to know that I can’t tell you.” Like come on now.

But that said, his room assignments actually make great sense. Keep his top 2 boys alone while get a chance to know the one he hasn’t gotten a chance to yet. We’ll see the fallout from his decision. And I’m looking forward to it.

The preview for next week though was kind of hilarious. That’s the kind of messy drama that is actually much more fun than couple rings and giggling in the corner. Lololol

His Man Season 3 Episode 5 and 6 Recap Review

And to close out this week, I want to say how weird it is to see fans commenting about “Ewe we don’t want this” when the show’s official accounts post clips of couples different from their preference. Like, hello? These are real people. They’re not fictional characters in a Korean drama. You can’t and shouldn’t control who these real guys will end up liking or not. Again, these are real people. And the guys have the right to choose whoever they want, even if the fans of the show disagree with their choices. Just a friendly reminder.

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