Filipino Friday, June 7, 2024 – “Your Love” by 1st.One

For this Filipino Friday, I just have to share this wonderful find which really shouldn’t be a surprising find for me considering I really love 1st.One and have been following them since first listening to them. Yet I never even know this track existed until last week!

During my family’s trip to the Philippines last month, this awesome song came on while we were shopping at SM. A familiar song, yet different at the same time. I didn’t think to Shazam it at the time (lol), but coincidentally the next day, I stumbled upon 1st.One’s TikTok of them dancing to the song. And that’s when I found out that it was actually theirs. Not only that, but the song was familiar because it’s of course the classic 90s OPM song “Your Love” by Alamid.

Google is always our friend. And it turns out 1st.One’s reimagined version of “Your Love” was released last November as part of Warner Music Philippines’ 30th Anniversary compilation album. Warner had their current artists reimagine and remake some of most popular songs from their artists of the past three decades.

1st.One was tasked with Alamid’s timeless rock ballad “Your Love”. For their version, 1st.One gives the track a pop-dance vibe with the perfect amount of retro, nostalgic touches. Though 1st.One is known for their powerful and attention-grabbing performances and more recently, their sultry ballad “Dito,” “Your Love” is such a refreshing change of pace. And certainly proof that 1st.One can effortlessly deliver in any genre.

The only performance I’ve found of the song is 1st.One doing a short snippet on a recent ASAP episode. Too bad the performance isn’t even on YouTube in HD though.

Maybe they can perform the full song on All Out Sunday perhaps. And I’d love to see them do at least a full choreography video. In the meantime, enjoy the official lyrics video:

And let the song take you back in time!

I’ve had it on repeat since first hearing it. And while it was released in November, allow me to put it on my Favorite Songs of 2024 list, yeah? =D

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