Saturday Sounds, June 8, 2024 – Nicole Jung, Baekho & BIGONE, ATEEZ, JUST B, AleXa

Continuing to try and catch up with fresh music from the last month, he’s new tracks from Nicole Jung, BAEKHO&BIGONE, ATEEZ, JUST B and AleXa.

“5!6!7!8” by Nicole

Hello one of my ults! Nicole is back after a year with her latest Korean single! “5!6!7!8!” is an exciting synth-infused dance song with an 80’s disco pop sound. You’ll find yourself getting up and dancing along in no time. Such a perfect song for Nicole’s effortless charm and charisma with vocal and dance talent to match. Always love getting to watch and enjoy Nicole Jung performing!

“Love or Die” by BAEKHO&BIGONE

A really great collab between Baekho and BIGONE on this rock-fueled EDM track. The two talented artists come together and effortlessly express the song’s complicated depth in its lyrics. A great performance.

“Work” by ATEEZ

ATEEZ’s “Work” is an interesting so for me. ATEEZ’s latest music has been hit or (mostly) miss for me even though I still love the group and am happy with their continuing success. “Work” is another one of those tracks that isn’t immediately a song I’d have on repeat. Yet, I can definitely see and hear why it can be a big hit. It is unmistakably catchy and a big mood maker.

“Daddy’s Girl” by JUST B

JUST B release a special single in “Daddy’s Girl,” a rock track that has a powerful and free-spirited energy. It has a rhythmic and addictive sound. And it’s a refreshing performance from the talented group.

“I’m Okay” by AleXa

Always awesome to have some fresh music from AleXa. And “I’m Okay” is a meaningful pop-rock track where she offers encouragement to those struggling with their mental health. Drawing from her own experience and journey, AleXa delivers a passionate and heartfelt performance.

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