Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 38 – Over the Rainbow

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 38 Recap

Gigist laughs as Houtarou falls to despair and disappears with the egg. Minato thinks he knows what is happening and they hurry back to the Academy where Kyoka-san has tracked Houtarou and the egg’s location. She believes the same as Minato. This is the 101st Chemy.

Minato explains that this supernatural Chemy goes beyond Level Numbers. They have speculated that Papa Fuga hid #101 inside the Driver and that seems to have been the case as it sprung out of Houtarou.

Kyoka-san says they are unable to see inside the egg, but they must do what they can to protect it and Houtarou inside.

Outside the classroom, Rinne holds the white Hopper1 and blames herself for even introducing the Chemy fairy tale to them earlier.

Back at Kitchen Ichinose, Mama Ichinose hopes Houtarou is staying safe in this sudden downpour. Inside the egg, Houtarou hears a voice call out to him. It is an orange and blue egg who doesn’t have a name yet and has been inside his Driver this whole time. The egg says they are actually inside Houtarou right now, but the egg has been watching this entire time and has been wanting to protect Houtarou.

The egg tells Houtarou that he can stay here in this safe space.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 38 Recap

Outside, Supana comes running up to the egg’s location only to be met by Gigist who mocks him. Gigist says Supana inherited the black flames from him. But Supana refuses to entertain that idea. He quickly henshins and battles Gigist.

As Minato and Sabimaru hurry over to try and scan into the egg, Gigist says Supana is just afraid to accept his true dark nature. Supana says he is nothing like Gigist. Gigist transmutes four Chemies and brings about a new Malgam.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 38 Recap

Inside, the egg tells Houtarou that like the Chemies, he has already done enough and can rest here. Houtarou says the Chemies are his dear friends. He thinks of Hopper1 and sees the yellow flowers. This drives him to fight back and destroy Gigist for good. The egg asks why it has to be Houtarou since he’s not particularly unique in alchemy and was just a normal high schooler before being entrusted with a Driver.

The egg says Houtarou knows he will just be hurt, so why continue with this.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 38 Recap

Kyoka-san thanks Minato and Sabimaru for sending her the data on the egg. But it has blocked any outside interference, so there’s nothing they can do.

Sitting on the floor, Rinne believes Houtarou is never going to come back now. Renge comes over to snap her out of it. She tells Rinne that she used to look up to her, even as a kohai, because she always stuck to her beliefs and rules. Renge thought she was strong. But now she is starting to regret respecting her so much seeing how she is acting now.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 38 Recap

Back downtown, Supana is struggling against the Malgam. But Rinne arrives just in time. She apologizes for being late, but says Renge woke her up and she is now here to fight.

Gigist whisks everyone into the Toei garage where Supana and Rinne continue to battle the Malgam. Rinne says she is sure Houtarou will come back to them.

Gigist stays with the egg and tries to reach inside to grab it for himself. The egg assures Houtarou they are safe inside here.

The egg explains that he is not sure what he is since he hasn’t hatched yet. And he is not sure he even wants to hatch. He has seen so many Chemies being hurt and is afraid of getting trampled upon or turning into a Malgam.

Houtarou’s stomach growls and they are suddenly transported to Kitchen Ichinose. Mama Ichinose cooks Houtarou some omurice. The egg reminds Houtarou that they are inside him and every wish he has can come true here.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 38 Recap

Houtarou takes a seat and enjoys his mother’s cooking. But he notices the egg looking over his shoulder. Houtarou asks if he wants some. But the egg says that’s impossible because he’s an egg. He doesn’t need to eat.

But Houtarou doesn’t care. He goes to make some omurice for him. Houtarou asks “Tamagon” if he likes a lot of seasoning. Tamagon isn’t sure.

Houtarou says he has decided to go back since everyone has been fighting in his place. Tamagon says Houtarou can just stay here with him. Houtarou says Tamagon has been helping him from the inside, so he invites Tamagon to join him on the outside.

The outside world may be full of sad and scary things. But just like omurice, the world has people and Chemies all mixed up and together, can result in the ultimate Gotcha. Houtarou does not want to give up on Hopper1 and all his Chemy friends. He will find a way to bring them back to life, even if it takes a thousand attempts.

Houtarou is sure he will grab his Gotcha.

Houtarou serves Tamagon a special Gotchard Omurice. Tamagon eats it all and loves it. Tamagon admits that he’s curious about the outside world as well and about how much fun it might be if he joined Houtarou and all his friends. But he’s also scared.

Houtarou thanks Tamagon since regardless of all that, he was still able to help him all these times. And now Houtarou is ready to help Tamagon grab his Gotcha. Houtarou vows to never let any other human or Chemy to be hurt again. That’s why he wants Tamagon to come with.

Tamagon is touched by Houtarou’s words and believes in him. Tamagon hops into a Card and Houtarou locks him into his Driver.

Gigist is excited to see the egg begin to hatch. But is shocked when out pops a rainbow.

Rinne and Supana are forced to dehenshin by the Malgam which then prepares to deliver a finishing attack at them. The two of them brace for impact. But the rainbow suddenly shields them.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 38 Recap

Everyone is happily shocked to see Houtarou standing in front of them. Houtarou apologizes for being late. But he tells them to leave everything to him.

Tamagon hatches and introduces himself as Nijigon. Nijigon hops into a double Card and together, Houtarou is able to henshin into Rainbow Gotchard.

The rainbow wave spreads out across the city, including into the classroom at the Academy. Kyoka-san is shocked by what she sees.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 38 Recap

The others marvel at Houtarou’s colorful new form and free-spirited alchemy. Houtarou speeds forward and has no problem taking care of the Malgam with his new powers.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 38 Recap

Houtarou is happy to safely welcome Mecentaurus, VanFenrir, Haodin, GinGriffon and DonPoseidon to their circle of friends. Most especially Nijigon who says they’re going to be very nijiniji together. Nijigon giggles.

Rinne thanks Renge for snapping her out of her slump earlier. But Renge says she didn’t do much.

Suddenly, Hopper1 comes hopping along. Houtarou shares a happy reunion with his friend.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 38 Recap

Skebows and Antrooper are also alive and well too. Houtarou is grateful they are all okay. And also for Hopper1 giving him yet another reason to smile.

Kyoka-san thinks Houtarou really might be the one who can change the future of alchemy. Minato says it is their job to help light their paths forward.

Episode Thoughts

No opening credits AND rain scenes with no background music? Of course you know it’s going to be a big episode. And it definitely was.

Oh boy, if I had watched Boonboomger and Gotchard back-to-back this week, I would just be beside myself. What an amazing pair of episodes. I can’t remember when both Sentai and Kamen Rider had just excellent episodes back-to-back on one Sunday.

But these two definitely delivered.

The most wonderful thing about Tamagon/Nijigon’s story is that it is yet another plot that perfectly suits Gotchard as a whole. A story about friendship, connections, bonds; that’s Gotchard through and through. It helps move Houtarou’s story forward. It helps galvanize the season’s main narrative theme. And it helped to absolutely bring all the emotions, fun and excitement to make for an all-around amazing half-hour of television.

If I were to nitpick, in any other season, Nijigon would be a story that would’ve been pulled out of nowhere. Something just to promote the new toy without any care for how it affects (usually negatively) the series and story.

But Gotchard was able to weave Nijigon’s entrance in a way that connected to several stories. Of course that includes Gigist and Hopper1 and the overall escalation of the situation. Especially as we are moving closer into the 40s.

All that and essentially prepping Houtarou for whatever heavy darkness might be ahead for him in these final months. Houtarou fell to despair, but was able to pull himself out of it. He found hope within himself, literally. And Nijigon, whether intentionally or not, helped to point Houtarou in the right direction.

What I loved about Houtarou and Nijigon’s scenes (including the one at Kitchen Ichinose with Mama Ichinose) was how it all felt like a theatrical stage play. That feeling made those scenes feel a bit more intimate and allowed you to focus on the emotions and feelings the series was conveying in those scenes. Especially for Houtarou.

The series was again able to find the perfect tonal balance as well. Not many other seasons can find a way to balance the drama and emotion with the absurdity of a mouthless egg eating omurice. lol

But all this together was a great way to really jumpstart the road to the finale. And like Gotchard is one to do, it was able to draw upon everything it has laid out in the season’s foundation. Again, allowing that strong foundation and established depth to make any and all such turning points and twists and big moment actually land well, safely and strongly.

Just an excellent episode from what is shaping up to really be an excellent season.

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  1. I will note that this goes back to something in the last Rinne block, and why I was kinda hoping she’d get a new form, because I much prefer when they collate forms and not just have one character gaining full upgrades back to back without giving anyone a chance to ‘catch up’. Also on that note apparently one of the DVD/Blue Ray specials is apparently the in-universe performance of Romeo and Juliet, which is wild.

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