Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 37 (Season 2, Episode 15) – “Haven’t you guys heard of detention or community service?”

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 37 (Season 2, Episode 15) – Morphin Master

Recap: Power Rangers Dino Fury, Episode 37 (Season 2, Episode 15) – “Haven’t you guys heard of detention or community service?”

The Green Morphin Master says she couldn’t let them be killed by Zedd seven episodes too early. So she saved them and now she revives Zayto as well. Aiyon apologizes for not fulfilling Master Green’s prophecy. But she says they just didn’t have the arsenal necessary. She hopes this new Dino Master Saber can help. However, because it uses the power of their zords, anyone who uses it to kill their enemy will be killed themselves. Ollie says it won’t have to come to that if they can all fight together.

Just then, Master Blue shows up upon orders from Master Red to reprimand Master Green for breaking the rules and interfering with the lives of mortals.

The Rangers are shocked by the rule change. Zayto points out that Morphin Masters created many seasons of Power Rangers and even helped the Rafkonians during the Great Sporix War.

Master Blue explains that the more the Masters created Power Rangers, the more evil appeared to fight them. Especially after the Great Sporix War when many Masters were killed by those enemies. The surviving Masters acknowledged that their priority must be to protect the Morphin Grid. Without it, no life can exist. So, the Masters promised to never expose themselves to danger through interfering in mortal lives.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 37 Recap

As punishment Master Green will be forever imprisoned in a crystal. The Rangers protest and Zayto decides to show Master Blue clips from earlier in the season and from Beast Morphers to prove that all the deus ex machina was actually Master Green.

Master Green was also responsible for “Legendary Battle.”

Master Blue is about to crystalize her, but the Rangers step forward to shield her. She sends them back to Rafkon and she teleports away to avoid Master Blue’s crystal shot which instead hit Solon’s mushrooms.

Zedd and Co. are about to leave Rafkon with the generator. Knowing that without it, Rafkon would explode, the Rangers confront them. But it’s too late. The generator is gone and Rafkon is turned to rubble. The Rangers watch from the Megazord in despair.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 37 Recap

Solon calls them back to Pine Ridge as Zedd sets up shop with the generator in the middle of the city. Scrozzle has to work out some of the kinks first. The Void Couple appear to confront Zedd about tricking them. But Zedd tells them about the magic Sporix birthing machine.

The Rangers arrive back on Earth and morph. Void Queen leaves her hubby to join Zedd’s minions in battling them. Zayto upmorphs to Dino Knight Armor while Aiyon upmorphs to Dino Master Mode with their new toy.

The Rangers are able to drive away Void King and Nulleye. Scrozzle leaves as well. Zedd is all alone trying to get the generator to work. The Rangers try to take on Zedd, but he encases himself in a forcefield. Aiyon is ready to sacrifice himself in order to kill Zedd for good. But Master Green appears to do it herself.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 37 Recap

Master Green faces off against Zedd and ends up destroying the generator while encasing herself with Zedd in a crystal.

Master Red and Master Blue pop into the Command Chamber and acknowledge that maybe Master Green is alright. They release her form the crystal and admit that the rule change was wrong. They thank her and the Rangers.

Master Red takes the Zedd crystal to a faraway planet. And Master Green explains to Aiyon that her prophecy never said he had to defeat Zedd on his own. Zayto asks if she knows what happened to the Rafkonians, but she says that they’ll find out later in the season.

It’s too bad about Rafkon, but they’ve prevented a Sporix invasion and Zayto is happy to have new friends.

Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode 37 Recap

Episode Thoughts

So without the clip show parts, this could’ve been another reasonably excellent episode of modern Power Rangers. I think my apathy comes into play when I say I don’t really care about needing to connect everything together this way. That is, making the Green Morphin Master the be-all, end-all deus ex machina of the Saban Brands/Hasbro Era Power Rangers. Next thing you know, the Nexus Prism was something she came up with on her days off.

It’s a cute callback and I’m sure many fans love it so much. But for me, it feels contrived and unnecessary.

I’m more interested in the Rangers having to fight off a legitimate threat. It would’ve been a good way to show the Rangers are more than capable on their own without having to be saved at the last possible moment. Again.

Having to use Master Green kind of negates the Power Rangers’ own worth, yes? Like, they can’t do anything without help from the Morphin Masters. It’s nice to have the Morphin Masters Guardian Angels around. But they seemed to be implying that the Morphin Masters, or at least Master Green, was the reason behind every decisive victory of the post-Disney Era. Or even before that.

Umm… okay.

All of that stuff also kind of took away from Zayto and Aiyon potentially losing their home planet and peoples for a second time. We didn’t get to see the emotional impact of that. Which, I think, would’ve been a really great moment.

And yet, I still liked the episode because compared to most other episodes, the high stakes and legitimate danger was exciting to watch. And again, like I mentioned in the recent episodes, gives the episode a purpose. Which is more than can be said for most episodes. Being able to draw upon established foundation is always good. And though the show might have fumbled in execution, they were still able to use some of the good stuff the season has established in order to at least make things sensible and believable. Again, in spite of everything else.

Also great was not seeing anything Buzzblast-related. Though they sure made up for it with the puns and “witty” one-liners throughout the episode from the Rangers. Lol

Overall, a relatively exciting episode that is far from perfect or even well-done. But still somehow enjoyable and different from the norm.

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