Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 27 – Gotcha CrossHopper!

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Gurion activates the dark power that is within all the Chemies and is excited that it is now theirs. He uses alchemy to collect that power and then shoots it at the snake circle in the sky which will reveal the Door of Darkness. But there is one final key left. And Gurion is happy when Houtarou and the others arrive in the Ouroboros Realm because they have that key.

As Houtarou-tachi disembark from TenLiner, Isaac says that the snake circle in the sky is an ouroboros which is the representation of creation and destruction. They are shocked to see the Chemies nearby suffering in pain. But before they can run over, Gurion appears before them with the Sisters in tow.

Gurion boasts that once the Door opens, the Chemies will die and he relishes in the sound of them screaming for their lives.

Houtarou, Rinne and Supana quickly henshin. Gurion, however, henshins to Dread Type 2 and they battle.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Sabimaru and Renge cheer them on, but Atropos and Clotho go to silence them. Sabimaru and Renge use alchemy to counter against the Sisters who marvel that they have gotten stronger. Sabimaru and Renge say that after what happened to Sabi before, they began training on combat alchemy so that nothing like that would ever happen again. Atropos says she will just control their minds again.

But Sabimaru and Renge are able to block Atropos’ power by using Zukyumpire’s ability to block any attempts at brainwashing.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Sabimaru and Renge say they are still Houtarou and Rinne’s senpais, so Atropos and Clotho must show them respect.

Gurion summons a pair of Malgam replicas to engage Rinne and Supana while he focuses on Houtarou. Rinne says she can’t get left behind by her senpais and she and Sabimaru are able to finish off the Malgams. They rejoin Houtarou against Gurion.

Houtarou says their trust in each other is their power. Gurion realizes he must take them a bit more seriously then. He swipes a few more Cards and uphenshins to Type 3. They are overpowered and Rinne and Supana are forced to dehenshin.

Clotho manages to kick the tablet out of Sabimaru’s hands and Isaac smashes into a nearby tree.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Gurion says they never had a chance to win anyway and forces Houtarou to dehenshin. Gurion also dehenshins and walks over to grab Houtarou’s Driver. Gurion says that Houtarou’s fighting of the Malgams was able to improve the Driver. That means Houtarou himself was able to refine the Driver into the key needed to open the Door.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Gurion tosses the Driver into the sky toward the ouroboros and the Door of Darkness appears.

In the real world, chaos ensues as the sky begins to open up. Kyoka-san finds Minato looking helplessly in the sky. She says he is just pathetic now. They’ve gotten this far so he shouldn’t be pitying himself. Minato says he cannot forget all the futures he feels responsible for cutting by not saving his students in the past. Kyoka-san says he shouldn’t forget them.

She says they as alchemists have a habit of erasing other people’s memories. Which is all the more reason they cannot be forgetting those memories themselves. That is what Minato himself has always said.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Kyoka-san knows that Minato cherishes those memories as a prized treasure. And now he can transform that treasure into something powerful.

Back in the Ouroboros Realm, Gurion revels in the great power that was sealed 120 years ago to finally be released. A strange triangle appears in Door.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Gurion is ready to embrace the power all for his utopia of enveloping humans and the world in gold. After all, turning worthless things into gold is what alchemy is all about. He looks forward to living in a world devoid of time, everything frozen in gold.

Houtarou can’t believe that’s Gurion’s Gotcha. Gurion refuses to let him ruin this moment he’s waited so long for. So he whips out his sword and is about to slice Houtarou in half.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

But Minato arrives to protect Houtarou. He apologizes for being late and says Gurion’s voice will not reach him any longer. It was Houtarou and the others’ voices that reached him.

Rinne and Supana hurry over to help Minato hold off against Gurion and they tell Houtarou to hurry and save the Chemies.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Sabimaru and Renge come over to help Houtarou up and they all promise to give him the time to do what he needs. Rinne and Supana join Sabimaru and Renge to hold off the Sisters, allowing Houtarou to hurry.

Houtarou calls out to the Chemies, but they are unable to answer. Gurion says the Darkness has engulfed them already, so Houtarou’s voice will not reach them.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap
Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap
Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Everything goes silent as the wind blows. Houtarou screams to the Chemies to stay strong. He believes in them and the endless possibility for their powers in making others happy. He pleads with them not to lose to the Darkness. And just like how he and the others were able to overcome, so can the Chemies.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

The Chemies begin to remember all the times they were able to connect with Houtarou and become friends as well as how they were able to help people too.

Houtarou sees that something is happening and calls Hopper1 to come back to him. Hopper1 is able to speak through Isaac and is able to break through the Darkness. The Level 10 Chemies infuse Hopper1 with their power, turning him into CrossHopper.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

CrossHopper grabs the Driver from the sky and returns it to Houtarou.

Houtarou welcomes Hopper1 back, but Hopper1 says his name is CrossHopper at the moment. Gurion cannot believe how any of this is possible. Minato says he will never understand because this is the Gotcha that Houtarou believes in; that humans and Chemies can live together.

Gurion says he will destroy that notion with his own hands and henshins. Houtarou henshins to Iron Gotchard and all the Chemies are released from the Darkness. That ends up closing the Door.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Gurion is furious and battles Houtarou. Houtarou locks in CrossHopper and is able to uphenshin to Gotchard Platinum.

Gurion says it doesn’t matter what Houtarou looks like because he will defeat him. But Houtarou easily counters any of Gurion’s attacks. The other Chemies fly over and help power up Houtarou even more.

Houtarou delivers a Platinum Shoot finisher at Gurion, forcing him to dehenshin. He collapses to the ground and reaches up into the sky. “El Dorado,” he says just as a strange claw emerges from the ouroboros. It pinches him and pulls him in. The ouroboros seals shut behind him.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

All the Chemies return in their Cards. Houtarou welcomes everyone back. And X Wizard says Gaiard and Dragonalos are impressed by his hard work.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Minato says they should all go home to the Academy now. Supana welcomes Minato home to them.

Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Meanwhile, Kyoka-san is relieved that it appears Minato was able to make it in time. She thanks Lachesis for helping and she smiles, saying it was no problem.

Back in the Realm, Atropos picks up Gurion’s gold cube and says it is not over yet. Clotho is shocked to see the cube bubbling.
Kamen Rider Gotchard Episode 27 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Wowowow! Another amazing episode. And yes, plenty of MaGMCMs. I was in tears during this episode. And I loved the feeling! Lol

First, I loved the notTwins being in the spotlight so much this episode! First, seeing Sabimaru and Renge fighting off against the Sisters on their own was amazing! Seeing them do what they can against them, their determination, was so great. They aren’t here to just watch their friends in battle. They will step into battle when necessary as well!

I also loved when they mentioned that they are still senpai so they deserve some respect. I got chills at that moment, it was so exciting and energizing! Badass twins! Hehe.

And then of course immediately cutting to the scene of Rinne and Supanner also fighting hard too. And Rinne mentioning she cannot fall behind her senpais.

I think this was a wonderful example of the bond these kids have formed with each other. It’s a good feeling.

So at this point, I was already quite fired up with emotion. But then here comes Minato and saying his students’ voices reached him to finally have him snap out of his pity party. I definitely started tearing up there.

But little did I know, Gotchard had more in store. Because when Houtarou started screaming to the Chemies, I just lost it. The way they started flashing back to Houtarou making friends with each of them. I think the only thing that would’ve made it even more emotional is if they also included all the humans the Chemies were able to help along the way too. I wouldn’t have been able to get through the rest of the episode! lolol

Another perfect example of who Houtarou is. And what he is capable of as a heroic figure. Even without whatever special Chosen One abilities he might be revealed to have in the future.

When I go into a climactic episode, this is the kind of stuff I hope to see. Big climaxes that draw upon everything that has been established so far. Seeds planted. Foundation built. Have these climaxes use all of that to support and propel these episodes to maximum impact. Not just dump some random thing into an episode and try and pass it off as something big when there’s nothing to support it in-story. Other than potentially a new toy release.

Just like Gurion’s “demise”. I think this episode was a perfect end (for now?) to him and his story. Again, building upon what’s been established for him as a character and pairing it with the journey of our heroes, it all works together and comes together into an episode like this. You feel how “big” this episode is. Whether it is in the emotions or the explosive action. It’s not just hollow stuff.

Elsewhere, I don’t know if I should be suspicious of Lachesis’ reaction to Kyoka thanking her for helping Minato get to the Ouroboros Realm. It could either be simply a cocky “Yes, I’m awesome” or she has something else up her sleeve. Hmm!

But that possibility just shows how there’s really so much this season can offer. It’s only Episode 27. They’ve been able to tell so much story so far, but you can feel there’s still a lot left in the can. Other seasons feel like they’ve already exhausted all their ammo halfway through their year. Or that they have no idea where they’re going. But Gotchard is not like that.

This was an awesome and excellent huge episode. Exactly how a climactic episode should be. And it seems like next week will be one of the requisite breathers. But of course, knowing Gotchard, even a breather episode will still have something important for our characters or overall story. That’s just the wonderful feeling you have with this season.

16 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Gotchard, Episode 27 – Gotcha CrossHopper!

  1. I definitely feel Lachesis is still on team bad guys. Maybe not working with her sisters, but it doesn’t feel like she has really taken a step to redemption. She just wants to be top evil or some such.

    Now the wait for the cards to get redistributed to their final holders. Which will definitely have fun.

    1. Yeah, I kinda got the vibe too. For all we know, she could now be working with a new villainous player in the conflict who has yet to be officially revealed. Since, judging by this episode, she didn’t retreat together with Minato after the other Sisters tried to kill them, anything could’ve possibly occurred between her retreating and then eventually helping Minato travel to the Ouroboros Realm

  2. Another awesome episode! It tied everything together nicely while leaving some overarching questions unanswered and paving the way toward exciting new developments in the future.

    It was a wonderful conclusion to Minato’s arc that started back in episode 17, what with him finally gaining the courage to stand up to the monster that killed his best friend and left him in immense fear for all those years. His official “reunion” with his students felt earned and well built upon.

    I loved the little inklings of character growth shown here and there too. What with Renge and Sabimaru being able to actually stand their ground against two of the Sisters and Supana acknowledging his respect for Houtarou’s growth and trusting him to foil Gurion’s plan.

    And I gotta say, Gurion’s whole motivation to turn the world into gold so he can gaze at its beauty forever is definitely quite unique. In a good way though. It definitely ties into the season’s alchemy theme perfectly. And like you, I did get the feeling that his story’s not finished yet. There’s still some unanswered questions on that front. Plus, if he were really gone for good, I suspect that Atropos, who’s basically Daddy’s Favorite, would have been freaking out instead of calmly collecting Gurion’s gold cube at the end. Looking forward to seeing if there’s an explanation behind why Gurion favors her and treats her the best compared to the other Sisters.

    The main plot development from this episode that I was definitely most intrigued by was the confirmation that there is indeed something/someone hiding in the Door of Darkness. Given that Gurion said it was sealed behind the Door 120 years ago, I bet it’s most likely the mysterious monster from the storybook that was defeated by the equally mysterious Daybreak Alchemist. And judging from its brief introduction in this episode, it’s definitely got the Eldritch Abomination horror thing down flat. My guess is that either it or whoever manages to harness its power (probably not Gurion) will be the Final Boss and Big Bad for this season.

    1. Yes, Gotchard definitely does a great job of really building up to big moments and having them feel earned and supported.

      And considering we have no idea what’s on the other side of the door, it would be no surprise if Gurion returns safe and sound later. It’s also a good tease for when that evil will eventually be released, whether soon or in the endgame.

      1. I agree geats was not bad not good either to me but people all over reddit says geats is peak and best reiwa era season just because it’s dark

  3. This season has been on point with me lately. Having Houtarou inspire the chemies to rise up got me hyped. Cause in order for the dream of humans and chemies to live in harmony, they too must be able to push on and not let some darkness consume them like he said. These three arcs were consistently good and am glad to have kept up with this story.

    1. That’s a great point! And it’s another piece of the puzzle that allows for that ultimate dream to become an earned and deserved reality later on! Who would’ve thought the toy gimmick this season would actually get character development! hehe

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