Thursday Tunes, February 22, 2024 – A.C.E, AIMERS, n.SSign, Hong Joochan

Fresh tracks from A.C.E, AIMERS, n.SSign and Hong Joochan

“My Girl” by A.C.E

A.C.E officially make their long-awaited comeback. After the excellent tease of a track in “Effortless,” the group releases My Girl: My Choice. Title track “My Girl” is a synth-infused disco pop song that has a warm and sweet melody. The group’s silky vocals glide across the lyrics relating to being able to find one’s self.

“Somebody” by AIMERS

AIMERS makes their first official comeback since debut. And from the bright “Bubble” comes the charismatic “Somebody”. The rock and hip-hop-infused pop dance track is I think a much stronger performance and release overall. I enjoyed their debut and pre-release tracks. But “Somebody” allows the group to really deliver an attention-grabbing and charismatic performance. Along with an English version of “Somebody,” the album also includes “Where We Go”. It is a track that compares favorably to “Bubble” and it is charming pairing to the great “Somebody”.

“Happy &” by n.SSign

If you want catchy, n.SSign’s “Happy &” is the answer. It’s easy to be drawn to this cheerful track that has the members singing of the complicated feelings following a breakup. The rookie group has had some great releases so far. And “Happy &” really shows off a refreshing new side to the group. The rest of the album includes four more tracks that follow suit and allows the group to showcase their versatility in a nice package.

“Still Thinking About You” by Hong Joochan

Releasing his first solo single in five years, Golden Child’s Joochan offers up a remake of Lee Jeong Bong’s “How About It”. The track gives Joochan a showcase for his excellent vocals. And he effortlessly conveys the song’s emotional lyrics.

And check out this special live video:

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