Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 49 – The Kings Are Here

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 49 Recap

Gira is relieved to see the castleship launching into space. But Dagded says Kamejim will take care of that. Gira is shocked to see the castleship come crashing back down to the ground.

Dagded laughs as Gira screams in agony.

Meanwhile, Hymeno regains consciousness and is surprised to see the tailor’s daughter walk over and say she will be treating her now. Yanma’s crew arrives and wakes him up. Morfonia, the escaped prisoners and Kuroda find Rita and Kaguragi just as they wake up as well. Gira looks up just as Sanagims arrive to check on Jeramie.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 49 Recap

Sebastian tells Hymeno that they are all here to save the kings and not forsake their own lives. Suzume tells her brother that she’s here to cook. Morfonia reminds Rita that they promised to be together forever. Shiokara tosses Yanma his Proof Trinket back.

And Racules approaches Gira who yells for everyone to run for their lives. Racules refuses and announces that the people of Chikyuu have chosen to rebel against their leaders.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 49 Recap

The entire population of Chikyuu march through the burning rubble, ready to go to war against the Galactinsect king. Douga returns the crown to Gira while the other retainers return the Kings Proof Symbols to their rightful owners.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 49 Recap

Gira smiles, understanding his brother’s words.

A frustrated Dagded sends his troops down from the mountains as Gira and Racules henshin. The Husty brothers lead the people of Chikyuu into battle. While a swarm of Semishugods begin shooting at the people fighting on the ground, the Chikyuuians do what they can against the Kaijims.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 49 Recap

Yanma joins his crew in trying to develop an alternative to immortality in order to better face Dagded. Morfonia helps bandage Rita up.

Dagded wants to finish this quickly and resurrects his four Jesters. They quickly shoot indiscriminately into the crowd. And one of the shots hits Gira, forcing him to dehenshin.

Dagded decides to send an atomic wave across the land. But Devonica from Hakabaka arrives to swat the wave away. She declares the Gate of the Dead is open. And out from Hakabaka walk Mama and Papa Ran, Iroki, Karasu, Boshimar and Mama Nephila.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 49 Recap

Desnarak walks out of Hakabaka and picks Gira up off the ground by the collar, telling him to stand tall as king. Otherwise, he’ll just kill him right here, right now. The other Ohgers watch as Gira regains his confidence. The two of them rejoin the battle.

Meanwhile, Jeramie is able to regain consciousness after sucking on his mother’s chest. He thinks he’s dead, but she tells him to pull himself together.

As Racules is forced to dehenshin, he reunites with Boshimar and Douga who are proud to fight alongside him again.

Mama and Papa Ran spring into action, treating the many injured civilians. Nurse Moun asks them to check on Hymeno. But Hymeno waves them away, telling them to help others instead. Mama Ran is proud of her daughter’s selfishness.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 49 Recap

Lady Iroki and Karasu take their Caliburs from Kaguragi and Rita and they both henshin. They lead a group of loyalists against Dagded’s forces.

Gerojim comes smashing down from above. Jeramie tells him that he is too kind for this battle. But Gerojim says Jeramie taught him being kind is a strength. Gerojim swats Jesters and Kaijims into burning buildings.

The Ohgers head over to the safe zone where Suzume, Kogane, Boone and Goroge are feeding them fresh foods. Sebastian, Douga and Goroge decide to entertain them with a dance performance and the Ohgers laugh their asses off.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 49 Recap

This just angers Dagded even more. And just then, Reiniol Husty comes walking out of Hakabaka and charges straight for Dagded. King Reiniol declares that the next generation will inherit the world, powered by the connected bonds of life across time.

These words encourage the Ohgers and trigger the show’s theme song to play. Devonica alerts everyone that the Gate of the Dead is about to close. The resurrected peoples are forced to return.

It is now time for the Ohgers to return to battle.

Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 49 Recap

Episode Thoughts

Ngl, this episode was an absolute clusterfrak. Lol A fun, exciting clusterfrak and a visual treat, yes. But a clusterfrak nonetheless.

I guess the main takeaway from the episode is to highlight how far the Ohgers have come in their journeys to truly become worthy kings. Their peoples believe in them and would literally die for them. (More on that later!) And their predecessors are temporarily resurrected to see that they are indeed worthy successors. Heck, we even get former enemies back alive to offer their own bit of emotional support for the Ohgers.

It was all about Chikyuuians (Bugnarak included) resolved to fight for their kings who have all along fought for them in order to save the world. Even if they have to go against the god of the universe to do it.

The Chikyuuians and Kaijims charging into battle was a spectacular scene. I think one of the best CGI executions of the entire season. But then in seeing the absolute mayhem that ensued, I couldn’t help but think, “OMG, the number of civilian casualties!” lol These people really were running to their deaths. Most of the people are just civilians who have zero experience in any kind of battle. Let alone a war against the god of the universe.

So with that heavy thought at the forefront, the quick cuts to all the little scenes in various pockets of the battlefield felt so awkward.

I mean, WTF was going on here?
Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger Episode 49 Recap
I have never had my jaw drop so close to the floor ever while watching Sentai or Kamen Rider as it did during this moment. Like what. The. Frak. lololol

But really. While a part of me loved the visual chaos and excitement of the battles, the successive cameos of basically every guest and returning character from the season felt somewhat contrived. Especially when none of the scenes really offered much more than what could be similarly accomplished with, say ghosts floating around watching the scene. Or a DGP-style live TV broadcast in Hakabaka.

First of all, this is a different experience for me. The fact that I actually watched a Sentai or Kamen Rider movie before its events are referenced in-series! If I hadn’t watched Adventure Heaven, I’d definitely be quite annoyed at essentially the whole Hakabaka situation and Devonica resurrecting the dead for a few minutes for really no substantial reason. And then Reiniol Husty making a couple seconds appearance too. Thank goodness I actually know who they are before they popped up in this episode lol

Once Devonica appeared, I thought: “Oh that’s a relief. So the dead civilians can be saved and brought back to life.” Because I really did worry that everyone would be wiped out by the end. It’s kind of unavoidable considering the battle and Dagded’s repeated atomic blast waves across the land.

But then, she quickly closed up shop. So now, I’m back to thinking most of Chikyuu’s population is dead. And that would be fine, because we’ve certainly seen apocalyptic endings in other Sentai and Kamen Rider seasons. And it fits with the idea of brave soldiers going to battle to defend their country and fellow man. But the juxtaposition just really threw me off. I mean, the Ohgers are laughing it up at lunch while people are dying all around them. It’s all so strange lol

Just give me the King-Ohger version of this:

…and it’ll be awesome. Really! Lol

Anyway, as excited and impressed as I was last week, it’s almost the opposite this week. Still loved the epic visuals. But I’m kinda sad I don’t love this episode just as much. Oh well. If ever I do re-watch this season in the future, I can skip this episode and just go from 48 to 50 and I doubt it’d make much difference. lol

8 thoughts on “Recap: Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger, Episode 49 – The Kings Are Here

  1. It was a good episode. I thought very emotional seeing all the people who were part of the kings’ journey to this moment. But I can see how they could’ve done things differently. I think being sandwiched between last week and the finale might be part of it. And somehow watching the episode, I was surprised how fast it went. Because I looked and it was already halfway done and I did feel like not much happened. Even though it was nice to see all the returning characters.

  2. No, because I’ve been looking for answers and also wondering if I really did just watch a thousand year old Jerami getting breast fed by his dead mother. 🤢

  3. Oh! I remember that Mystic force scene! I remember it was laughed at when it first aired. But jn hindsight, it was quite good and fitting for the season. Especially with the idea of different people coming together for good. It would definitely work here on KingOhger. Maybe in the final episode

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