Thursday Tunes, January 25, 2024 – CIX, I.M, AB6IX, WAKER

Monday’s have been dedicated to either King-Ohger or Gotchard recently. So the DryedMangoez Music Monday brand will shift to Thursday Tunes for a while. Hehe. And for today, I have four songs that could potentially have a spot on my year-end favorites list! Which if any of these new tracks from CIX, AB6IX, WAKER or I.M could eventually make the cut?

“Lovers or Enemies” by CIX

CIX secured the top spot on my 2021 year-end list with “Cinema” as soon as it was released in February of that year. And they could possibly do that again with their latest release “Lovers or Enemies”. The retro-infused pop-dance track is an immediately impactful track that falls right in line with some of my favorite all-time tracks from CIX. B-side track “My Name is Shadow” is also a year-end contender for me too. The group has certainly delivered with their very first single album!

“Slowly” by I.M (featuring Heize)

A wonderful new release from I.M in “Slowly”. I.M effortlessly expresses the lonely lyrics with his voice perfectly syncing with Heize’s always mesmerizing vocals. For listeners who may not be familiar with I.M or his solo releases, “Slowly” is a great song and performance to serve as an introduction to him outside of his group activities. Definitely has a spot on my year-end list.

“Grab Me” by AB6IX

Wowowow! I just know AB6IX’s “Grab Me” will be on repeat this year for me. This pop-rock dance track has a soaring melody that fits perfectly with the hopeful message of the song. Though I will admit I’m a bit unsure about a few sections of the song, it’s still overall an easily appealing track. And a great performance from the talented group.

The rest of the album The Future is Ours: Found has an interesting mix of songs. Though after “Grab Me,” my next favorite track might be “Traveler”.

“Atlantis” by WAKER

I have not heard much about WAKER before their debut this month. But their title track “Atlantis” has definitely grabbed my attention! The enthusiastic pop track is the perfect debut title track to introduce anyone to these obviously talented rookies. The feel-good and positive lyrics are matched by the group’s energetic performance. And the song allows them to show off their talent and charms as well.

The rest of the full(!) album Mission of School has a diverse mix of tracks, showcasing what the group is capable of. A really great debut!

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