Good Ol’ Review: Disney+’s “Soundtrack #2” a Thoughtful, Engaging and Ultimately Satisfying Series

Soundtrack 2 Review

No spoilers.

Disney+’s Soundtrack #2 (사운드트랙#2) is a thoughtful, introspective series about love. Whether that is love for another person or love for yourself, the series is able to tell a story about the many complicated feelings that can come about because of it. Noh Sang Hyun, Keum Sae Rok and Sohn Jeong Hyuck (aka Demian) are excellent leads as they bring the simple, though engaging story to life.

Soundtrack #2 begins with rich CEO Ji Su Ho (Noh Sang Hyun) needing to find a piano teacher to help with his workaholic-induced tinnitus. To his surprise, that teacher ends up being his ex-girlfriend Do Hyun Soo (Keum Sae Rok). They reunite for the first time many years after their relationship ended on not the best of terms. But when Su Ho is able to recruit talented musician K (Sohn Jeong Hyuck) for a collaborative project, the young man asks Hyun Soo to join him in helping to complete the song he will be performing.

As the three of them work on the project together, Su Ho and Hyun Soo must deal with their lingering and complicated feelings for each other. All while K himself begins developing feelings for Hyun Soo as well.

Soundtrack #2 does a great job of unfolding the history between Su Ho and Hyun Soo while at the same time well-establishing the tense dynamic between them in the present day. Including K’s feelings for Hyun Soo too.

The series’ premise feels like it could be better suited for a feature film. But these six episodes are used effectively to help make the story fuller and the characters more realized.

Soundtrack 2 Review

Switching between the past and present through flashbacks never feels forced or out of place. And the series is able to maintain a comfortable pace all the way to the end.

In this way, the series effectively fleshes out each of the three main characters so as to make them feel like actual people instead of merely paper-thin plot devices.

Su Ho, Hyun Seo and K are all distinct characters. Each with their own struggles and each with their own approaches to relationships and life. Much of the series’ plot is driven by each of the characters and their stories and personalities. And then the dynamic the three of them have with each other propel the slowburn-leaning approach to the story towards its legitimately satisfying ending.

The series undoubtedly requires a bit of an emotional investment in order to get to that sincerely emotional ending. I don’t know the last time I got this emotional in the last 15 minutes of a series finale. But the six, 45-minute episodes are a breeze to get through. You can even potentially get through the series in one sitting. But again, the pacing works in a way that maximizes each character and plot twist to full effect.

Soundtrack #2 has an excellent soundtrack, including a few songs that have not been officially released even though they are used throughout the series. And the music pairs so well with the dreamlike, cinematic visuals and direction which is well-suited to the story.

Soundtrack 2 Review

I have been a big fan of Sohn Jeong Hyuck/Demian since he first debuted with the song “Cassette”. And it was a wonderful treat to see he had been cast in this series. For his acting debut, he does a great job. His effortless charm makes K an immediately endearing character. And though where his character ends up is probably what many will expect from the beginning, the journey to that point is still engaging to watch. And that’s partly thanks to his performance.

Noh Sang Hyun and Keum Sae Rok have each had some big roles and delivered some excellent performances in their careers. And they bring that experience here to Soundtrack #2. Su Ho and Hyun Seo are multi-faceted characters. At the start, it may not seem that way. But like I mentioned earlier, the way the series unfolds their story is really an effective way to present the engaging story.

Soundtrack 2 Review

The two have a strong chemistry. And when the series starts diving deeper into the emotional baggage both might have, the two actors show off their experience and skill in such an effortless way. Charming and charismatic, but just talented actors as well; Noh Sang Hyun and Keum Sae Rok really help to elevate what is already strong material.

Of course there are some things the series could have done more of or differently. But ultimately, Soundtrack #2 is a simple, though engaging series with a story that is both dreamy and relatable.

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