Thursday Tunes, January 4, 2024 – My 3 Favorite Albums of 2023

With my last look back at my favorite music of 2023, here are the full albums that I loved last year. No skips, all worthy tracks on each one!

13egin by Infinite

Infinite returned with the excellent album 13egin. Title track “New Emotions” was one of my favorite tracks of 2023. But really, all the songs on this album could’ve made my list. Aside from the intro and instrumental of “New Emotions,” the other three tracks “Time Difference,” “I Got You” and “Find Me” are all excellent. And great examples of Infinite’s matured sound and style.

Overdrive by I.M

I’ve liked I.M’s solo releases so far, but Overdrive was such a revelation. Every single track on this album is repeat-worthy. And the album itself is such an excellent showcase for I.M’s unique and diverse music. You definitely cannot keep I.M in a specific box. And that’s such a testament to his talents and artistry.

Our Static Seatbelt by Corbyn

This long-awaited full album from Corbyn was definitely worth the wait. Seven incredible, breathtaking tracks that reminded me (as if I needed a reminder anyway) exactly why Corbyn is one of my favorite artists. Just so much talent and passion for his music that oozes out of every release. Amazing and a must-listen! Actually, a must-experience!

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