Top 50 of 2023 – My Favorite Songs of the Year!

It’s that time of year again! And as always, I had trouble putting together my list of favorite music from this year. Initially, I wasn’t sure again if I even had 50 songs I could list. But once I did start, I instead had trouble trying to keep the list at only 50. lol

How did I put this list together? It’s really just songs I enjoyed, liked or even loved. Usually it’s just a gut feeling. Other times it’s a quantitative measure. (Which songs were on repeat?!) And for many, it’s their staying power on my playlist. Which songs did I love when I first heard them and love them even more now. There might even be songs I wasn’t a fan of on first listen, but months later have accumulated dozens of repeat plays. Then there’s even songs that I might have loved originally, but ended up fading away over time.
So without further ado, here are my 50 Favorite Songs of 2023s!

50. “Rhythm” by Yes My Love

I had been following Yes My Love a bit because some of the members had been from Top Class as well as a familiar few who have appeared on other shows as well. But their debut track “Rhythm” was definitely not what I ever expected from the rookie group. Actually, I don’t even know what kind of style and vibe I was expecting. But “Rhythm” took me by pleasant surprise.

The rookies just ooze charisma with the sexy and flirtatious song. The clever lyrics allow the group to have this great swagger and coolness that is very appealing. The amazing chorus is also so interesting with what I assume is some kind of traditional instrument (sounds like an Indonesian angklung?) adding this really ear-catching quality that you can’t help but be in awe by.

Simply put, this was an amazing debut.

49. “Bet On Me” by ITZY

ITZY’s “Bet on Me” was a pleasant surprise. Coupled with a cinematic music video, this track was a bit of a departure from their releases so far. Instead of the striking, big concept ideas of their recent releases, “Bet on Me” is a subdued, but no less impactful song. Its empowering lyrics talk of finding the confidence to move forward. And the midtempo, though still energetic pop, rock and R&B melody allow for the group to deliver vocal performances that may usually be reserved for their B-side tracks rather than their uniquely creative titles. “Bet on Me” might be different, but it is a welcome arrival for the talented group. Probably their biggest opportunity since debut to really showcase what they are capable of and the full package.

48. “Dive Into” by Han Seung Woo

VICTON’s Han Seung Woo makes his first solo comeback since completing his military service. And “Dive Into” is a perfect track to remind everyone of his talent and charisma. His smooth moves and silky vocals really bring the sensual R&B track to life. The rest of the album Frame has another similar vibe in “Flutter,” some rock-infused tracks like “Runnin’ High,” “Burn” and “Lovelorn” and sweet ballad “End of Dawn.” A strong return for Seung Woo!

47. “Higher” by n.SSign

I looked forward to n.SSign’s official debut. And they definitely did not disappoint. Title track “Higher” is a wonderfully uplifting track with the group’s excellent vocals being supported by a dreamy pop melody. The song expresses the group’s strong will and the cinematic music video completes the ethereal experience.

46. “New Emotions” by INFINITE

Celebrating their 13th anniversary, INFINITE showed exactly why they enjoy that staying power and longevity with their latest album 13egin. Title track “New Emotions” is an attention-grabbing song. Its interesting melody helps to set the stage for a captivating progression that just sucks you into this groovy, sexy track. The members definitely have no problem exuding that charisma and showcasing their experience and talent through their performance. The rest of the album is more opportunity for the group to show their maturity and growth over their 13 years in the industry. Especially tracks “Time Difference” and “I Got You,” both excellent songs that easily could’ve made their way onto my Top 50 list as well.

45. “None of My Business” by ITZY

I’ve been quite meh on many of the recent title tracks from ITZY. I’ve enjoyed more of their B-sides and other album tracks instead. Kill My Doubt‘s title track “Cake” was another one of those “I’m not feeling it” songs for me. I’m sure other people will like it. But I really don’t. I felt the total opposite for their pre-release track “None of My Business,” however. I really liked “Bet On Me,” the first pre-release track of the album. And “None of My Business” just might be one my favorite ITZY songs ever. It was such a pleasant surprise to hear the song and immediately love it. The rhythmic pop song is really the kind of sound I’d love to hear more of from the group.

44. “Favorite” by POW

“Favorite” was definitely a great introduction to rookie group POW. It is an unexpectedly rock-based track that is able to bring about this mature youthfulness. A vibe that contributes to a very appealing nostalgic aura that is able to immediately endear the rookies. The rest of their debut album is great, but “Favorite” really lives up to its title for me from them.

43. “I Want You” by SB19

Though “Gento” stormed the world this past year, “I Want You” and its accompanying music video was absolutely a shocker! It’s wild and crazy. In a good way! The R&B love song is a sensual and captivating track. Something I certainly haven’t heard from SB19. Or really in P-pop in general so far. Absolutely stunning track. I only wish there was a bit of Filipino in it too because that would just take it to a whole other level. But it is easily my favorite track from the group that helped pave the way for today’s P-pop resurgence.

42. “Wonder Land” by SEVENUS

It was great learning that former members of MASC, Heejae and Ireah, were on the reality competition program Peak Time. And not only that, they ended up becoming the runners-up. I enjoyed MASC’s music and it was tough to see the major struggles the group went through over the years. So seeing them do well on Peak Time was really awesome. Now Heejae and Ireah redebut as SEVENUS with the title track “Wonder Land.” The title certainly suits the song with its dreamy, summer vibe. And the lyrics are a great expression of Heejae and Ireah’s resolve as they get another chance to showcase their talents with this new beginning.

The rest of the album Summus contains the instrumental to “Wonder Land” as well as the bright “Summer Ride” and mellow “In a Dream.” Really great album and even more awesome to see Heejae and Ireah get this opportunity.

41. “Calling” by XODIAC

Rookie group XODIAC has had a strong debut year. And their pre-release track “Calling” is what grabbed my initial attention. It is an appealing pop dance track that serves as an excellent introduction to the group. The charismatic performance is infused with the group’s charms. And it was a great taste of what was to come from the full group in their releases in the months after.

40. “HANY” by AJAA

A few months ago, I commented about
Cornerstone Entertainment
potentially being P-pop’s answer to Korea’s traditional “Big 3” companies. Not only have they been able to launch three new P-pop groups in such a short amount of time, those same groups (VXON, G22 and Yes My Love) have released some excellent music!

So it should be no surprise (or maybe it is?) that their newest group AJAA perfectly follows in their sibling groups’ footsteps. It’s a surprise because you may not expect a company to go 4-for-4 in such a short amount of time. But Cornerstone did. And AJAA’s debut track “Hany” is an excellent way to introduce themselves to the public and announce their arrival to the wonderfully growing P-pop scene.

The bright, youthful and fun track offers up the perfect showcase for the four members to show off their talents and personalities. The sweet pop track is immediately catchy with great lyrics that the members are able to glide along with. Nothing feels forced, everything feels breezy and natural. And that’s not always a guarantee with any performance or song. But AJAA definitely delivers here.

I was blown away by Yes My Love’s debut earlier this year. But their little brothers in AJAA certainly stepped up to the plate to match their kuyas, no problem. Two incredibly talented groups. Cornerstone is definitely doing something right! Stay tuned!

39. “Firework” by &TEAM

I regret not having kept up with &TEAM after their debut. Especially when they release songs like “Firework”. The title track of their 2nd mini album, the fast-paced and easily appealing sound supports a positive and adventurous feeling in its lyrics. The fireworks of two people meeting and running forward are perfectly expressed in every part of the song as well as the group’s performance. Lucky for me, the group released First Howling : NOW, a compilation of all their releases so far and through it, I was able to catch up with the group. And I was quite blown away by every song. A unique sound you don’t normally hear with contemporary groups, whether in Korea or Japan.

38. “Eyes on Me” by Hello Gloom

Na Ungjae, also known as HELLO GLOOM, released “Eyes on Me”. And it was another excellent track from the talented artist and the collective The Faker Club. The soulful dance track has a euphoric summer feel. A perfect song that would get you grooving in the club. (Not that I’d know anything about that lol) Or perhaps enjoying the warm on a Philippine beach like HELLO GLOOM does in the song’s music video. Definitely a song to add to your summer playlist.

37. “Full Metal Jacket” by EPEX

One thing you can be sure of with EPEX is that they will release catchy songs. Whether they’re bright pop tracks or powerful, charismatic dance tracks. Earlier this year, the group released the bright “Sunshower.” And they most recently came back with the powerful “Full Metal Jacket.” Powered by an explosive guitar sound and heavy bassline, the group delivers an energetic track that is both memorable and meaningful, expressing the dangers and tragic reality of school violence.

The other three tracks on the album Prelude of Anxiety Chapter 2 – Can We Surrender also compliment the title track very well. “Hit the Wall” is especially fun and matches the vibe and energy of “Full Metal Jacket” perfectly. Another track that could’ve easily made this list as well.

36. “Outlaw” by Bz-Boys

BZ-BOYS release their first mini-album containing all their singles so far and new title track “Outlaw.” Bon, Hamin, Double D and Seunghyun hold down the fort while Taewoong fulfills his military duties. And “Outlaw” is definitely another great song from the group. The sort of Latin-infused dance track is a charismatic and dramatic performance from the talented and underrated group. Definitely hoping they can have more fresh music soon as they prove time and time again with every release they always deliver. More full albums please! They definitely deserve more opportunities to show off their talents.

35. “X.O.X” by Moon Jong Up

I’ve been playing Jongup’s “US” and “Headache” on repeat while waiting for fresh new music from him. And now it’s finally here! New album Some and title track “X.O.X” are such a welcome arrival. And certainly worth the wait. “X.O.X” is definitely the kind of track that allows Jongup to show off his smooth and captivating skills. Always a total performer with his vocals, dance and charisma.

The album opens with a bass-powered midtempo pop track “Stuck,” then “X.O.X,” funky R&B-pop sub-title track “Common” (as well as an English version) and the ethereal pop ballad “Fine” as the closer. An excellent release from Jongup!

34. “Pluto” by Xdinary Heroes

Xdrinary Heroes has seemed to have settled in their own sound and style, which is always captivating and engaging. A wonderful mix of stunning ballads like “Good Enough” or rousing rock anthems like “Break the Brake”. But my favorite from them this year is definitely “Pluto”. An amazing, evocative track that feels at the same time dreamy and emotional. The official MV is wonderful, but the special live performance video really captures the song so well. Might be my favorite track from Xdinary Heroes so far.

33. “Summer Sky” by Henry Lau

“Summer Sky” is a perfect title for this track from Henry Lau. The wonderful Summer track is an excellent mix of nostalgia and fun. The perfect soundtrack for your next summer adventure. The breezy melody and Henry’s always warm vocals come together for an awesome vibe.

32. “Bad Revenge” by from20

Kim Raehwan, or better known as from20, first returned this year with his single “Bad Revenge.” And it’s another “banger,” as he confidently mentions in the track itself. The synth-based melody has a retro, kinetic energy that makes it an easily appealing track. from20 sings of coming to terms with a relationship that’s come to end and all the feelings that bubble up in the process.

31. “Trust Yourself” by Jeong Inseong

After completing his service to the country, KNK’s Jeong Inseong released his first solo single “Trust Yourself”. The midtempo pop single is a wonderfully encouraging song that shares that everything will indeed be okay. It is so great to be able to hear Inseong’s voice once again. And even though his vocal power was always on display in KNK’s songs, Inseong delivers a perfectly reserved and effortless performance here. Which is well suited to the message of the song. Looking forward for more from Inseong. And KNK as well!

30. “Overdrive” by WEi

What a joy of a title track from WEi! “Overdrive” is a perfect summer song. But it’s just great vibes all around that transcends the season. The bright music video filmed in the Philippines definitely sets the mood of a fun adventure with people you care about. The chorus is one of the most catchy refrains this year. (I think the TikTok dance previews definitely played a part in that lol) But you also can’t help but dance along whenever you hear it as well.

29. “Wonder” by ASHISLAND

If you have not heard of rapper ASH ISLAND yet, his latest album Rose will be a great introduction. I first learned of him when he collaborated with HA:TFELT on the song “Satellite,” one of my favorite songs from Park Yeeun. I’ve followed his music from time to time since then. “Wonder” is a feel-good track that has an excellent vibe and one I immediately liked. A track to add to your summer playlist. And a #NightDrive candidate too

28. “Chasing That Feeling” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER

I haven’t been a big fan of TXT’s last two title tracks. The group always delivers impactful performances, but I haven’t necessarily added any of their recent music to my repeat playlist. “Chasing That Feeling” might change that as the synth-infused pop track feels so refreshing in many ways. First, as a different sound from TXT’s recent releases. And second, because it sounds like an actual song and not necessarily made specifically so it can trend on TikTok’s For You Page for a few weeks. (Which is what a lot of songs sound like lately.) The song reminds me a lot of TXT’s earlier music with an obvious step forward as well. So it makes me really appreciate and enjoy the track.

27. “Overdrive” by I.M

I.M made a stunning solo comeback with the album Overdrive. The first release after signing with Sony Music signals the start of full-fledge solo promotions. And the album and title track of the same name couldn’t be an any more perfect way for him to step out and announce his arrival. Of course, he has already shown off his many talents as a member of MONSTA X and his first solo release under Starship. But Overdrive, the title track and entire album specifically, really is an opportunity for him to showcase his own unique style. And of course his multi-faceted talent. The album is a diverse mix of sound, woven together by an almost ethereal aura about them. The six songs tell an almost dreamlike story, with I.M effortlessly expressing interesting emotions through the lyrics, music and performance. Really an excellent album and will probably be one of my absolute favorites of the year.

26. “10 Things” by INI

INI’s “Hana” was a great title track, a soaring and melodic chorus gave the group an opportunity to show off a different side of themselves. But the B-side track of this album “10 Things” was equally amazing. The synth-infused track is a sweet and energetic pop song. And again, something different from the talented group.

25. “Thinking About You” by Brooklyn Juliana

Brooklyn Juliana has released some great music and it’s always a treat to see and hear fresh music from him. And I say “see” because the accompanying music video for “Thinking About You,” directed by Brooklyn himself, is as much a captivating experience as listening to the track is. The alternative and electronic-infused pop-rock track captures the feelings of the start of a dreamy summertime romance. The melody itself has a wonderful sense of nostalgia while Brooklyn’s vocals perfectly express the shy, romantic feelings of the lyrics. Another great release from him!

24. “Blue” by XEED

I enjoyed XEED’s solid debut last December and was happy to hear about them making their first official comeback. But I was even more excited hearing that Kwon Yonghyeon, formerly of TST, was joining the group. He is one of two new members joining the rookie group. And their first release as a quintet definitely delivers. “Blue,” the title track of the album of the same name, is such a pleasant surprise. The light, tropical sound of the track with its synth-infused melody and hopeful message is a bit different from their debut title. But it is nonetheless an irresistible song and performance with its dreamlike aura an immediate charmer.

23. “Feel Me” by Golden Child

Could this be my favorite Golden Child title track ever? The nostalgic vibes of “Feel Me” are immediately irresistible. The conflicted feelings of youth and friendships are effortlessly expressed through the group’s vocals and performance. Not only that, but the second track on the single album “Blind Love” is also another great track. And another one that just missed my top list this year.

22. “Beat It” by from20

After “Bad Revenge,” from20 had another amazing track. The synth-infused “Beat It” is a rousing and energetic anthem that has from20 singing personal lyrics about his journey as an all-around artist and creative mind on the rough road that the music industry can be. It’s a positive and encouraging song where from20’s confidence pairs perfectly with his obvious talent to result in a catchy and immediately repeatable track. Kim Rae Hwan, aka from20, always delivers with every track.

21. “Journey” by WOODZ

Cho Seungyoun has really released some incredible music as soloist WOODZ. He previewed this new album with the great pre-release track “Abyss.” But I don’t know that anyone would be prepared for the release of title track “Journey.” It is a stunning pop-rock ballad with WOODZ singing personal, emotional lyrics backed by a soaring melody and climaxing with the support of a chorus of vocals. All highlighting WOODZ’s own vocal performance that really has him delivering a passionate interpretation of the words he himself has written and composed for the track. Simply breathtaking.

20. “I Need Love” by DKB

Fresh off of a strong run on the reality competition Peak Time, DKB made their first comeback of the year with the excellent “I Need Love.” The title track is a very appealing house pop track with a relatable hopeful message. It’s a great mix that offers the opportunity for DKB to reintroduce themselves to new fans as well as excite longtime fans as well.

19. “Gonna Be Alright” by VIXX

VIXX’s Hyuk, Leo and Ken made a full comeback a couple of weeks ago. But my favorite release from them this year is the wonderful “Gonna Be Alright.” The midtempo R&B track is a warm and hopeful song. One that’s perfect for the trio’s harmonious vocals. It was a great way to start the year off with and it’s been on repeat for me since then.

18. “Save Me, Kill Me” by CIX

I was speechless as the music video for CIX’s latest comeback title track started. I don’t know if it was common knowledge for all the CIX fans out there, but I had no idea the MV for “Save Me, Kill Me” would call back to the group’s excellent (and very emotional!) Hello, Strange Place short film/series. If I remember correctly, that series was in preparation for their first comeback after debut. And I thought it was an amazing creative offering for a rookie group.

So now fast forward to three years later in the present day and the “Save Me, Kill Me” music video picks up right where the story film left off. A perfect dramatic depiction of the song’s emotional, meaningful lyrics. The song is really a great reminder of the group’s versatility. Being able to deliver powerful tracks like this while also doling out catchy pop dance tracks.

17. “Predator” by Lee Gikwang

One of my #UltimateBiases delivered an amazing album this year. Though I of course expected that! Title track “Predator” is an absolutely captivating song. The atmospheric synth-infused dance track has Gikwang exuding that sexiness and charisma while bringing the dramatic lyrics to life with his impactful performance.

16. “Sage” by FTISLAND

An absolutely incredible track. But I mean, you expect nothing less from FTISLAND. It is so awesome to have them back with some fresh music. And “Sage” is definitely worth the wait. The title track of their new album of the same name is just stunning. The soaring rock track is powered by Minhwan’s strong drums and Hongki and Jaejin’s strong vocals. Just an amazing musical experience from one of the best in the industry.

The other five tracks on the album follow suit with the three members all involved in every one of them. Certainly one of the strongest albums of the year. And one of my absolute favorite tracks of the year too with “Sage.”

15. “Moonlight” by Henry Lau

It’s always great to have new music from Mr. Henry Lau. And “Moonlight” is a wonderful track. It has definitely been on my #NightDrive Playlist since its release. The indie pop song has a catchy guitar melody that suits those night drives down the freeway, but still has an upbeat vibe. The message of the lyrics is also great about letting go of your worries and staying positive. I definitely need a full album from Henry soon!

14. “Fantasy” by TRENDZ

I loved TRENDZ’s New Dayz and it easily could’ve made my Top 50 list this year. But “Fantasy” is my favorite track from them this year and definitely one of my most played of the year overall too. This dreamy track from TRENDZ was a wonderful surprise. Just an absolute vibe of a track. Its chorus is just beautiful. And the lyrics express a meaningful message. A must-listen.

13. “Heaven on Earth” by Hello Gloom

Na Ungjae aka HELLO GLOOM came back with a third release this year with another excellent vibe of a song. “Heaven on Earth” is a pop-R&B track that allows for another irresistible performance from the talented multi-hyphenate artist. Words cannot express the song that you just have to experience and allow it to whisk you away.

Check out this “Heaven Ver.” Live clip as well:

12. “On My Way” by KINGDOM

When I first heard the instrumental in TikTok teasers on the group’s official account, I already knew I would love the track. And once I listened to it in full, I definitely confirmed it. KINGDOM’s “On My Way” is an energetic pop-dance track has a perfect vibe and a sound you can’t help but enjoy.

11. “One Look” by Leo

Former Trainee A member Leo makes his solo debut with “One Look”. I did not follow Trainee A, but this R&B-pop track is an excellent introduction to this Korean-Australian artist. Leo delivers a very charismatic and charming performance for this addictive summer vibe of a track. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him.

10. “Yayakapin” by Yes My Love

I really loved Yes My Love’s debut track “Rhythm” earlier this year. And it’s definitely secured a spot on my year-end favorites list. But I’ve been really out of the loop on their follow-up releases, which is definitely on me. So thank goodness I’ve finally actually used the Googles and learned that they’ve released two new tracks since then. No music videos though, which, come on Cornerstone! These two amazing tracks and no MVs?

Because WOWOWOW. “Yayakapin” is AMAZING. Thank goodness I finally listened to this song before finalizing my year-end list. Because hello last minute entry! This wonderful vibe of a track allows the talented group to show off a more laid-back, softer side of themselves. Especially sandwiched between “Rhythm” and “Light Up”. Very much a modern Filipino pop ballad, it’s just the perfect blend of traditional OPM and the ever growing P-pop genre.

And check out this stripped-down performance too!

I am certainly hoping Cornerstone has them releasing more music soon!

9. “Runnin’ To You” by Yoon Seonbin

Yoon Seobin released a great summery track in “Love is Like a Wave”. But my favorite song from his is definitely the B-side track “Runnin’ To You”. The pop-rock track has a great bit of homey nostalgia. A song that evokes the fleeting moments of a movie-worthy teenage romance. And Yoon Seobin delivers a performance that perfectly captures the appealing vibe.

8. “Walang Hanggan” by ALAMAT

ALAMAT’s “Walang Hanggan” is absolutely breathtaking. From the very first plucks of the bandurria strings at the start to the R&B beat and melody all the way to the violin-backed climax; the six members of ALAMAT lead you through a poignant reflection. The group’s vocals perfectly capture the relatable lyrics and convey a heartfelt sincerity that give the song an extra affecting layer of emotion. One of the group’s best, no question.

7. “Effortless” by A.C.E

A.C.E definitely said “Hold on a minute, we’ve got a song for your year-end lists!” with the release of “Effortless”! This pre-release track by the group ahead of their first album post-military service (save for Chan who is still serving) is an amazing vibe of a track. The group’s vocals compliment the song’s powerful beat and together make it the perfect song to add to your Night Drive playlist. If this is indicative of the rest of the album, it is surely going to be an excellent release. But that’s to be expected from this talented group.

6. “Sorry’s Never Enough” by Corbyn

Corbyn is such an amazing talent. #UltimateBias, no question. And it was so exciting to first hear that he would finally be releasing an album this year. “Cold” and “Burn” were two of my Top 10 tracks of 2022. And the next track off the album “Sorry’s Never Enough” was of course sure to be Top 10 material again. A bit more uptempo than “Cold” and “Burn,” “Sorry’s Never Enough” is nonetheless as passionate a performance. The bittersweet lyrics again are perfectly expressed through Corbyn’s emotive vocals along with a pop-rock-tinged melody that adds to the conflicted feelings of the song. And being the last track to be released before the full release of OSS, it definitely raised the excitement and anticipation even more.

5. “Alright” by Ha Hyun Sang

This track from the soundtrack of tvN drama series Crash Course in Romance (일타 스캔들) is just beautiful. Ha Hyunsang’s soft, yet powerful vocals glide across this emotional British rock track. Just a dreamy and romantic song that sweeps you away into your own K-drama-worthy world.

4. “note to self” by Jung Yonghwa

Jung Yonghwa’s Your City, both the album and title track of the same name, is absolutely amazing. A great album. But my favorite track is most definitely the captivating “note to self”. The emotional guitar-powered alternative pop song is a beautiful track about lifting yourself up after another day of life. Really one of the most stunning tracks from this year for me.

3. “Told You”/”All Yours” by DKB

You can read about my amusing experience with DKB’s “Told You” and “All Yours” here. But long story short, after my initial confusion, I fell in love with both the English and Korean version of the track. A combination of dreamy nostalgia and good ol’ synth-infused pop; DKB effortlessly delivered once again. And it has been on repeat for me ever since.

Also, I’m not too keen of the post-bridge lines of “Told You,” so I tried to switch them out for the first post-bridge chorus of “All Yours” instead. And this is the result! 😊

2. “I’m Not You” by Lee Gikwang

“I’m Not You” is my absolute favorite track off Gikwang’s album Predator. The alternative pop track is an emotional confession after the end of a relationship. And Gikwang’s vocals glide across the melody for a passionate performance. I definitely hope he will be able to perform it live as it really has the makings of a breathtaking showcase for Gikwang. I love it so much. That’s my #UltimateBias for ya!

1. “Brainwave” by Corbyn

Corbyn with my #1 track? Not a surprise to me! It was my #1 at the halfway mark of the year. And it’s held on all year to finally have Corbyn take my top spot. I’ve always had Corbyn’s tracks in my yearly Top 10. His music is just amazing.

This dreamy, romantic track is the kind of song I know I will never get tired of. #NightDrivePlaylist approved, most definitely (as is most of Corbyn’s tracks, to be honest). But I feel like the song is the best mix of everything Corbyn does with his music. A catchy melody, meaningful lyrics and a definite mood maker. And it has basically been on a loop for me all year long.

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